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Ameristeel Tires Review 2022

As you search for tires online, you may see a couple of common themes.  First of all, there are a ton of tires out there.  Secondly, you see a ton of them that are made for the road and so-called passenger tires.  If you’re on the lookout for something a little bit different, it can be tougher to find.  But don’t fret, we have you covered as we take a look into Ameristeel Tires today. 

Ameristeel Company & Background Information

It can get very confusing to shop for tires in 2020 with the seemingly endless number of brands and companies waging proverbial war on you and your senses.  There are just so, so many, and this has not been aided by the addition of brands by well known companies down the years.  However, it continues to happen, and that is the reason why Ameristeel Tires exist today. 

Ameristeel Tires were founded in 2016, so they have not been around a very long time ago.  They were started as an offshoot of Continental Tires, one of the bigger and more recognized names in the tire industry.  Having that name gives them certain advantages that others do not have.  The company is so widespread in Europe that it’s said, on their own website mind you, that one in every three cars on that continent come delivered with their very own tires. 

Alas, one weakness that Continental perceived themselves to have had was that they did not offer any tires for the big rig truck market.  That is where Ameristeel Tires come in, as they provide a rather substantial answer to this ‘short’ of the market.  Of course, this means that they are paired together with General Tire (GT) as well, as that is the more American version of the larger conglomerate known as Continental Tires.  So if you see that, that’s why.  Don’t let this throw you off too much!  

Ameristeel Tire Cost and Pricing

If you are looking for a lower price option for your tires, then dare we say it, you might want to look elsewhere.  Ameristeel Tires, truthfully, are far from the cheapest out there.  In fact, they are not even close.  This is not a brand that is going to offer you a cheap, or even a fairly affordable, price. 

They are going to cost you a pretty (more than a) penny, but they do have plenty of upsides to them, so continue to read on for those.  In terms of price, if that’s your main concern, then these will definitely not be what you are looking for.  We suspect that the reason for this is twofold.  One reason is that they do have the backing of Continental and GT. 

That’s bound to drive up the price some, as they are not going to be poorly made tires.  The other reason is simply due to the fact that these are built to be very long lasting tires.  Even durable tires can run out of their lifespan, but these seek to delay that as long as possible, and they go above and beyond what normal tires are able to do. 

Ameristeel Tire Warranty

Finding tire warranty information is not always the easiest thing out there, and that has proven to be the case with Ameristeel’s offerings here.  However, we’re pretty confident that they do have one attached to them.  And we believe it should be a pretty good one, too.  Continental and GT have great warranty programs, and though each are a bit different and do require some reading into- as all warranties are ‘limited’ in scope- we feel very confident here.  Yes, you’re paying more than average, but many of the cheaper brands offer little to no warranty at all.  This should help make up your mind. 

Tire Options

When it comes to options, we were unfortunately not able to come up with a lot of them.  We have included what we could find at the bottom of our review, but it’s a pretty small list.  We suspect there are more out there, but finding them has proven to be tough.  This may be a little alarming to some, but we see this as being pretty normal. 

It’s still a very new company, at just about four years old, so you can’t expect them to have an abundance of products being sold as of yet.  In fact, it would be a red flag to us if they were selling and making a whole bunch of skews of tires right off the bat.  Even if they were working in conjunction with GT and Continental, it’d be a bit scary to see them run out and create new item after item. 

So, while we find it tough to find options, and specific places to buy them, they do exist out there.  You might have to hunt and ask a lot of questions, but they can be found if you absolutely are interested in doing so. 

Ameristeel Technologies and Features

One of the things that comes with being associated with a big brand name like Continental Tires is that you naturally are going to have more access to better tech and will incorporate big-time features in them.  This is what you find to be the case with Ameristeel Tires, unsurprisingly. 

While it’s tough to pick out exactly how, it’s clear and obvious to see that they have shared research and development with the ‘parent’ company in order to extract as much as they possibly can to make them as best they can be.  Whether you want a tire for short, regional trucking or you want one for the long haul, they have specific tires for that, making those features you just don’t want to pass up on. 

Ameristeel Tire Durability

While we understand why many people would be instantly put off by the kind of prices that are asked for Ameristeel Tires, we also have to make it abundantly clear that there is a reason for that.  And the chief reason is that they are incredibly durable when compared to other types of tires that just don’t hold up as well.  It’s because of the way that they are made.  In a world where people sue you for every other thing that you do, it’s imperative to outfit your rig with tires that are as safe as possible. 

With Ameristeel Tires, you can actually be confident in what you are doing rather than hoping and crossing your fingers that something does not happen that could cost you greatly.  All tires, good and bad, are bound to have some good ones and some bad ones in each ‘lot,’ but on the whole we find that Ameristeel does an awesome job.  It had better do so as well, especially with the large price tag and the backing of those other two companies there. 

Summary & Final Recommendations

If you are looking for top of the line materials for your fleet of trucks, or a singular big rig, then you could do a whole lot worse than taking a long, hard look into Ameristeel Tires.  While these tires are much more expensive than many others out there, they have their advantages.  They have a great warranty and last a superior length of time compared to many out there.  Plus, they have the backing of a major tire player.  All of that is hard to find, particularly in one package, and it makes them worth your time and effort to look into when deciding which tires to buy.

Ameristeel Tire Models

  • D450
  • D460
  • S360
  • MSL

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