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Deestone Tires Review 2022

Whenever you set out to find a new set of tires, doing so can be tough to do due to the nearly endless list of options available to you.  If you think that finding tires for ‘regular’ road cars and trucks is tough, though, you don’t have a clue when it comes to other types of tires.  Today we’ll be looking at some of those ‘others’ in the form of Deestone Tires in our review. 

Deestone Tire Company Background

Deestone Tires trace their history all the way back to 1977 when they first came on the tire scene.  Initially starting out by providing truck and industrial tires, they slowly began to expand over time.  They now have one goal in mind, and that much is abundantly clear by taking a look at their website as well as the products that they offer.  They make tires that are made to help you get the job done.  These, plain and simply put, are working tires. 

Ranging from tires for wheelbarrows to big trucks to skid steer loaders and much, they offer all kinds of tools to get the job done.  One of the most prominent tire brands based out of Thailand, these tires are made to help you get through the hard, long days of the job you have in front of you.  After decades of work, they now supply over 90 countries with tires, showing just how far they have come so far!  They now operate five plants, with the latest of them being launched in 2015 to produce even more radial tires.  Some may not know this, but they were a promotional partner for two of the Fast and Furious movies, 7 and 8, so that is a bit of feather in their proverbial cap as well. 

Deestone Tires Cost and Pricing

One of the reasons why Deestone is able to continue to operate and do so so competitively in so many nations is due to its ability to drive a hard bargain, so to speak.  These tires are a great choice for anyone that is a little bit low on funds and hims themselves looking for tires to equip themselves personally or professionally.  It’s hard to find specialty tires, we all know that.  It’s even harder to find them at an affordable price.  But with Deestone you are able to find both of those factors, helping you to much more ably make a decision in your time of need. 

Deestone Tire Warranties

First and foremost, whenever you encounter a warranty program, you need to identify who the company behind it is.  The dealership often has different offers, so that is one thing you need to be sure of.  With Deestone Tires, there is a generous warranty, provided that you bought them through American Omni Trading Company.  This warranty will cover you in the event that their were defects related to the work or the materials used to construct your tires.  As is the case with just about any warranty, this is ‘limited,’ so you should read over the terms of the agreement. 

For other warranty programs, you will just have to ask and see what comes up.  This can differ, as stated before.  To some, this warranty may seem a little bit lax, but it’s actually right in the range you should be desiring.  We have found a number of similar companies out there that do not have one offered at all.  Obviously, this should be seen as a welcome sight for you.  Without a warranty, you have no backup.  That’s not good, so at least you have some coverage here to watch your back. 


As far as options go, Deestone pretty much has you covered if you are doing any type of work.  From golf carts to wheelbarrows and much, much more, they have a lot of choices for you.  Within each subset, they also have slightly different picks as well.  Some have more choices than others, mind you.  Take tractors, for example.  Tractors are quite specific and range in looks and size, so this only makes sense.  A front tire is much different from a rear tire, so you need to have more choices as far as that goes. 

Despite them having a very healthy list to select from, we don’t feel like it is overkill.  There are companies that exist to pump out tire after tire, never truly reaching out and trying to serve the good of the consumers.  They are either going to fall short in terms of being good because they simply make too many and don’t have any quality about them, or they will confuse you as you pick and comb your way through them to try and tell what the tiniest of differences are.  With Deestone Tires, you have no such worries. 

You have a decent amount of options, but you will not find yourself going crazy and wracking your brain to figure out what is different between tire ‘X’ and tire ‘Y.’  Finding Deestone tires is not as easy, not a big surprise here, as finding tires from Goodyear or Firestone, for example.  that’s because they are meant for more specialty purposes.  Also, the fact that they are made elsewhere and don’t have a huge link to the American market also hurts.  With that said, they can be found online, so we suggest looking there if you are interested in finding them. 

Deestone Technologies and Features

With so many budget companies coming out in the tire market, it’s easy to think and assume that they will not incorporate a whole lot of technology or features in them.  At least, they won’t go above and beyond the regular stuff that we are used to seeing.  On one hand, we kind of see this in action with Deestone.  But we also respect and appreciate the fact that they have five plants available to them, with each one doing something a little bit different from the other.  This willingness to change and evolve over time is admirable and shows they are still producing the latest trends in tires.  They may not be at the front of the evolution, sure, but they also are not battling against it or selling you tires that are much past their date of expiration. 

Deestone Tire Durability

A fact that we have failed to mention as of yet, but is massive nonetheless, is that Deestone Tires have certification from the United States Department of Transportation (DOT).  They got this back in 1995, and what this does is show you that they are a real, true, and serious set of tires for the road.  They may be low cost, relatively speaking, as we discussed earlier, but they are able to get the job done.  Furthermore, these tires are just made to last.  Hard work, is well, hard, and tires that are made for working men and women that do not hold up well would not be appreciated. 

We have a hard time believing that this company would still be around after decades if they were not able to come up with some durable tires for their customers.  They have demonstrated an ability to do so, and that is why we feel comfortable deeming them to have reasonable durability.  We do believe you can find more durable tires out there, but for the price, it is hard to nitpick and say that these don’t hold up well. 

Summary & Final Thoughts

Finding tires can be a hard enough job when you are outfitting your traditional road car.  Finding them for big trucks and the like, though, is even more difficult, especially if you want to find decent, reasonable, and affordable prices.  Deestone is able to do that, and they have also showed themselves of being capable of making quality, durable products.  All of these factors are hard to find in a set of tires, so you should find yourself happy to equip your fleet with them if you get the chance! 

Deestone Tire Models

Agriculture Tires

  • D308 Rear Farm
  • D312 Rear Farm
  • D314
  • D321 Rear Farm
  • D401 Front Farm
  • D402 Tractor
  • D405 Tractor
  • D407 Tractor
  • D408 Tractor
  • D413 Tractor
  • D8301 Implement

ATV Tires

  • D928
  • D929
  • D930
  • D932 Swamp Witch
  • D933
  • D936
  • D942 Trail Crusher
  • D943 Dirt Dragon
  • D944 D-Force
  • D985 Outlaw MST

Bias/Light Truck Tires

  • D100 Ultra Light Truck
  • D102 Ultra Light Truck
  • D108 Ultra Light Truck
  • D201 Ultra Light Truck
  • D207 Light Truck
  • D325
  • D501 Military
  • D502 Light Truck
  • D503 Light Truck
  • D504 Light Truck
  • D505 Military
  • D506 Light Truck
  • D903

Dumper Tires

  • D203
  • D302
  • D303
  • D309
  • D403

Forklift Tires

  • D301
  • D306
  • D307
  • D324

Golf Cart Tires

  • D258
  • D270
  • D271

Industrial Tires

  • D256
  • D257
  • D289
  • D315
  • D412
  • D603
  • D604
  • D605

Lawn & Garden Tires

  • D265
  • D266
  • D267
  • D837
  • D838

OTR Tires

  • D310 Grader G2
  • D313 Earth Moving E3/L3
  • D318 Loader & Dozer G
  • D319 Earth Moving
  • D320 Earth Moving R3
  • DC-1 Compactor
  • DC327 Compactor

Skid Steer Tires

  • D304 HD
  • D305 Standard
  • D311 Economy
  • D316 Trencher
  • D322 Skid Steer
  • D323 Deep Lug L5

Trailer Tires

  • D268
  • D269
  • D292
  • D622
  • D8034
  • D901
  • D902
  • D905
  • D95

Wheelbarrow Tires

  • D601
  • D602

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