Aurora Truck Tires Review

Aurora Truck Tires Review 2022

Anytime you find yourself looking for tires, you get inundated with bundles of them.  Most of them are geared toward passenger cars.  But for some of us, we need something else.  Today, we’re going to look at one company that is different from those out there in the form of Aurora Truck Tires, who offer tires for tractor trailer trucks. 

Aurora Truck Tire Company Background & Information

As is the case with many brands out there, Aurora Truck Tires are not really their own.  Sure, they have a name that is distinct from their parent company, which is actually Hankook Tires, but they are really just a division of them.  That division just so happens to offer truck tires to the market.  They do just about everything else, Hankook that is, with racing tires and road tires being just two examples of that, so it’s not a surprise to see that they would want to delve into this area. 

Hankook has many brands that fall under their umbrella, and as a result of that, you can expect them to be of higher quality than unaffiliated brands.  Hankook, if you didn’t know, is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world today.  They have been around nearly 80 years to this point, so it has been a long, hard climb full of plenty of ups.  It does look like Aurora Truck Tires could be their ‘cheaper’ brand of truck tires, as they also have others under their banner, so that is something to keep in the back of your mind moving forward. 

Aurora Truck Tire Cost and Pricing

It’s hard to pinpoint pricing for these tires, but let’s go ahead and make this very clear: Aurora Truck Tires are not cheap.  While they may indeed be a bit less expensive than others coming to you out of Hankook, they are still quite expensive when compared to others on the market.  This could be, of course, good or bad news to you, depending on what you are looking for and the budget you have on hand.  They are not the most costly you’ve ever seen, sure, but they also are going to set you back more than a lot of folks can (or want) to afford.  This is just something you will have to consider when you make your final decision. 

Aurora Truck Tire Warranties

Unfortunately, we have not been able to come up with much of anything on warranty information.  With many brands that are sold at dealerships, mostly, you will find that they are going to offer them there.  That is unfortunate and a little bit annoying to you, but if you do plan on purchasing these tires, then you should ask whomever is selling them to you about a potential warranty.  It never hurts to ask, and all they can say is no.  You can protect yourself a bit with a warranty, so it’s well worth the potential rejection.  So far, this is the biggest (and only) chink in the armor that we can see.  You’d love to have a warranty to back you up, especially at a larger price point, but we can’t find one. 

Aurora Truck Tire Options

With Aurora Truck Tires, you’re going to be getting one main type of tires: those made for trucks.  Within that, though, there are several options for you to pick from.  There are tires that are made for all positions and then there are ones made for steering or ‘normal’ riding.  Another thing that you should note is that they have tires that are intended for long hauls and some that are for regional drives.  If you are not sure what to go with, consider how much stopping and going you are doing. 

If you have a ton of stops and go’s, then you’re going to want regional, as those are built to take a bit more abuse from the constant brake checking and acceleration.  There are not a ton of options with Aurora Truck Tires, and we find that to be helpful, provided that they have what you are looking for, that is.  If not, then you are in a bit of a bind and will have to look somewhere else.  As far as finding Aurora Truck Tires is concerned, you could do a whole lot worse and have a much tougher time with many other brands out there, for sure.  This is because they have that link to Hankook, which is invaluable to you as a consumer. 

Aurora Truck Tire Technologies and Features

Another reason that you have to be thankful for the link between Aurora and Hankook is the technology factor.  Due to Aurora Truck Tires being a brand underneath Hankook, they get certain advantages that will help lend them to be of a higher quality and a longer durability as well.  Hankook spends a ton of money on research and development, and you have to believe that it will get funneled down into Aurora at some point.  Even if they aren’t necessarily working on something that is related to Aurora, it helps that they have this available to them.  It lends them credibility in a very big way that many cheaper brands just don’t have.  Hankook opened two new testing facilities and centers in the last few years alone, so it should easily transfer to you and your truck. 

Aurora Truck Tire Durability

There would have been a doubt or two going through your mind, naturally, when you found out that Aurora Truck Tires were possibly a slightly cheaper version of Hankook’s other tires offerings in this sector.  But when you look at them up against other big rig truck tires, you can see pretty quickly that they have a whole lot to them. 

A higher price is going to mean better quality, no doubt about it.  These companies are smart.  They know when they have an inferior product, and when they do, they undercut others on price.  Hankook and Aurora Tires have no need to do that, and it underlines how durable and how good of a job they do.  The issue with the lack of a warranty might worry you a bit, and we don’t blame you for that, but it should not be the only thing on your mind by any means.  There are still plenty of other brands that never offer a warranty and do a much worse job, so you should not fret too much about that issue solely. 

Aurora Truck Tire Summary & Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for some high quality tires for your fleet of trucks, then you could do a whole lot worse than Aurora Truck Tires.  This brand’s link to Hankook Tires, a leader in the landscape of tires today, is one reason that you have to consider them.  They have excellent quality and durability, and though there are a couple of annoyances, such as a lack of a clear warranty, you still have to believe in them and their ability to test and improve.  That will carry over to your rig, and you have to be happy with that. 

Aurora Truck Tire Types, Models, and Sizes Available

  • UFO2- Low Platform Trailer
  • UF03- Long Haul Steer
  • UF04- Regional Steer/AP
  • UZ02- Closed Shoulder Drive
  • UZ03- Open Shoulder Drive
  • UF07- Long Haul Trailer
  • UF05- Regional All-Position
  • UZ01- Regional Drive
  • UF06- Wide Base Highway
  • UR01- On & Off/All Position
  • UZ04- On & Off/ Drive Position

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