Duraturn Tires Review

Duraturn Tires Review 2022

Tire shopping can be quite the nerve racking experience for many of us.  There are tons and tons of potential brands to turn to, which is a common problem, particularly when you go online to look for them.  Today, we will be helping you out just a bit as we cut down the unknowns a bit by taking a look into Duraturn Tires. 

Duraturn Tire Company Background & Information

Duraturn Tires are not likely to be a big name in your mind, so it should go without saying that we need to explain who and what they are exactly.  Duraturn Tires’ motto, first and foremost, should say a ton about them for you in one fell swoop: “Extraordinary tires at any price.”  That doesn’t mean that all of their tires are going to be cheap, no, but it does mean that they are attempting to provide good tires at all kinds of prices. 

This is not typical of the rest of the industry usually, with some either providing high quality for a high price, medium quality for a medium price, or low quality with a low price.  They try to mask this, but that is often the case.  Duraturn is also fairly unique in that they offer tires for both passenger vehicles (consumer tires to some) and for big rig trucks as well (commercial or ‘TBR’).  This fact makes them stand out a bit, though there are increasingly more and more brands out there that are beginning to take this approach. 

Duraturn Tire Cost and Pricing

We have talked about and seen what their brand’s motto is already, but this is where we expand on that and examine, truly, where they generally fit in terms of price.  It is easy to get lost in the marketing of a brand in 2020, but our job is to help you navigate through those harsh waters and get you into a kinder area, so to speak. 

Despite how it may sound, the thing that a company like Duraturn has to do is to try and keep prices low.  In order to compete with Goodyear, Michelin, and the other ‘big boy,’ you either have to have extremely good quality or a low price.  So that does limit you a bit.  These tires are quite competitively priced, so if you are looking for great value among everything else, then look at them. 

Duraturn Tire Warranties

Duraturn Tires’ quest is to deliver you with high quality tires for a relatively low price, thus giving you a ton of value in the process.  But that is not all they seek to do.  They also, at least, claim to be big time on customer service.  They want to provide you with the support you need, and one way to do that is through a generous warranty program.  Warranties are massive at giving you some protection in the event that your tires don’t last as they were intended to do. 

No one wants to ‘waste’ money on junk, so this is a good way to protect yourself just a little bit.  The warranties that they offer are going to depend on the type of tire you purchase.  The commercial line of tires has a different program intact than the passenger tires do, but you can rest easy that they do have something in place for you.  As always, this is definitely better than nothing. 

Duraturn Tire Options

Duraturn, as we have mentioned before, is unique in that they are bringing both professionals and regular folks choices to the table in the form of tires for passenger vehicles and for big trucks as well.  This is something that a few newer companies are doing today, and it’s still up in the air over whether this ‘trend’ works.  It certainly has for bigger companies and groups in the past, but that is left up in the air with some others. 

As far as specifics, they don’t have a ton of, let’s say, car tires, but they do have options within them for you to pick from.  They have a couple of winter options, for example, and they also have tires made for SUVs to go on all types of terrains with.  There are more commercial tire choices, but that is to be expected given just how vital those can be to people that are using them. 

Finding Duraturn is probably going to be easier than finding many tires from other companies, but we still think your best chance of getting a hold of them is to look online and order them there. 

Duraturn Tire Technologies and Features

One of the parts of the mission that Duraturn is seeking to ‘conquer’ is to give you tires that are of a high amount of quality for a low price.  With this means that they have to have a certain amount of technology incorporated.  This is the case with this brand, though we do need to make it clear that this does not mean that you are likely to be getting fresh, top of the line kinds of tech being put into them, either. 

You’re going to be hard pressed to find the newest cutting edge stuff.  It’s just not going to happen with such a low price.  With that said, you can depend on them and their useful features, as they have some nuances to them that will make them feel like more than just cheap tires that you bought randomly. 

Duraturn Tire Durability

If you have ‘Dura’ in the name, you had better be fairly durable.  Otherwise, people will be less than pleased with you.  Duraturn seems to do a pretty good job at this, though we still want to make sure that you understand that this is still very much an up and coming brand.  You can market your tires any way you want, but at the end of the day, it is impossible to be dirt cheap and have the highest durability in the business. 

The industry does not work that way because people would go out of business in the blink of an eye if that was so.  With Duraturn you get much more durability than other cheaper models offered, and you get a nice warranty as well, but you don’t see them holding a candle to some of the biggest names in the game. 

Summary & Final Thoughts

If you find yourself short on cash and are looking for quality, then you could do far, far worse than taking a look into Duraturn Tires.  While not exactly popular or widely known as of yet, this is a brand that we can see growing a strong, solid reputation.  They have good products that will last you quite a while and good customer service as well.  The touch of having both commercial and customer tires is also nice to see as well, and it gives them a leg up on some others.  As such, they are worth the look if you understand the limitations they do inevitably have. 

Duraturn Tire Models

Commercial Tires

  • Steer
  • DA20
  • DS28
  • Y207
  • Y606
  • Drive
  • DD10
  • DD13FE/DD13
  • DD15
  • DD25
  • DD51


  • DT22
  • DT23

Mixed Service

  • DA21
  • DA25
  • DD11
  • DM56
  • DM60
  • DM63
  • DM63
  • DT63
  • Y866

Consumer Tires

  • Passenger and CUV
  • Mozzo Touring
  • Mozzo 4S
  • Mozzo 4S+


  • Mozzo Sport
  • Mozzo STX

Light Truck and SUV

  • Travia A/T
  • Travia H/T
  • Travia M/T


  • ST Radial


  • Mozzo Winter
  • Mozzo Winter Ice

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