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Landy Tires Review 2022

Searching for tires, as you may already know, can be one of the more difficult shopping experiences you ever have.  This is especially true if you are looking for tires for something other than a road car or truck.  Today, we’ll be taking a look at Landy Tires, a brand that could help you in the event you are not looking for those kinds of tires! 

Landy Tire Company Background & Information

Landy Tires is a brand that falls under the umbrella of a bigger company known as Generation Tires.  Based out of Vancouver, Canada, this company runs Landy Tires in addition to three other brands, known as Federal, Noble, and Tracmax.  Landy Tires operate in a niche of sorts for them, serving to meet the needs of the customer by providing tires for heavy equipment and machinery.  In terms of longevity, Landy is very new to the game, having only opened up in 2016 along with the beginning of Generation Tires. 

It’s a bit confusing, but it does appear that they are actively produced in China, so we’re not sure what the confusion is about in this regard.  However, they have been able to provide coverage throughout Canada already as a result of using Federal Tire’s base for distribution and the like.  Their slogan is “we don’t look good until you look good,” showing what they are all about.  They truly believe that they are best served to serve you, and it shows just that in all that they are able to do. 

Due to their proximity to the US, it would be no real shock at all to see them make their way in, especially in the Pacific Northwest, so you should look into them if you are interested, even if they are mainly still based in Canada!  Believe it or not, outside of Canada, they also ship to places in western Africa and also to the eastern Asian market, so globalization is happening fairly quickly for them.   

Landy Tire Cost and Pricing

As a result of producing the tires in China, there are going to be some benefits that come along with that.  There will be detriments as well, but one big benefit that you can be thankful for is the fact that pricing is bound to be lower than average. 

Buying truck tires (tractor trailer tires) is not an easy o cheaper endeavor, particularly when you are outfitting an entire truck- or fleet of them.  So, it can be harrowing to tr to find tires that fit in a budget.  Landy is able to bring to the table a number of options that will keep the prices down considerably. 

Lower wages and overhead in China make this possible, of course, but it can be a big positive for you in your search for good tires that don’t break your personal piggy bank. 

Landy Warranty

One of the main things that you get from Landy’s website is that they are committed to taking care of their customers by providing very competitive and generous warranties.  Warranties protect you from something bad happening and resulting in you losing out on a ton of money.  They also protect the company, too, as it’s a way to keep customers in a good ‘mood’ if something does go wrong. 

With Landy, you get the claim of a generous warranty, but we are not sure how that comes into practice.  There is little information on their site in this regard, with only a section where you can register your tires.  Most companies do require you to do this in order for them to get potential recall information to you or for you to make a claim in the event that the warranty has not been held up. 

However, we don’t see a lot of specifics on this.  If you are buying from them, or even a dealership, you should ask for more clarity on this as it is really a big deal to you.  If you don’t have a warranty, you’re really putting a lot at risk, so you may not prefer to do that, even if you saves you a few dollars. 

Tire Options

In terms of options, Landy Tires are going to give you a few of them, but mostly they are going to provide you with ‘drive position’ tires mostly.  This means that they will be the tires that are set and ready to run for you in normal times, rather than the more specialized tires. 

They do have those, too, of course, but there just aren’t as many of them as there are the regular old tires for big trucks.  If you want to look at the company as a whole, by taking a glance at Generation Tires, then you can definitely say that they cover a wide expanse of potential options.  Within each set of Landy tires, for the most part, you do get a few sizes to pick from to help you get just the perfect fit for your rig. 

This is, obviously crucial, as no one wants to be driving around with a poorly fitting tire to their truck.  They have a great, helpful database, something that is often taken for granted, so that should help you in selecting which tires are right for you and which ones you want to be steering clear of.  As far as finding Landy tires, we also can’t say it will be the easiest out there.  Finding big rig truck tires is already hard enough, but these aren’t easy to find in dealerships.  Your best bet is likely to do online, if you are interested, so keep that fact in mind as you look to make the best possible decision for you or your company moving forward.   

Landy Tire Technologies and Features

Perhaps it’s not what you think of in terms of technologies and features, but we are nonetheless going to touch on it.  On Landy’s website, you see that they have built a large, generous database to help you pick out a set of tires.  Upon doing research on various brands, we have not always found this to be the case, so it’s nice that they have all sorts of information on there for you to take a look at, rather than just guessing or trying to find it elsewhere. 

As far as technology goes, you are not likely to find the newest fangled bits of it as far as these tires are concerned.  This is still a new company, and as a result, you are not going to see R&D given a massive budget up front.  This is not to say that you are going to get a bad tire, by any means, it just doesn’t mean that you’re going to be getting something that is groundbreaking. 

It’s hard to launch onto the market with an idea like that, so don’t be surprised to see these tires as being regular tires.  Good ones, mind you, but nothing that is out of this world, either. 

Landy Tire Durability

The fact that these tires, appear, to be made in China is a bit of a red flag for some people, but we don’t see it that way.  There are high quality products made all over the globe, just as there are poor products made everywhere, too.  In any batch of products, you have good and bad, so don’t mistake the fact that these tires being made in China is all bad just because of where they have come from. 

Sure, some people will apply a ‘buyer beware’ tag anytime China is involved, but we don’t want to go quite that far.  Yes, durability is going to be affected here, but it’s likely not because of where- it’s the price.  You do get what you pay for in most instances, so don’t be shocked if you don’t get the same durability from these tires as you would be highly priced one. 

By the same token, you may be surprised and feel like you got extremely good value from them due to them holding up longer than you had anticipated.  You never know 100% until you get a hold of them and try them for yourself, unfortunately, but in terms of durability we’ll put them somewhere between below average to average.  That is a good, comfortable range for them. 

Summary & Final Recommendations

Landy Tires is still a new player in the game, and despite having some kinks to sort out, you have to be impressed by the start that they have made.  They have decent customer service, a big improvement over so many in similar positions, and they also are going to bring you competitive pricing as well.  Those two things alone are good enough for many people, even if they have one or two hiccups in the system they have in place. 

Landy Tire Models

Steer Position Tires

  • DS968

Mining Position Tires

  • DD767
  • DD777

Trailer Position Tires

  • DT970
  • DT966

Drive Position Tires

  • DD308
  • DD909
  • DD335
  • DD398
  • DD906
  • DD787
  • DD717
  • DD328
  • DD329
  • DD907
  • DD905

Snow Tires

  • DD378S
  • DD379S

Mixed Use/ All Position Tires

  • DA801
  • DA818
  • DA802
  • DA803

Super Singles

  • DA805 DA806

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