Duck Commander Tires Review

Duck Commander Tires Review 2022

Tire shopping can be a long, arduous, and not so fun task for many people.  But it does not have to be that way.  Why is that, you may ask?  Because there is such a thing as Duck Commander Tires.  Obviously.  And today, we are going to be taking a look into them as we review you and bring you up to speed on them! 

Duck Commander Tires Background

Depending on where you are from and your interests, your opinion of Duck Commander is going to vary.  For some of us, Duck Commander is a massive deal.  It’s a brand that you know from the show by the similar name of ‘Duck Dynasty.’  It portrays a family that has made its name (and money) from making products for duck hunting.  In that same line, they now have gone out and had a tire made for them to be sold.  This was announced back in 2014, so they have been around a little while now. 

Of course, they didn’t do this alone, as to our knowledge they didn’t have any experience in the tire industry.  Rather, they went into business with TBC Brands in order to do this.  TBC Brands is one of the biggest tire companies in the world and within it, they have a bevy of big, successful brands.  It was the first time that they had ‘co-marketed’ a brand of tires before, but it was seen as fruitful by them due to the huge market brought on by the TV show.  As such, they struck the deal and thus we ended up, somehow, with Duck Commander Tires.  It may seem crazy and random, but they really do make a lot of sense, don’t they? 

Duck Commander Tires Cost and Pricing

A lot of people will be ecstatic about the price you will end up paying for the Duck Commander Tires.  When compared to companies that are somewhat similar, the Duck Commander Tires are extremely competitive in price, giving you excellent value for what you pay.  This should not come as much of a surprise if you are familiar with TBC Brands.  They often are able to do this sort of thing with their other brands, so seeing them help facilitate this with Duck Commander is not all that surprising to us.  They are similar in looks to others out there, but they have definitely turned down the dial on the price, which should be music to some peoples’ ears for sure. 

Duck Commander Tires Warranties

It is hard to nail down some information on Duck Commander’s tires, and the warranty program is one part of it that does not seem to have a ton of talk online.  Warranties are big at giving you protection just in case something happens, so this might seem like a deal breaker to you.  However, we don’t think you should overreact here. 

TBC Brands, in our experience, do a terrific job at giving people a warranty that will bring them both value and confidence in their ability to hold up over time.  We don’t see why the Duck Commander Tires would not have one also attached to it, though we don’t know the exact length or for sure if they would have one.  We imagine that they do have a good one, but you will just have to check around and ask for yourself.  It could depend upon where you end up buying them from, so it’s always worth a try for you to ask about.

Duck Commander Tires Options

As far options go, you are quite limited with Duck Commander Tires.  This brand, if you want to call them that, is only going to offer you two varieties to pick from.  On one hand, you have the all-terrain and then you have the Mud Terrain.  The All-Terrain, you guessed it, can handle just about anything you throw at it.  It may not be the greatest in horrible conditions, but you at least will know that you stand a chance with them.  The Mud Terrain, meanwhile, is for the mud and the much wetter conditions. 

If you were not aware, outdoors people like to go through the mud sometimes, and you can’t do that with just any old set of tires. As such, you need something to help you get through your day and not end up ruining it.  Duck Commander seeks to be the answer there, this time with tires.  It’s still hard to believe, isn’t it?  As far as finding them is concerned, they are sold by Harris Tires predominantly.  You can look in person or you can try to find them online, but we would assume that online is your best bet and recommend that you give that option a go first. 

Duck Commander Tires Technologies and Features

One might assume that these tires are just gimmicks and not going to be all that great, but to think that would be to assume wrongly.  That is because this brand is not made by just anyone.  TBC Brands, while coming out of China largely, is not junk compared to american made tires. And on top of that, they are manufactured in the United States by Cooper Tire and Rubber.  That means you can seriously count on the same kind of quality that Cooper puts out on a regular basis, only the tires will be made for mud and all terrain types. 

As far as technology goes, they have a decent level of it without going overboard.  You are not getting the latest and greatest tire, seeing as how they have been around over five years now.  But you do get the ability to go through the mud well, with the Mud Terrain, and over all sorts of land, with the All Terrain, so those should be all the features that you need as you partake in whatever activity it is that you have on your mind. 

Duck Commander Tires Durability

Having both TBC Brands and Cooper Tires standing behind you is a big deal, and that is what the Duck Commander Tires have going for them.  What might have seemed like a gimmick to some is simply not that at all.  It’s a very real thing, and you should not overlook that.  These tires are made to be durable and last, and they will do so despite being used in predominantly poor conditions or less than ideal ones for ‘normal’ tires.  The associations with trusted and tried brands will no doubt help ratchet up consumer confidence, of which you should be extremely happy with. 

Duck Commander Tire Summary & Final Thoughts

While you might not believe it, even still, Duck Commander is very much in the truck tire game.  They don’t have a wealth or options for you to pick from or anything like that, but what they do offer is extreme value and confidence as well.  They don’t seem to put a foot wrong when they ‘endorse’ or ‘co-market’ something, and this once again looks like it is a total hit for them on that front.  While these are not going to be the coolest thing ever to many, it might just be the value or the perfect gift you have been striving to find. 

Duck Commander Tires Types, Models, and Sizes Available

  • Duck Commander All-Terrain- 16 sizes from 15 to 18 inches
  • Duck Commander Mud Terrain- 15 sizes from 16 to 20 inches

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