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GBC Tires Review 2022

If you’re looking for new ATV/ UTV tires and thought it was going to be a simple process…you’re partially right. It’s not always easy to find the “right” brand for you, especially since the market is loaded with a variety of different brands. Brands like GBC usually stand out due to their aggressive tire design, which is a plus for ATV riders. Here’s why GBC might be the best brand for you:

If GBC tires were to be described in only one word, that word would be: Versatile. Looking deeply into GBC’s inventory, one will find that there are a variety of options available for each type of vehicle and weather elements. You can choose up to 15 different tire models that will help you go through rocky or snowy terrain.

GBC Tire Company Information & Background

In 1995, GBC Motorsports was created with the mission to bring performance tires to every riding style in the sports market. One of their biggest passions is to provide customers with the most innovative tires, made with high quality material.

GBC Motorsports is a subsidiary of Greenball; a company that offers a variety of different tires, from ATV’s, light trucks, trailers, and even golf carts! The GBC brand is specific to the ATV/UTV vehicle, no matter what they’re being used for. So if you’re a competitive racer, or just someone who rides for leisure, GBC will need to be a strong consideration before you make a final decision.

GBC Tire Cost & Pricing

While the price of your GBC tire will ultimately depend on the tire model and the vehicle you have, interested buyers will have to pay for a good quality tire. Some of the average GBC tires will average at around $100 per unit. For one of the more popular models, like the GBC Grim Reaper, you might end up paying at most $280 for a pair!

Compared to other brands available, GBC offers an average price that will give you a good deal if you take care of your purchase. The thick tread likely warrants a higher price, however it also helps the tire last longer, so you shouldn’t have to replace your tires anytime soon.

GBC Warranty

The warranty for any GBC tire can get a little tricky if you don’t pay close attention. There are a lot of caveats that determine if your warranty is valid or not. GBC’s warranty is in effect for two years within the original date of purchase, and can only be implemented by the original purchaser. In addition, the warranty will be invalid if the tire is damaged due to improper inflation pressure, or if you decide to put too much weight on the ATV, which will add unnecessary pressure to the tires. And guess what? If your tires are damaged while mounting/dismounting, you won’t be covered.

Since you will likely be riding on rocky terrain, this is extremely important: if your tire(s) become worn beyond 2/32nd of tread, you will no longer be able to use your warranty. This measurement is common for tires, so make sure to keep an eye on the tread if you consider using your warranty.

Furthermore, if your GBC tires have been repaired, have any cosmetic difference compared to when you first bought them, or were used in competitive racing, you unfortunately will be out of luck. This could potentially be a red flag to some ATV drivers who intend to use their vehicle for racing, ultimately increasing the chance of their tires being damaged, and decreasing the possibility of actually redeeming the warranty.

Based on this information, drivers will need to be responsible and proactive in maintaining their tire health within these first two years. The GBC brand made an aggressive effort to protect themselves from any careless behavior that may occur on the buyer’s side, so it’s up to you to take care of your investment just in case you need to make an exchange.

Tire Options

Luckily for those who aren’t entirely sold yet, GBC Motorsports are known to have a wide variety of options available. As of current date, GBC has 15 models available to choose from; each offering a different type of value for your ATV/UTV. Aside from choosing the best tire for your ATV vehicle, you should also reflect on the type of terrain you plan to ride on.

One option that helps GBC stand out from other brands is that they offer a tire model for youth ATV drivers! The Kanati Mini Mongrel is this industry’s first tire specifically for the youth. This model has similar tread patterns as the Kanati Mongrel, except at a smaller size. The aggressive styled tread will help keep traction and there won’t be much resistance thanks to the small size. The Battle Born and Mini Master  models are also a youth option, designed to be used on a smoother surface.

Upon visiting the GBC website, you’ll be presented with pictures of the different tire models available, as well as a chart that will break down which models works best against a specific terrain: ranging from rocky trail/ desert to deep mud. These choices will provide a top quality user experience as GBC has something for everyone.

GBC Tire Technologies & Features

In order to be one of the most innovative tires available, GBC needs to have a feature that stands out. Starting with their deep circumferential channels, these large grooves are placed in specific areas on the tire to promote better water drainage when riding on wet terrain. There are also multiple angled grooves that are used to enhance traction in snow and rain. Finally, the closed shoulder design provides drivers with superior handling that will help the vehicle stay stable under high speeds, regardless of the road’s condition.

Most of the GBC tires have wrap around shoulder lugs that are expected to add both protection to the sidewall and deliver excellent traction, thanks to the 8-ply material. Tires such as the XC-Master are the go-to for off-road terrain. The profile is redesigned and offers top quality steering and control so that you can ride safely no matter how rough the road is. The XC-Master has a unique X-knob tread pattern that helps create traction on the road.

GBC Durability & Longevity

Composed with thick tread and heavy duty rubber, GBC tires should be some of the most durable tires in the auto market. ATV’s are usually driven on rocky terrain, so it makes sense that the GBC tires are made with deep grooves and tough rubber. It should go without saying that your tires will take a beating when riding on very rocky terrain. Since you’re intentionally riding on unstable grounds, it’s only a matter of time before you run into a flat tire or some form of damage that could potentially be irreversible. GBC luckily makes tires meant to be tough, from the thickness of the rubber to the original tread pattern that’s meant to dig through the dirty terrain.

GBC models such as the Dirt Commander provide the ultimate level of durability and will last you a long time as a result. These tires specifically are equipped with thick tread that creates stable traction throughout even the bumpiest roads. The sidewall protection that each GBC tire helps increase its lifespan, which saves you money in the long haul because you won’t have to replace your tires as often.

Summary & Overall Thoughts 

Whether you’re riding in the snow or mud, GBC tires will responsibly keep you safe by providing exceptional handling and are ultimately a great option for your ATV/UTV. Regardless of how frequently you use your ATV, it will be difficult to find a relatable competitor that provides the same value as GBC. This factor that makes this company different from others is that it offers tire models for both adult-sized vehicles and ATV’s that are made for young kids. By offering tires for a variety of experience levels, GBC motorsports virtually guarantees to be there for you when you start riding ATVs at a young age, up until your adulthood.

At the end of the day, GBC will be the most versatile ATV tire available to you, especially if you can find them at the right price. Between the well made lugs that increase traction and the resistance to being punctured by a sharp object, GBC will give you the best for what you pay for. Unique tire models such as the Spartacus or the Dirt Commander offer the best possible ATV experience by providing great stability and comfort while riding. Overall, GBC should be the go-to when it comes to ATV tires!

GBC Tire Models

Racing Tires

  • Afterburn Streetforce
  • Kanati Mongrel
  • Dirt Devil

High Performance Off-Road

  • XC-Master
  • Ground Buster III
  • 20×11.00-9
  •  Afterburn

Young Kids ATV Tire

  • Battle Born
  • Kanati Mini Mongrel
  •  Mini Master

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