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Amerityre Tires Review 2022

If you’ve ever searched for tires online, you will know that the vast majority of what you find are your traditional ‘passenger’ tires.  That is not an issue for most folks, but for some people that are looking for specialty items, it can be very annoying and time consuming to find what they need.  Today, we’ll be taking a look at one such company in the form of Amerityre Tires! 

Amerityre Company Information & Background

Despite the fact that you have probably not heard of Amerityre Tires, you should know that this is a groundbreaking company.  It truly is, we’re not just saying that because it’s a marketing pitch or because it’s a cliched joke about farm equipment.  On the contrary, it’s because they have pioneered a space in the industry. 

Beginning in 1996, they set out with one clear goal: to master polyurethane formulations in tires.  Originally as American Tire company, they made it a goal to make the first polyurethane tire for passenger tires.  They accomplished that in the early 2000s by getting DOT approval.  Since then, they have veered away from the passenger tire route.  It looks as if they just wanted to see if they could pull off that feat, and now that they have, they have went back to ‘regular’ business. 

That for them is making tires that ‘flat free’ in a number of more niche markets.  As stated before, or at least alluded to, it is tough to break into that passenger tire market due to having so many players, so instead they have concentrated their efforts on things like bicycles, lawn, and garden, and other markets.  It seems to be paying off for them as well. 

Amerityre Tire Cost and Pricing

With Amerityre, you might would expect to see a higher than average price attached to them.  For one, they are made in the United States, the only such ‘flat free’ company to do so.  And secondly, they are committed to pushing the envelope and developing new technologies.  Those two facts could lead you to expect a higher price. 

However, we find them to be quite competitive to those that are in the same sort of market.  It’s just the way they run their business, efficiently and extremely well, that helps them achieve this.  Also, the fact that they typically last about twice as long as a normal tire would have most assuming they would be more expensive.  But the truth is that they are affordable and well worth a look into. 

Amerityre Warranty

With all honesty, due to the way they operate, it’s hard to envision a use for a warranty with Amerityre’s offerings.  Most are going to last longer than a typical warranty period would, so that is something you’d be happy about.  With Amerityre, it’s hard to get much information.  There is nothing on their site about any warranties, so they may not offer them.  Or it could go based on who you buy them from.  So, that’s a question to ask your dealer should you choose to give them a go. 

Tire Options

As you would expect with a specialty sort of brand, Amerityre offers all kinds of different types of tires for you that should meet your needs.  They have tires for bicycles, tires for lawn and garden, and even tires for inside use.  This gives you plenty of choices and should mean that whatever the job is that you can get it done.  There are many sizes for each type as well.  Even when it doesn’t look like there are many choices, you have various sizes that should accommodate you. 

While this is the case, we also should state that they don’t go too far and over too much.  They keep it fairly simple, meaning you don’t have to worry with them overextending too much and not making a good, solid product in any one area.  They have kept to what they know best, and we can all be thankful for that. 

Amerityre Technologies and Features

So many companies and brands on the tire market today are followers.  What we mean by that is that they wait and let someone else do the hard work of developing a product and then incorporate it once it is tried and true.  They wait on Michelin or Goodyear of someone massive to do the work. 

Amerityre, despite its less than huge name to many, is not one of those.  This is a brand that is at the forefront, and though they may not work much with automobile tires any longer, you see that in effect up and down their lineup.  The main thing we want to point out is their use of ‘flat free’ tires.  They are the biggest producer of this type of tire in the USA.  It’s a type of tire that will simply not go flat.  Yes, you read that correctly.  No more worrying about if your tire is going to lose air. 

No more lugging around that huge air compressor to blow them up anymore.  They take care off that for you by being able to do things rubber tires don’t.  They resist the sun’s harsh effects, the life shortening effects of water, and other harmful traits that hurt most tires.  This makes Amerityre stand out above the rest of the pack as they don’t require you to do much of anything with them in terms of maintenance.  They also don’t mark surfaces, too, which is a feature that may just come in handy for you depending on what you are doing. 

Amerityre Tire Durability

With what we learned above, it should come as absolutely no surprise that a lot of the ‘guess’ work involved with these tires is taken out of the picture.  With many tires that you use for working sorts of things, you never know how long they will last.  Even a well built tire could pop due to running over something you didn’t expect. 

Growing up on the farm taught us that, and it’d have been nice to have a tire that would not have gone flat on us.  This aids durability tremendously, so much so that it is difficult to even fathom to most.  It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how long they will last, but it’s very clear that they will last much, much longer than ordinary tires that go through some much wear and tear just by being outside and exposed to various elements. 

Summary & Final Recommendations

If you are looking for something a little bit different in the world of tires but you don’t want to just settle for less than the best, then Amerityre is the right choice for you.  This company constantly strives to be among the best in the world, producing tires that are going to stand up well to all sorts of abuse.  They just have something about them that makes them different, and though they are not coming, seemingly, with a warranty, it’s very hard to deny their potential usefulness to you. 

Amerityre Tire Models

Bicycle Tires

  • All Terrain for Plastic Rim
  • All Terrain
  • Mountain

Golf Cart Tires

  • 18X850-12
  • 20X850-12

Industrial Vehicle Tires

  • 480×12
  • 570×12

Hand Truck Tires

  • 280/250-4
  • 410×300-4
  • 410×350-4

Hay Baler Tires

  • Zig Zag Thread
  • Smooth Thread

Mower Tires

  • 11×400-5
  • 12×450-6
  • 13×500-6
  • 13×650-6
  • 15×600-6

Pivot Tires

Scissor Lift Tires

Seeder Tires

  • 16×4.50
  • 15×3.00

Wheelbarrow Tires

  • 400×8
  • 480×400-8

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