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Delinte Tires Review 2021

When on the lookout for tires, there are numerous ways that you could turn.  Of course, most people are looking for tires that will go on their car, light truck, or SUV.  One such company that provides tires for those three things are Delinte Tires, of which will be the subject of our review today.  After our guide, you’ll have much more knowledge about the brand and what it’s all about. 

Delinte Tires Company Background

As with many tire brands out there on the market today, Delinte is not truly ‘Delinte.’  Sure, that is the name it has applied to it, but it is not the overarching brand.  Typically, you see a couple of approaches to the tire business.  For one, you have a small, new-ish company that produces and sells its own.  Then, you have an established, fairly well known one that expands and incorporates various brands within it. 

This is the case with Delinte, as it is owned and ran by Sentury Tire USA.  Sentury Tire is, in fact, just part of a larger group known as “Sentaida Group,” which is based out of China.  So, to summarize, Delinte is a brand of a brand, if that makes any sense.  Sentury Tire is fairly new, having been around since 2008, but it has gained a ton of steam since then. 

Delinte has been a small part of that.  Its part in the organizational setup is to offer tires that take a hybrid, if you will, of influences.  It’s sold in America, for starters.  They are made in China.  But they are engineered and built by a team in Europe that develops technology.  What this produces is a ‘smart’ brand that emphasizes performance while also maximizing value.  This is hard to come by in the world of tires, and it’s why Delinte is deserving of your consideration. 

Delinte Tires Cost and Pricing

Finding good, quality tires is super difficult to do already.  Finding good, quality tires for an affordable and reasonable price is even harder.  Somehow, though, Delinte is able to deliver all of that to you in one extremely solid package.  Delinte is extremely competitive in their pricing compared to others out there.  Of course, a big portion of this has to do with the fact that they are produced in China.  This always helps to cut down the costs, even with the engineering team being based in Europe and some salespeople working in the United States.  This is one of the advantages of a multinational corporation in today’s tire landscape.  You can take a bit from here and there and roll it into one great, brilliant thing.  The pricing is just exquisite, and while it may not be nearly as low as some others out there, they also can’t go about boasting the same quality, either.  As far as we are concerned, they are a reasonable price without feeling, looking, or driving like they are. 

Delinte Warranties

One of the best bits of news about Delinte Tires is that they almost all have some kind of warranty that will cover them.  As is always the case, like it or not, with warranties, this is a ‘limited’ one.  That means that only so much is going to be covered.  That’s how all warranties are really, though. 

Now, that we have that out of the way, six of their eight offerings have warranties applied to them, with only the Bandit M/T and the Bandit R/T not having one at all.  The rest have not only a certain amount of miles guaranteed (all are good for either 40,000 or 50,000 miles) and they each have road hazards covered as well.  You have to go through their warranty claims process, of course, in order to get coverage and you can’t be using them for commercial purposes.  Apart from that, most people will be happy.  We don’t know why, as that is unclear, that those two ‘Bandits’ are not covered, unfortunately.  Another thing to point out is that this program is only available, apparently, in the United States.  Just a note if you are living elsewhere and see these tires being sold. 


A look down the lineup for Delinte Tires is, honestly, not all that impressive.  There is not a whole lot to shout about or look at, to be fair.  But that is the point of a brand that is effectively an off shoot of another brand.  The goal is to put out a few high quality products without going overboard, and that is exactly what Delinte does.  If you are not looking for this specific stuff, then Sentury, and Sentaida, by default, have other brands and models for you to look at.  We quite like the lineup that they have, to be truthful. 

They don’t overextend themselves by making a ton of tires that are unnecessary.  Some of the much bigger brands will unveil example after example of tires that have little to no real difference from each other.  This only serves to confuse you and make it harder to buy them.  Plus, it makes them lesser quality, or at the very least gives off the vibe that it will be since they can’t concentrate on anything.  As far as finding them goes, Delinte Tires are steadily gaining a foothold and traction in the United States.  More and more people are being won over by them, helping them to get more publicity and to be carried more as a result of that.  While you can probably still find the bigger brands more readily and online shopping is your best bet, it would be far from the biggest surprise ever to see them at a local dealership or two. 

Technologies and Features

As with many companies that are based in China, you can expect them to be a little bit lacking in terms of technology. and features.  With that said, we are highly encouraged by Delinte Tires’ offerings compared to the rest.  They are, of course, backed up by that European R&D department that does the engineering for them.  And on top of that, the same plant that does work on their tires for them also has some major contracts with others.  If they are used to doing high quality work, you can count on that transferring to Delinte’s as well.  In terms of features, one of the main things you can see through reviews from people is that they love how Delinte tires look.  They look great and stand out tremendously well.  This is hard to do, and it is quite subjective, but you see it mentioned all over the place.  The word ‘quiet’ is also mentioned in conjunction with them, as is the fact that they are comfortable and durable.  These features make them difficult to not at least consider. 

Tire Durability

For some folks, they are going to see the word ‘China’ and instantly run away.  That group of people can’t be spoken to, so that group is going to be out of the picture.  With that said, not all things made in China are bad.  There is a pretty good chance you own or have owned an iPhone at some point.  Those are made in China, and they appear to do just fine.  Durable, high quality, fun, and easy to use.  Plus, they look great. 

Much in the same way, Delinte Tires are the same.  While we definitely have reservations about the two Bandit offerings that do not have warranties, we are still very encouraged by the rest of them.  They have good, generous warranties attached to them, especially given the low price.  Most companies, obviously, will not have long warranties if they don’t believe in their products’ ability to stand up over time.  You wouldn’t give someone a three-week warranty on bananas knowing they will be bad in a few days’ time, now would you?  So, durability is not something we would be particularly worried about.  Will they be as good as the massive brand names that you see on the race track? No, they will not.  But considering the price you’re going to be paying, you will be getting extremely good value and bang for your buck. 

Summary & Final Thoughts

If you have ever wondered how you can save some money while buying tires that will last you a while, then you might just have found your perfect match.  Delinte Tires are a synergy of countries, utilizing the best of the best from around the globe to construct a brand that pushes competitively priced tires that will hold up.  Yes, they are made in China, but if you can get over that, you may just find yourself with the deal of the ‘Sentury!’ 

Delinte Tire Models

CUV Tires

  • DH2
  • DH7
  • Light Truck Tires
  • Bandit M/T DX9
  • Bandit A/T DX10
  • Bandit H/T DX11
  • Bandit R/T DX12

Performance Tires

  • D7
  • DS8
  • SUV Tires
  • DH2
  • Bandit M/T DX9
  • DS8
  • Bandit A/T DX10

Touring Tires

  • DH2
  • DH7

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