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Goldway Tires Review 2022

The Goldway brand primarily specializes in tires for light trucks and passenger vehicles. Considered a cheap tire alternative manufactured from a Chinese parent company, Goldway offers sizes that are usually hard to find, such as the 22”, 24”, 26”. They can be purchased through various third party sellers; the most popular for Goldway being; a wholesale website where products are bought in bulk by other third party sellers/distributors.

Goldway isn’t the most notable auto tire brand, however they offer enough value to be considered. The quality of the tire may vary by model and distributor, but it’s worth taking a chance on if you want a decent priced tire for your vehicle.

Goldway Company Information & Background

Goldway tires are a Chinese sub-brand of Unicorn Tire company. In addition to Goldway, the parent company also owns other tire brands such as Neptune, Durun, Travelstar, and Hifly. The company currently distributes in both the United States and Canada, despite being made primarily in China. Starting as a cheap tire brand, Goldway has slowly attempted to climb the latter and reach the status of a reliable auto tire company, although that has yet to be solidified.

Goldway Tire Cost & Pricing

Goldway is considered to be one of the more budget-friendly auto tire brands. The standard tire from Goldway can go for a low as $48 per tire, although you could probably find it even cheaper depending on the retailer you decide to go to. Cost will help Goldway be preferred by various buyers who are on the market for a budget-friendly tire.

When it comes to pricing, Goldway will be a legitimate option for the budget conscious buyer who needs a quick replacement. Whether it be one tire, or a set of four, this brand can take care of you in the short term if you’re in desperate need of tires and don’t have the money to spend on a top quality product.

Goldway Warranties

Warranty options are very limited for the Goldway brand. Most previous owners have experienced issues in the past where they had to return the tire overseas to the original manufacturer and received a cheap repair in result. The lack of transparency for the warranty could raise some red flags for potential buyers, as there is no easy, clear cut guarantee that they will be able to receive the best service possible.

Goldway Tire Options

One of the highlights when it comes to Goldway is the variety of sizes available, although their tire models are considered relatively limited. Having a wide range of tire styles for both light truck and regular passenger vehicles, with over 30 different sizes for each model they have available. This helps their customer base by offering a wide range of sizes so that more people are capable of utilizing their tires.

Goldway Technologies & Features

Goldway tires are created with the same unique and cutting edge technology as their sister companies. Most, if not all Goldway tires have a symmetric tread design that contains grooves meant to prevent hydroplaning by dispersing water and slush from below the tire’s footprint. The tread pattern on the shoulder has additional biting edges that increases the tire’s grip on the road while cornering. This will ensure drivers that they will be as safe as possible despite rising safety concerns with low-budget tires.

Tires such as the Eco-Blue Summer tire offers a summer compound that works with the tread in order to gain a strong grip on the road throughout dry and wet surfaces. This compound is used to hold on to the tire’s traction and also prevents heat from building up in the tread, which could result in the tire being severely damaged. Regardless of what brand tire you go with, safety should be your number one priority, and it seems that Goldway has the right idea when it comes to driver safety.

Another exceptional tire is the Goldway G2003 F-One; an All-Season high performance tire for passenger vehicles. The G2003 F-One might be Goldway’s most complete tire model. This tire has a V-shape directional tread pattern design that provides high quality resistance to hydroplaning. This is instrumental in helping you stay as safe as possible while driving in poor weather conditions that could cause you and your vehicle harm. Furthermore, the rim protector will help protect the wheel from damage when you park near the curb.

Durability & Longevity

The Goldway tires are made with durable technology that gives it the best chance to last as long as possible. Starting with the maintained optimal shape, these tires deter deformation by decreasing the pressure affected by the model. The continuous tightened belt that’s applied to most Goldway Tires increases the overall durability while driving at high speeds.A perfect example of this performance would be the Goldway R828 model. The R828 is an ultra high performance passenger tire that has a unique grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

While this company does it best to ensure buyers that they’ll be driving with a tough tire, it’s important to look on the other side of the spectrum. Being a low cost tire, it’s expected for this brand to produce average, at best products. The longevity for these tires are questionable, as former customers have had complaints that they don’t last very long. One of the biggest complaints seen thus far is that the sidewall will begin to bubble after an extended period of time. This will be something to keep an eye out for when adding mileage to your Goldway tires.

Summary & Overall Thoughts 

Starting off as an inexpensive performance brand tire, Goldway has consistently been a low budget product. The reality is that there isn’t much to know about this tire brand outside of the sizes they have to offer and how they started. Having a decent product is good for the consumer, but not having a transparent warranty isn’t the most appealing to someone in a saturated market with reliable brands that will provide a guarantee in tire quality. Thinking in the long term, if any tire company decides to sacrifice quality for price, they won’t be lasting long in the industry anyway.

Either way, there are a few Goldway models that are worth the risk, such as the Goldway G2003, which has a solid tread pattern which helps keep traction and keep the car stable. The ambiguity of this brand might be due to the fact that they’re primarily made in China, however the tire itself is worth considering if you need a cheap tire replacement. If you don’t mind replacing your car tires after a few years as long as they’re inexpensive.

Goldway Tire Models

High Performance All-Season

  • Goldway G2003 F-One
  • Goldway R828
  • Goldway R838

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