Aplus Tires Review

Aplus Tires Review 2022

In the search for new tires, there are typically three camps.  One of them is, of course, those made for passenger cars.  Then you have big rig trucks.  And then you have the rest.  Our review today, which will focus on Aplus Tires, is a brand that is exceptional in that it covers two of those three- the first two. 

Aplus Tire Background & Company Information

As mentioned above, Aplus stands out above a lot of companies in the world of tires due to the fact that they are able to offer tires to both the ‘PCR’ and ‘TBR’ markets.  This means that they have tires for big rig trucks and also for passenger vehicles- cars, SUVs, and ‘light’ trucks.  This is not easy to find in one place, and most companies that do have this have split brands.  So that makes your time shopping just a little bit easier and less difficult for you. 

At any rate, this company was founded over two decades ago now, making them a group that some experience in the game compared to lesser known brands that are just springing up.  Of course, the big caveat that has to be mentioned before we go too far is that they are based in China.  Coming out of Weifang City, they have four production plants and 20 warehouses as of the moment.  They have ranked consistently within the top five tire manufacturers in China over the years and are also one of the top 20 in the world.  So they are no mere underdogs in the world, by any means.  It’s a massive operation, and it would have to be to carry on as they have in multiple segments. 

Aplus Tire Cost and Pricing

One of the main advantages of buying a set of tires made in China is going to be the lower production costs associated with them.  Labor costs are lower due to having less restrictions, so that is one place where companies can pass on savings to you.  Another way that this can occur is for the products being made to be a bit cheaper in their making. 

This appears to be the case with Aplus, as is the case with most Chinese tires.  This does not mean that they are awful, it just means that they are not the most well made pieces of equipment that you will ever see.  You get what you pay for, says the old saying, and that is the case here.  You can’t have the best possible material for the lowest price as well.  It’s just not how it works, unfortunately.  Overall, you’re likely to be quite happy with these tires if price is of great importance to you. 

Aplus Tire Warranties

Unfortunately, we have not been able to find anything regarding warranties in regards to Aplus Tires.  That seems to be the case in a number of places, so we are going to assume they do not have one.  If you are looking to buy them, you should ask, as it never, ever hurts to see if they are offered.  If they do have one, we can’t envision it being a particularly long lasting one, but it would be better than nothing for you. 

Aplus Tire Options

Aplus is fairly unique in the world of tires due to offering tires for both passenger vehicles and big trucks, as we have discussed beforehand.  That means, naturally, that their options are going to be much more expansive than many out there are capable of.  Of course, it’s not going to matter to someone with a small car that they have big rig truck tires, or vice versa, but it’s nice to know nonetheless.  Within those subsets, they also offer a few different types of tires that are a bit more specialized in nature. 

While they do have both, you don’t get the feeling that they are doing too much, either.  They don’t have an abundance of products that have tiny, minute differences to them, and that helps you pick through them.  It also means that they will be a bit easier for them to produce over time as they can concentrate on working on what they know.  As for finding Aplus Tires, you have to think they will be slightly easier to find than many other Chinese brands.  However, we still think it will be mostly online shopping for those elsewhere to get them, as they just haven’t made a large impact in the USA as of yet. 

Aplus Tire Technologies and Features

With Chinese tire companies, you get all kinds of approaches that are brought to the table.  Sometimes, you will see them leading from the front with fairly new designs, while others just lag back and work off of others to provide tried and true tires that have old and safe technology.  While we don’t see Aplus as a Michelin or Goodyear, we also don’t see them as a group that stands by and allows inferior products to leave.  They have a whole fleet of engineers that work in conjunction with them, so it’s clear and obvious to us that the goal is to not just pump out as many products as they can.  With equipment made in Germany, Japan, and other nations, you can count on them to be doing the job well each and every time with the machines. 

Aplus Tire Durability

A ton of people are going to be put off instantly by the words ‘China’ and ‘tires’ being put together, but we do find that to be quite foolish.  While there are many brands of tires coming out of China that simply are not good enough and an abomination, not all of them are like that.  It’s not fair to claim that all companies are bad just because they are coming out of China.  It’d be like claiming that all American brands were good just because of their origin.  It’s just not true, not at all.  In terms of durability, we find that Aplus has a ton of positives.  Sure, you’re not going to get as much out of them as you would from a premium supplier. But that has more to do with the fact that they are not a premium supplier, not because of where they are being made. 

Aplus Tire Summary & Final Thoughts

There are a ton of tire companies out there, and the number of them seem to sprout up by the day.  This is the case in China, and as such there are reservations.  While Aplus is far from the world’s top brand, you also can’t mistake them for being poor, either.  They have produced a ton of tires for a reason and are dedicated to keeping prices low and quality fairly high.  It’s hard to replicate that, and it’s why you should definitely be looking and considering them. 

Aplus Tire Types, Models, and Sizes Available

TBR Tires

  • D268
  • D280
  • D288
  • D318
  • D688
  • D689
  • D801
  • D802
  • D803
  • D805
  • D808
  • D860
  • D880
  • D900
  • S201
  • S202
  • S205
  • S208
  • S600
  • S618
  • S901
  • S902
  • S903
  • T605
  • T609
  • T705
  • T706

Passenger Tires

  • A909
  • Aplus A608
  • Aplus A606
  • Aplus A607 PCR
  • Taxi Max

Commercial and Light Truck Tires

  • Aplus A866
  • Aplus A867
  • Trailer STR

SUV Tires

  • A939 II
  • Aplus A607 SUV
  • Aplus A868
  • Aplus A919

A/T M/T Tires

  • A939 II
  • Aplus A929 A/T
  • Aplus A929 M/T

Snow Tires

  • A503
  • Aplus A501
  • Aplus A502

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