Antyre Tires Review

Antyre Tires Review 2022

Whenever you find yourself searching for tires, especially online, you are hit by an endless stream of potential choices.  There are so many companies and brands that picking one can be nearly impossible to do.  Today, we’ll be looking into one of those many brands in the form of Antyre Tires in our review. 

Antyre Tire Company Background & Information

Antyre Tires are like a whole lot companies out there right now.  In fact, while they are a company, it’d be more apt to call them a brand.  That is because they fall under the umbrella of a bigger corporation known as FullRun Tyre.  FullRun is a company that has been in the tire game since 2003, so they are fairly new.  From the very outset, it was clear what their goal was: to create a bunch of smaller brands under the banner and push them in individual markets. 

They have certainly done that, as they have several brands in which they operate.  One of them, of course, is Antyre, the subject of our review today.  All of Antyre, and FullRun’s offerings, come out of China, so there is naturally going to be a group of people that are turned away due to that.  With that being said, they are well established by this point as they are not a recent startup, which should be helpful to you and provide you with a little bit more confidence than you would otherwise have.  At one stage, FullRun were China’s #1 tire seller domestically for nine years straight.  This helped them launch a new 300,000 square foot facility, so there has been significant growth from them.  Antyre, as best as we can tell, is their big rig truck line of offerings. 

Antyre Tire Cost and Pricing

As is the case with many Chinese tire brands, the price situation is going to be an improvement upon the typical set of tires. The fact that there are so many new companies and brands of tires being made in China illustrates this very point, though Antyre is not exactly one of those.  If they were not able to provide something different that stands out, they would not exist.  So, price is going to be relatively lower for you than with other brands that you can find on the market. 

Lower labor costs are one reason for this, and the quality has to be another.  You’re not going to find a top of the line Michelin tire with brand spanking new tech going for super cheap prices.  You just aren’t.  So you do have to factor that into your personal equation as you seek to figure out a solution and make a good choice. 

Antyre Tire Warranties

As with many companies that sell cheaper tires, finding warranty information is very tough.  To our knowledge, it does not look like Antyre has any warranty attached to its products at all.  Obviously, this is not ideal, but that is the way that it appears to be.  Even if it’s a very short and limited warranty, you’d like to see one, but that does not look like the case in this instance.  If they do have one, which you should definitely ask about and for if you go to purchase them, then we don’t see it as being a particularly long one.  Though that’s better than none at all, to be fair. 

Antyre Tire Options

The overarching FullRun brand offers quite a few different options, but the Antyre brand itself does not really do so.  This brand is built to serve the needs of the truck community, therefore you only really have regular over the road tires for sale.  They have one set of tires that are for off roading, but the rest of them are designed for being on the road primarily.  They do have a number of choice there, of course, with some meant to be ‘driving’ tires and others for turning and the like.  But basically there is a limited market here, and it’s all about trucks.  Big rig ones at that.  As far as finding Antyre Tires goes, you are probably going to have a hard time doing so.  Researching them was not the easiest and it took some luck to find them at all.  You’ll likely have to order them online if you would like to get a hold of them, but you never know and it can’t hurt to ask at local dealers for or about them. 

Antyre Tire Technologies and Features

When you do take a look at these tires online, one thing you want to do is take what comes from them with a grain of salt.  Have you ever known a brand to tell you that they offer inferior products?  It is unlikely, as no one wants to admit such and drive their customers away.  With Antyre, as with anyone selling literally anything, they will make it sound as if they have technologies and features that cannot be missed.  While they may offer some, we do want to caution you a bit.  These brands are not known for pumping out brand new stuff.  With that said, FullRun has been around a while and are not likely to be bringing out really old technology.  One feature that we think you will like about Antyre is that they are committed to providing you with a nice, quiet tire.  They also offer good, competitive traction levels as well.  Those two things can be make or break for a lot of folks, so you’ll be glad to hear all about it. 

Antyre Tire Durability

A good amount of people are going to fret about the fact that these tires are made in China.  If that is you, we do understand.  Not all tires from there are great, we’ll give you that, but you also have to admit that not all of them are necessarily awful, either.  There are ‘studs’ and there are ‘duds’ in every line, so there are bound to be a certain number of happy- and unhappy- people regardless of a product’s overall quality.  While we don’t think that Antyre are truly anything special, we also have more belief and confidence in them than we do other Chinese companies out there.  They have been around a little bit longer than many of the new, fly by night ones, and we feels that gives them some additional credibility that the rest don’t offer.  Will they last as long as other brands that are made by bigger companies not in China?  Probably not, honestly, but that’s just something you will have to consider. 

Antyre Tire Summary & Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative for your truck tires, then you might just have found a nice blend between the price and the experience level.  So many new companies are sprouting up that it’s hard to fully trust them.  With FullRun and Antyre you get a bit more reputation behind them, which can be a huge benefit to you and your wallet.  That is, of course, if you can get over the issues that Chinese tires can have.  It’s up to you, but they are one of the safer brands by the look of things. 

Antyre Tire Types, Models, and Sizes Available

  • TB700
  • TB762
  • TB656
  • TB877
  • TB753
  • TB707
  • TB666
  • TB906
  • TB655
  • TB900
  • TB882
  • TB777
  • TB688
  • TB699
  • TB786
  • TB1000
  • TB926
  • TB735
  • TB668
  • TB726
  • TB728+
  • TB633
  • TB785
  • TB913
  • TB923
  • TB511D
  • Off Road Tires
  • TB917

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