Air Loc Tires Review

Air-Loc Tires Review 2022

Zeroing in on a set of new tires can be a difficult thing to do for you.  Especially when you just can’t seem to find what it is you are looking for.  One potential answer, of course, is road tires.  But that sometimes doesn’t cut it.  Today, we’ll be looking at an alternative from Air-Loc tires as we review all you need to know about them. 

Air-Loc Tire Company Background & Information

As stated above, finding tires for purposes other than the road can be a challenge to do, to say the least.  All too often it’s easy to find bundles and bundles of those.  Making it very tough to pick through what you want.  On the opposite end of the spectrum is ‘the rest.’  Air-Loc happens to sell some of the rest, as they specialize in tires for lawn and gardens, golf carts, and even four-wheelers (ATV’s).  The company’s main goal is to provide you with good, quality products for a reasonable price, and on the whole they have been able to uphold that very well. 

As for its history, it all began with St. Louis Wholesale Tire.  Getting its start almost four decades ago now, they initially only carried difficult-to-find tires from others.  In addition to doing so in the modern day, they also sell their own brand, which has become known as Air-Loc tires.  They have been at it over ten years now selling the brand, with a small, yet loyal fan base developing as a result of their commitment to working with their customer base. 

Air-Loc Tire Cost and Pricing

One glance through the offerings that Air-Loc dish out, and it is obvious that they have fairly low prices.  So, their goal of bringing you products for a reasonable price is definitely a check mark.  No one wants to pay more than they have to, and with this brand you will not have to be worrying about the prospect of doing so.  This brand is truly good at what it sets out to do, and it’s proven by underlining the fact that they will not be costing you an arm and a leg to purchase them. 

Air-Loc Tire Warranties

There is more good news for you in that Air-Loc is going to come with a warranty for you.  That’s always going to ratchet up consumer confidence, as a warranty gives you some recourse in the event that something goes wrong.  With Air-Loc tires, you get exceptional customer service, meaning that if you do need to ‘call it in’ that they will not bother you about it endlessly or give you the run around.  They will replace any and all tires that have either a workmanship or manufacturer defect, according to their own policy. 

They will do so without a return or a form, even, something that you very, very rarely see anymore.  Their ‘tubes’ are warranted for up to five years from the date they were manufactured.  As with any warranty, there are terms and conditions that you should look over before jumping into it with both feet.  You should take a look for yourself to see if you like the terms, but we have a good feeling that you will.  Not having to put up with a bunch of nonsense is a major plus in our eyes, so that alone might be enough to sway you in their direction. 

Air-Loc Tire Options

The really nice thing about Air-Loc tires is that they are able to offer you something a little bit different from the usual.  It’s nice to be able to find tires for the purpose you are actually, actively looking into.  That’s what they do.  With Air-Loc, your outdoor needs are just about going to be handled.  They don’t have an abundance of everything, that is for sure, but they do have you covered in specific niches.  For example, they take care of you with one of their top products, the Avenger, for ATV’s. 

These tires are among the best out there for a bevy of reasons, particularly at that price point, and should not be overlooked.  They also have some good, old fashioned working tires as well for you to use on the farm.  Again, there are not a massive amount of them, so it could leave you a bit short.  But it’s also nice to see that they don’t have an over abundance of items, too.  That tends to lead to confusion and can also point toward them not being that great since they might be ignoring making a quality product by instead making a ton of tires. 

Air-Loc Tire Technologies and Features

One of the main reasons why brands are able to sell lower priced goods is due to the fact that they don’t always carry themselves to be the most technologically advanced things out there.  Some brands just don’t put a lot of time and effort into this.  While we don’t want to say that Air-Loc has none, look below for more info on that, we also don’t want you to be mistaken here.  This is a good, quality brand that offers tires at an affordable price.  The best way to ensure that they can do that is by being true to themselves.  They don’ try to be Michelin or Goodyear by testing out new features and the like to make them stand out.  While they would like to do so, we’re sure, it would drive the price up too much.  That would then take them out of the affordable range, which is definitely not what they have strived to do. 

Air-Loc Tire Durability

The fact that Air-Loc put such a strong warranty behind their tires should indicate a lot to you from the very off.  These tires are made to last, and you can tell that they care to make sure this is the case by their very friendly policies.  On top of that, though, they also have a lot going for them in the way they make the tires.  These tires utilize Korean technology in them to help them last longer.  The reason this is the case is because they are thicker than regular inner tube tires are.  Simply put, the thicker a tire is, the less likely it is going to be catastrophically damaged.  Two-ply sidewalls don’t last as long as three-ply ones.  It’s as easy as that to think about.  The thicker, the better in general, and that’s a good reason to believe in Air-Loc tires. 

Air-Loc Tire Summary & Final Thoughts

If you are looking for exceptional customer service, then you’d be remiss to look in too many other places.  This brand is exquisite when it comes to taking care of you, and that family like feel is no doubt going to win over a lot of folks.  If you are in the market for tires that are made for work or for playing outdoors, then Air-Loc is far from the worst you could imagine.  They are affordable, durable, and they also will help you accomplish whatever your goals are.  With excellent people that care on the other side, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t give them a chance. 

Air-Loc Tire Types, Models, and Sizes Available

  • Farm Tires
  • R-1 Lug
  • Lawn & Garden Tires
  • P332 M/T Turf
  • Smooth
  • Wheelbarrow Rib
  • Sawtooth Rib
  • Straight Rib
  • ATV/UTV Tires
  • Avenger
  • Golf Tires
  • Golf Cart
  • Trailer Tires
  • H.S. Boat Trailer B/W

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