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Americus Tires Review 2022

Whenever you find yourself looking for a new set of tires, you are thrust into a market that is full of various brands- and types.  This can cause a great deal of confusion for you to go through, as you can probably attest to.  Today, we’re going to help you a little bit by taking a look into Americus Tires. 

Americus Tire Company Background & Information

Americus Tires, as you can probably guess, are made to serve the American market first and foremost.  Their main goal is to provide you with a good, quality tire for a lower than average price.  Doing this is easier said than done, that’s why so many say it, so that’s another story altogether.  One of the things that we find most interesting about this brand is that they are different from many.  Most will either look to service ‘regular’ road vehicles or big trucks or other work related types of vehicles. 

With Americus, you get a little bit of both.  They offer big rig truck tires as well as tires for your car, ‘light’ truck, or SUV.  Owned by American Omni Trading (AOT to some), who themselves have been around since 1990 as an importer and exporter, it is their own brand.  Basically, they have gone down the same route as some many others.  They began selling others’ tires and then decided to offer their own line.  This helps explain a bit why they do both big and small, if you will. 

Americus Tire Cost and Pricing

One of the main tag lines of Americus Tires is that they have “All Around Value.”  Obviously, this means that one of their chief concerns is going to be that of extracting as much ‘bang for your buck’ as possible.  This brand is going to be on the cheaper end of the spectrum, though it’s unlikely to be the most dirt cheap that you will ever find.  They are not expensive to buy, meaning that if you are buying personally or for a business that you might just find yourself saving quite a lot of money in the process.  Plus, you don’t give up too much elsewhere for the low price, a real positive you can’t overstate. 

Americus Tire Warranties

So many of the ‘cheaper’ tire companies out there do very little for you in terms of warranties.  So when you do see that they are offered, it makes you quite excited, or should do so.  Americus is one of those.  They have a warranty attached, it looks like, to all of their tires.  Remember, all warranties are ‘limited,’ no matter what they may say, so make sure to take a close look into this.  With that said, it looks like most models are covered for up to a year.  It’s not the longest we have seen, but it sure does beat those that have nothing for you to be backed up on. 

Americus Tire Options

With Americus, as we touched on a bit in the background section, you have some intriguing options to look at.  There are tires for the regular old citizen that will be a good fit for you on the road, and then there are tires for the professional trucker as well.  When you look at the list they presently have available, it is clear that they have more choices for big rig trucks.  There are fewer selections for ‘normal’ cars, as they just have three models that can fit those and only two that are for trucks and SUVs. 

That may seem a little bit limited, because it quite frankly is, but it’s also not terrible news.  There have been groups and companies that have came into spaces like this before and gone mad with the number of models they made.  One after another would roll off the production line, and truth be told, it rarely helps anyone.  You never know if you’re getting good quality or not that way, and it’s harder to find something as you have to pick through tiny, minute differences.  That’s why we like the smaller number of options in general, though we can certainly see why some would see it as a small negative. 

Americus Tire Technologies and Features

While we don’t want to make it sound like Americus Tires are at the front of the line at devising new technology or adding unheard of features to the tire that have never been seen or thought of, we also want to make it clear that these tires are pretty much up to date.  These tires are not going to be giving you ridiculous advancements in travel, but they will give you something tried, true, and steady.  For one, they are made to be quiet.  This is something many of us don’t think about until it is too late and our tires are rumbling in our ears to the point we want to throw ourselves out the window. 

On top of that, their tires are engineered to be very durable, with wear resistance being a major focus of theirs.  Some of their tires are made for all terrain types, while others are going to be more aggressive and built solely for the road and as much performance as they can get.  While we don’t think these are going to be the best thing you have ever seen at the race track, we also don’t think they would let you down too badly, either.  They are just where they need to be.  Safe and for a good, reasonable price as well. 

Americus Tire Durability

One of the things that we think stands out about Americus Tires when compared to others that are at a similar price or level, if you will, is that they actually do offer a lot of durability to them.  Many tires out there today that are sold in the cheaper realm of prices just will not have the capacity to hold up for very long.  It does depend on which model you go with a bit with Americus, as some are going to naturally be built to hold up longer than others. 

For example, the commercial and big rig truck lines are going to be built to last more compared to a regular set of tires for the road.  That just makes good common sense.  But still, even with those tires you get a decent amount of durability, as they have a wear resistance compound that helps them shake off the negative effects that plague other tires so frequently.  We don’t want to claim that these have the best durability around, but it’s a definite that they have good durability when pitted up against tires that are not nearly as well made and are also cheaper in their construction. 

Americus Tire Summary & Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a good example of a lower priced brand of tires, then look no further than Americus Tires.  Even with a relatively low price, they have good quality and they have the durability to match that.  You’ll be extremely pleased with the way they perform, whether it’s a big rig or a small car you’re going to be operating! 

Americus Tire Types, Models, and Sizes Available

Passenger Tires

  • Sport HP
  • Touring Plus
  • CUV

Truck and SUV Tires

  • All-Terrain
  • Rugged M/T

Commercial Grade Light Truck Tires

  • Commercial LT

TBR Tires

  • LT2000
  • ST1000
  • AP2000
  • CS3000
  • RD3000
  • MS4000
  • OS3000
  • PS2000
  • RS2000

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