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Carlisle Tires Review 2022

Tires are just as unique as people are, and because of that, it is just as hard, or can be, to find the right set as it is to find the right life ‘partner.’  Dating is tough and shopping for tires can be as well, but we want to help you out.  And today, we will do so by taking a look into all you need to know about Carlisle Tires in our review. 

Carlisle Tire Company Background & Information

One of the main hurdles that you come across when shopping for tires is finding the right ones for you.  It’s easy to find tires for your car or truck, but it’s really difficult when you are looking for something a little bit different.  Carlisle Tires represent that, as they are a specialty tire brand.  Carlisle Tires, who also carry wheels and other products as well, concentrate on tires that are harder for you to find, such as those for your lawn and garden and for agricultural uses. 

It’s hard to pull up at your local dealership and buy a set of tires for your tractor, after all, so Carlisle are serving a niche in the market that badly needs served.  Carlisle fall under the banner of the Carlstar Group, who operate a number of other businesses and brands as well, most of which are also in the tire and wheel sector.  Overall, they have nearly 3,500 employees and 17 facilities dedicated to providing you with the utmost quality they can. 

Carlisle Tire Cost and Pricing

Carlisle Tires is a brand that is all about giving you quality and pushing technology further than many out there, and as such, you are going to see the prices at which you pay to be higher than many other companies.  With that said, the tires you acquire from this brand are not going to be the most expensive out there, either. 

Of course, this also is going to depend heavily upon which type of tire you are buying as well.  Some of them are going to be at a higher price point and may have more technology built in, meaning the price will be higher relatively speaking.  It is hard to lump all of their considerable lines of tires into one category, but on the whole of it, Carlisle Tires are going to have a reasonable price for you to pay.  You can find cheaper products, but it’d be hard to find them to have as much quality as this brand offers. 

Carlisle Tire Warranties

Warranties are a major part of a purchase decision, and that is not something you should ever overlook with tires.  Carlisle offer a very competitive warranty program, but you do need to look into specifics.  All warranties are ‘limited,’ whether they claim to be or not, and as such, you will have to look over the fine print and examine what to do in regards to them. 

You will have to use your tires capably and maintain them in order to be fully covered, but at least you can lay claim to one.  Not all companies offer warranties, especially any that are good at all, so this should be seen as a big positive. 

Tire Options

Carlisle Tires offers all sorts of tires for your viewing pleasure, so that should not be lost upon you.  They have tires for all sorts of jobs that you could do, from construction to working on the farm and more, and they also have tires for play time, with tires meant for golf carts and even four-wheelers and the like. 

Most brands do not have nearly this extensive a list, as you can see at the conclusion of our review, so this is likely to be something that pleases you and should help you in the event that you are looking for something less than traditional. 

Carlisle Tire Technologies and Features

While there are a ton of options, as we just discussed, and all of them are different, it is very clear and easy to see that Carlisle is committed to pushing the boundaries of technology to give you something that stands out.  One such example has to be via their Versa Turf tire.  This agricultural tire is different from many others in that it is designed to minimize the damage done to turf. 

This is huge for people that are working on projects with turf but also have other things going on.  This is not the only bit of technology that is on the table, mind you, but it is one of their latest advancements and deserves praise.  That just goes to show that they are still looking to take their tires are far as they can by altering them to just the perfect level you have been seeking. 

It’s not every day that you see this displayed, so it is well worth your time and effort to comb through and find a good fit for you and your life. 

Carlisle Tire Durability

Carlisle Tires are built well and they are built to last, therefore we find the durability to be pretty good on them.  While they are not the best in the world at holding up, we also have found that they last quite a while longer than the average tire on the market does (comparably speaking, of course). 

The fact that they offer such a viable warranty program is going to be instrumental in the process, as it helps to prove that they have substance to them and are not just giving you a poor products.  There just doesn’t seem to be a big reason to worry with them and their durability. 

Summary & Final Recommendations

If you have been on the lookout for specialty tires, then you might want to give Carlisle a look before you go elsewhere.  They cover a wide array of tires that can help you with both work and play.  Though they don’t have tires for your ‘normal’ car, they do have a range of others that might make your life a whole lot easier. 

With modern technology being used and research being done to push the limits further, these tires will last quite some time and will not cost you a fortune, either, representing great value. 

Carlisle Tire Models

Agriculture/Construction Tires

  • Guard Dog HD
  • WT300
  • USA Loader
  • Ultra Guard MX
  • Ultra Guard
  • Ultra Guard LVT
  • Turf Pro R-3/ Turf Pro Plus R-3
  • Trac Chief XT
  • Trac Chief I-3
  • Trac Chief
  • FSTR
  • Farm Specialist R-1-HA
  • Farm Specialist R-1
  • Farm Specialist F-2M Quad Rib
  • Farm Specialist F-2 Triple Rib
  • Farm Specialist F-1
  • CSL 66
  • CSL 48
  • CSL 45
  • CSL 32
  • CSL 24
  • Xtra Grip R-4

High-Speed Trailer Tires

  • CSL 16
  • Radial Trail HD
  • Sport Trail
  • Sport Trail LH
  • Sure Trail
  • USA Trail
  • Xtra Grip

Lawn/Garden/Golf Tires

  • AT101 Chevron
  • Tour Max
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Versa Turf
  • Ultra Trac
  • Turf Trac R/S
  • Turf Smart
  • Turf Saver
  • Turf Saver II
  • Turf Master
  • Turf Glide
  • Turf CTR
  • Tru Power
  • Super Lug
  • Fairway Pro
  • Stud
  • Straight Rib
  • Snow Hog
  • Smooth
  • Sawtooth
  • Power Trac
  • Multi-Trac C/S
  • Links
  • Industrial Trax
  • Flat Free
  • Fast Trax
  • Xtrac

Powersports Tires

  • A-C-T
  • HD Field Trax
  • Turf Tamer
  • Trail Wolf Sport
  • Trail Wolf
  • Trail Pro
  • Terrathon
  • Stryker
  • PXT2
  • Knobby
  • Black Rock M/S
  • A-C-T HD
  • Black Rock
  • Badlands XTR
  • Badlands A/R
  • AT489 X/L
  • AT489 II
  • AT489
  • All Trail II
  • All Trail
  • Versa Trail

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