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BCT Tires Review 2022

In the quest for finding new tires to replace your current set, there are a number of things that can go wrong for you.  One thing that trips up many folks, ultimately, is the price that they end up paying.  They can’t afford to pay a ton of money, so you have to look in slightly different places.  One potential place should you go that route is BCT Tires, of which we will be reviewing today. 

BCT Tire Company Background & Information

BCT Tires’ name makes them very difficult to find, truth be told on the internet.  You have to do some digging, but in the end, it ends up that it is an acronym for Beijing Capital Tire.  Hence the name BCT Tires.  Based out of Beijing, obviously, this company is not well known in the United States or North American market as of yet. 

However, it is highly known and regarded in China.  It is one of 24 companies in the country that is effectively owned by the state, and it is one of the main six at that.  It’s also one of the top 75 manufacturers of tires in the entire world as well.  Concentrating solely on passenger vehicle tires (cars, SUVs, and ‘light’ trucks), they are seeking to expand into markets that they have not been able to penetrate as of yet. 

Some good news for you is that the company has been around longer than many of these newer Chinese tire groups.  Before BCT took over, they had been in business for a while (it’s unspecified for how long).  So, that may have to be taken with a bit of relief. 

BCT Tire Cost and Pricing

Anytime you see that a brand of tires is being produced in China, your mind should instantly flip a switch.  This switch should indicate that the prices are probably- very likely- going to be relatively low compared to other tire companies out there on the open market.  There are a bevy of reasons why tires from China come in at a lower price, with lower labor costs being a main component and other factors playing a decisive role as well.  With that said, the price is something you should be very happy with. 

A lot of Chinese tire makers are extremely affordable compared to bigger, very well known American brand names.  This is not going to come to you without some thinking for you to do, mind you.  You will have to decide if it’s a bit too good to be true before you ultimately take the plunge. 

BCT Tire Warranty

Whenever you see a low price, it usually is going to correspond with slightly- or much less- durability.  With less durability you then, in turn, end up with a warranty that is not all that great.  With BCT Tires, we have not been able to find any information regarding a warranty at all.  This does not necessarily mean that they do not offer one, but it is not very likely to be the case, either. 

By not putting this information in an area that is easy to find, it’s easy to write them off and not believe they have one.  A warranty is great in the event that something goes wrong, but when a product is very affordable, sometimes you just don’t see one attached.  If you plan on buying BCT Tires, then ask the dealer from which you are buying if there is a warranty.  They may or may not have one, but this will be the best foot forward for you in your endeavor. 

Tire Options

If you are looking to outfit your car, truck, or SUV, then you can do so with BCT Tires.  They have a generous amount of choices for you to pick from, but they also do not go overboard by offering way too many, either.  To us they have just about the perfect blend of choices.  Surprisingly, a little at least, they have more choices for you if you are a truck owner. 

This may have to do with the various sizes of ‘light’ trucks on the market, so you should take that with positivity.  They then have quite a few picks for cars as well, though there are much fewer selections if you’re targeting tires for an SUV.  Still yet, there are going to be plenty to pick from, so you should not be left wondering if you have something that will work for you in the end.  As far as finding BCT Tires goes, the best way is almost definitely going to be for you to find them online. 

While Chinese companies are growing more and more, it’s still hard to see many local dealerships carrying them for you.  You can always ask, the answer is no if you don’t after all, but it’s not a huge chance they will say yes or even be able to bring them in for you. 

BCT Tire Technologies and Features

One of the things that Chinese companies get a bad reputation on is their technology.  Some of them are associated with poor designs, while some others are associated with essentially stealing designs off a bigger company that we have all heard of.  This stuff, though, does not happen all of the time.  Tech is a tricky subject, but as far as it is concerned, BCT Tires is far from the worst out there. 

These tires do a good job at being tested, as they have an actual R&D center.  Many brands, especially those out of China, do not even have one, so you can question them right off the bat.  With BCT, you can at least rest easy in the knowledge that they have a center and do some actual testing on them.  Do we believe they will offer features that big time players like Goodyear and Michelin bring?  Most certainly not.  But we do think they can do better than fly-by-night companies that have just sprung up and are producing total junk. 

BCT Tire Durability

The durability of Chinese tires is one debate that is frequently brought up on the web.  China gets a bad reputation for a number of things, and because of that, some folks will have instantly turned away when the name was mentioned.  If you are still here, though, be aware that BCT is not the worst in terms of durability.  There are going to be much worse examples, for sure.  That said, we don’t believe they will be the strongest, either, in the world.  So, take those facts and weigh them out before you make an ultimate decision. 

Summary & Final Recommedations

If you are looking for a great deal, as far as price goes, and you want a middle of the road amount of quality, then BCT Tires might just be the answer for you.  They are far from the leaders in tires, but they also offer decent value for a set of Chinese tires.  With plenty of options for your passenger vehicle, we could see you doing a lot worse than choosing these. 

BCT Tire Models

High Performance Car Tires

  • ES9000
  • S900
  • S600
  • S800
  • Winmax
  • S602
  • JA55
  • Winmax200
  • NE60

Light Truck Tires

  • JB42
  • JB55
  • JB53
  • JC31
  • JM32
  • Jet-3
  • JA33
  • JM41
  • JB46
  • JB43
  • JM33
  • JM46
  • JM61
  • JM68

4×4 SUV Tires

  • JB45
  • SV-365
  • M502
  • JC51
  • JA21
  • JA41
  • JC34

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