Comforser Tires Review

Comforser Tires Review 2022

Choice is something most people appreciate, yet it is often taken for granted. When it comes to finding the right car tire for you, having options in front of you is something to embrace. No matter what vehicle you drive or what terrain you typically drive on, buying from a brand with options will help you find the tire perfect for you.

Additionally, some people like to buy from brands that stand for something greater than the product being sold. Having a greater purpose often encourages these people to consistently buy from these companies because they both have the same beliefs.

The Comforser brand hits both of these points. This tire company has over 20 models with over 40 sizes each, and boasts a factory environment that promotes plant health.

Comforser Tire Company Information & Background

Comforser tires are a self proclaimed “leading tire enterprise” located in Vancouver, Canada. Their main goal is to provide customers with a high quality product at a competitive price within the Canadian market. The company is owned by Shandong Tire Company, who authorized Comar Tire & Wheel Inc. as the sole agent for the Comforser and Ginell brands.

One characteristic of Comforser that stands out in comparison to other tire brands is that they work in a plant environment. The factory is located in Shandong, China and produces roughly 6 million tires per year in 8 lines. This company primarily serves the Canada market and has a goal to produce the best quality tires in the country by testing and approving their product for the harshest of weather.

Comforser Tire Cost & Pricing

Comforser’s price per tire varies by the model, but an overall majority of them tend to be high priced. Mud tires such as the Comforser CF3000MT can cost close to $300 per tire, adding up to $1,200 if you need a full set. The high price is justifiable because of the amount of rubber used to build the bulky tire, including the tread pattern needed to rip through an unsteady mud terrain.

If money is a concern, you may be able to get a monthly payment plan, but that will depend on the tire retailer as Comforser won’t offer that option. For those looking for a budget tire, Comforser might not be the best brand to go with, but if you are willing to pay for quality, it is a no brainer.

Comforser Tire Warranties

Comforser has a general warranty that they issue to each original purchaser to protect the interests of their end users. This warranty policy states that tires manufactured by tire makers and sold by Comforser will be free from any type of defects for 36 months from the date of the invoice, all the way to the end user or 80,000km. Tread wear, balancing issues, or vibrations aren’t included in this policy. They do however have an in-store warranty that is available for purchase at additional cost. If manufacturing defects cause the tire to fail, buyers can make a claim to Comforser within 48 hours of the tire failure.

Their Compensation Policy can be redeemed if the defect is found: with tread wear less than 3mm from original depth for TBR tires, if the tread wear is less than 50% of original pattern depth for PCP tires, or if tread wear is less than 10% of original pattern depth for OTR tires.

Comforser defines a manufacturer defect as one of the following: tread separation, belt edge separation, bead separation, or mileage discrepancy.

Tire Options

The amount of options offered by Comforser starts with the variety of sizes available to the buyer. This evidently opens up Comforser’s inventory to a wider range of cars. Even general models such as the Comforser CF2000 have over 40 sizes available to purchase.

In regard to sizes, the Comforser website has 23 different tire models to choose from. These range from standard car tires such as the CF600, to rough terrain mud tires like the GN3000. Ultimately, it’s safe to say that Comforser doesn’t limit themselves to one type of tire for one type of vehicle.

Comforser Tire Technologies & Features

Models such as the Comforser Sports K4 have exceptional handling and top of the line fuel economy. The grooves and sipes of the Sports K4 are optimized to minimize the road noise without sacrificing traction. Subsequently, this promotes both safety and performance. The tread compound for this tire is meant to lower fuel consumption and reduce rolling resistance–keeping you safe on the road while saving money by getting better miles to the gallon.

Other tires like the CF970 Studdable Winter model have high density 3D sipes that are designed to make the pattern more rigid; providing flawless grip on snow and ice. In addition, the advanced silica compound that enhances the tire’s traction and gives the car more balance while driving in winter weather conditions.

Comforser Tire Durability & Longevity

The quality of rubber used by Comforser Tires could be tough to break down, especially if you’re using a model with thick tread. Even models like the CF1000 are made to withstand multiple environments such as ice and off road terrain.

The technologies applied to Comforser tires such as 3D sipes and silica compound help solidify the overall sturdiness of the tire. The rubber compound will slowly wear down over time, just like any other rubber. The difference is that the tread wouldn’t wear down as fast as other brands that are potentially made with low quality rubber.

Summary & Overall Thoughts About Comforser Tires

In summary, Comforser tires are good to buy if you have the funds to do so. This tire brand has a tire for literally any type of vehicle, for any type of road conditions. Maybe you need a winter tire, or a mini-van tire. Comforser has it. If you need a sports tire for a passenger car, Comforser has that too. Their wide variety of inventory will help them gain more business, while serving customers a high quality product that will last them for an extended period of time.

After evaluating Comforser overall, the only downside to the company would be the warranty information. On one hand, it is responsible for them to have the policies on their website, however it seems as though the best warranty option is the one that you have to pay extra for. Aside from that, Comforser is a reputable tire brand with a goal to service Canada with high quality tires.

Comforser Tire Model Reviews

High Performance Winter Tires

  • CF900 Studless Winter Tire
  • 185 65 R14
  • 185 65 R15
  • 195 65 R15
  • 205 65 R15
  • 215 65 R16
  • 205 55 R16
  • CF950 Winter SUV High Performance Tire
  • CF360 Commercial Winter Tire

High Performance Truck & SUV Tires

  • CF1000 All Terrain Tire
  • CF2000 SUV & Truck Highway Tire\
  • CF4000 High Performance SUV Tire

High Performance Passenger Tires

  • CF500 Performance Tire
  • CF700 High Performance Tire
  • Comforser Sports K4 Tire

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