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Gladiator Tires Review 2021

Gladiator Tires are a perfect fit for those seeking something heavy duty. These tires are designed to provide drivers with a seamless ride through the most rigorous road and weather environments. This brand fully represents the driver who needs a durable tire to help carry heavy cargo, whether it be a trailer or a large vehicle. The design itself brings together those who are looking for a long lasting tire that will help support off roading, mountain climbing, and long distance hauling.

Gladiator Tires Company Information & Background

The Gladiator Tire brand is manufactured by American Pacific Industries company. While this particular brand doesn’t source tires for the casual passenger car, it has a specialty for heavier vehicles such as commercial vehicles, small trucks, trailers, and even ATV’s. They pride themselves on manufacturing an Ecosafe, environmentally friendly tire made with cutting edge technology.

Compared to other companies in the auto tire industry, American Pacific Industries is a relatively young company. They were founded in 1982 and considered to be one of the leading heavy-duty tire distributors currently in the market. By offering a quality product at budget prices, American Pacific is able to cater to a loyal group of customers that support their brand.

Gladiator Tire Cost & Pricing

Affordability is one of the many highlights of the Gladiator tires. Generally speaking, heavy duty truck wheels are extremely pricey in comparison to the traditional passenger vehicle. Contrary to what you would expect, the Gladiator tires are typically priced up to $1,000 for a set of 4. For an average of $250 per tire, you’re getting a deal for a heavy duty product.

This cost range can please all types of consumers, from those looking for a good quality budget tire, to others who want a high range trucking tire. In comparison to other tire brands, the combination of good price and exceptional quality will help the brand succeed in the industry. Brands like Gladiator make you question if buying the more expensive tires are even worth it, since they offer a versatile set of tires that are great for light SUV’s or the trucks that are better for off-roading.

Gladiator Tire Warranties

American Pacific Industries has the self-proclaimed “best warranty in the industry.” With the “100% free replacement warranty”, American Pacific Industries will replace the buyer’s tires once the tread wears off with about 2/32” remaining, which is where they consider the tire to be “fully worn out.” In regard to the free replacement, one could expect a tire similar to what they had, if not the exact model.

A few things to keep in mind: there are some exclusions to the warranty. In order to receive a comparable replacement tire, buyers must have the invoice from their purchase on hand. In addition, the tire cannot be damaged from road hazards, which will cause avid off-roaders some headaches as they are likely to drive on unstable terrain.

All tires sold by API also have a “30 day Satisfaction Assured Warranty.” If you’re not satisfied with your newly purchased tires within 30 days, or your tread wears down to 2/32” (whichever comes first), you can trade in any of them for a new set. The only catch is that you will have to pay taxes and provide proof of purchase–so make sure to keep that receipt!

Tire Options

These tires can offer a handful of options depending on what type of vehicle you will be driving. If you’re driving an SUV or pick-up truck, you could expect a variety of size options, anywhere from 16’-18’ at the very least. Needless to say, the tires used for heavier commercial vehicles will offer bigger sizes so that they can support large cargo that are typically carried by these trucks.

Gladiator Technologies & Features

Some of the best features of these tires live in the handling. Tires generally control vehicle handling, especially for a large truck. The handling is significant when analyzing a potential tire because it provides stability to the vehicle and ultimately keeps the driver safe. Handling is arguably the most important aspect of evaluating a tire as a solid grip offers the driver safety while driving on uneven terrain. Most of the tires from Gladiator have tread has a strong grip that will help the truck avoid slipping under unstable terrain.

Depending on the model, there are a couple of features that speak to Gladiator’s priority of stability. The Chinese manufacturer creates a 5-rib tread that offers a wide frame for a strong foundation that will be resistant to any type of puncture that most long haul trucks are vulnerable to. In addition, the tires are designed to specifically rid the tread of any sand or rocks that tend to naturally build up after driving trucks on various roads throughout high mileage.

Last but not least, ride quality is another factor to consider for car/light truck tires. This is especially important for SUV’s as their tires are more bulky and might make your car’s ride less comfortable. Models’ such as the QR700 SUV tire has all-season traction that provides a smoother ride on most roads. This model’s T-Speed rating essentially gives drivers the green light to drive high speeds, although not recommended. Additionally, the tread of the QR700 performs well, but when riding on ice and snow the terrain can get stuck into the tire’s grooves and cause a serious issue. Overall this tire specifically is good value based on the money you’ll be paying.

Gladiator Tire Durability & Longevity

More often than not, large commercial drivers are expected to drive long hour hauls with little, to no breaks. With a name like Gladiator, you could only expect the best quality durability in an auto tire. Most of Gladiator’s models have a three-ply polyester making, which builds an ultimate durable skin which is resistant to light nails, rocks, and other debris.

Internally, the Gladiator tires contain a sturdy steel belt which will help the tires stay stable while driving long distances. Even if you’re the type of person who enjoys an off-roading experience, the Gladiator tires will keep you grounded while riding through muddy terrain that could also potentially contain gravel, rocks, and sand.

 A perfect example of these types of tires is the Gladiator QR900 MT. This low budget tire is made for lightweight trucks, SUV’s, 4×4 Jeeps, and other off-road vehicles. The QR900 MT is considered by many to be a hybrid tire that weighs in between an AT model and a true MT model. In regard to material, this model is made with a tough rubber compound that reacts excellent to sharp and uneven terrain by being cut and chip resistant. This is great news as it should give off-roaders peace of mind while testing the roads. The tread is aggressive as the design is a full 18/32 depth. This tire has an exceptional lifespan as the extra depth gives you more time to wear down the tread. Again keep in mind, while the QR900 MT is good for dirt roads and terrain with rocks, it isn’t the best for rock climbing or ice.

While the durability is fairly strong for Gladiator tires, some experienced users say that their balance starts to give out when going high speeds after putting in roughly 10,000 miles. These tires should wear evenly if you rotate them properly, and you shouldn’t expect any noise coming from them, despite their bulky image.

Summary & Overall Thoughts 

The Gladiator Tires are meant for the toughest of drivers. This brand provides value to a variety of drivers, from the heavy truck commercial driver to those who want to go off-roading on the weekends. No matter which route you decide to take, this brand will help you stay stable and will deter any hindrances that would usually cause people issues. Tire models such as the Gladiator QR900 MT offers those who enjoy off roading to go out and ride without any worries of catching a flat, which happens often when you are driving out sharp rocks and dirt filled with sand.

The durability of these tires will allow you to take them to the test against any form of tough terrain, whether it be sticks, rocks, or anything capable of puncturing the average car tire. This tire brand has enough grip and traction throughout the shoulder for a reliable and comfortable ride. The warranty is reasonable as long as you have your purchase information, so even if the tire somehow gets damaged, you should have an option to receive a new product.

Whether you need tires for off roading in an ATV or pick-up, or you’re a commercial driver looking for a reliable heavy duty tire, Gladiator will provide you with arguably the toughest quality available in the tire market. 

Gladiator Tire Models

High Performance Pickup/SUV

  • Gladiator QR500 HT
  • Gladiator QR700 SUV
  • Gladiator QR850-ATX

High Performance All-Season Off-Roading

  •  Gladiator QR900 MT
  • Gladiator X Comp M/T
  • Gladiator X Comp ATR

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