Cordovan Tires Review

Cordovan Tires Review 2022

Cordovan tires promote both affordability and decent quality. Considered by many to be a top choice for a budget tire, Cordovan will offer the bare minimum for a tire while staying at a cheap price. This doesn’t mean that you won’t get the most out of these tires, you just shouldn’t expect the top quality performance you’d find in more popular auto tires. They are sold for a variety of vehicles and weather elements, so regardless of what car you have or where you live, Cordovan will be able to supply your needs.

At the end of the day, if you need a quick replacement tire at a low price, Cordovan is a great option for you.

Cordovan Tire Company Information & Background

Cordovan tires come from the TBC Brands Corporation. Founded in 1956, the company is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and is the parent company of Thirteen brands. Based on the high volume of brands TBC distributes, it is widely considered as one of the largest marketers of private brand tires in North America. This parent company ensures that their product is built to their exact manufacturing standards, second to none in any category. Modern independent tire dealers usually get the most value from TBC Brands in offering their customers high quality value in comparison to other companies. Their tires are produced by nationally recognized manufacturers, as they hold a great reputation for value, safety, and top quality.

TBC Brands is a division of the TBC Wholesale Group, which also consists of Treadways, Carroll Tire Company, TBC International, TBC Latin America, and TBC Mexico. Needless to say, this diverse group of distributors offers tires such as Cordovan with an international presence.

Cordovan Tire Cost & Pricing

The cost of your tire will ultimately depend on what model you decide to go with. With that being said, Cordovan has been known to be one of the top budget tires in the market, so you can anticipate a very cheap price for your tire. For an all season tire such as the Cordovan Grand Prix Tour RS, you can likely find it for as low as $38. Cordovan and their retailers usually have other rebates and special offers available daily, so you might be able to find these tires for even lower depending on the occasion.

One thing to keep in mind, the winter tires and any other model with more rubber will be higher in price, however it will probably be a lot less expensive than one of the well known brands in the tire industry. Overall, Cost & Pricing are a strong selling point for the Cordovan brand as these products are listed at a reasonable price.

Cordovan Tire Warranties

Cordovan offers a fair warranty that is contingent on mileage. The tire brand provides a 50,000 to 60,000 mile tread warranty, depending on the speed rating that is chosen. This warranty is implemented by Cordovan’s parent company: TBC Brands. The only person entitled to this warranty is the original purchaser of the tire, which means it cannot be leveraged if they are resold to another buyer. Additionally, the most recent warranty available on record only applies to tires bought on or after October 1 2015, so older tires will be exempt from any type of warranty.

Cordovan Tire Options

The most you’ll get out of options from the Cordovan brand is size. As your typical budget tire, Cordovan offers as many sizes as they can manufacture so that they could offer their product to vehicles of many shapes and sizes. A majority of Cordovan tires have size options from around 14”-17” with W, H, and T-speed ratings.

Cordovan’s Winter tires usually have the most options available. Tires such as the Cordovan Arctic Claw Winter XSI have more than 40 sizes available to purchase, so people will have the ability to pick the best winter tire for them and their light truck vehicle.

Cordovan Tire Technologies & Features

The Cordovan Grand Prix Tour RS has full-depth sides, and four circumferential grooves that are meant to enhance the grip on wet surfaces, which decreases the chances of hydroplaning. The full-depth sides are meant to provide better traction in light snow, although this isn’t considered a strong suit for this tire. A feature like this isn’t always available in a budget tire like the Grand Prix Tour, so this is something to keep in mind before making your final decision.

Furthermore, the traction on ice and snow isn’t very reliable, so if you live in an area where that weather is consistent, these tires might not be best for you. If you do decide to go through with this model within that weather, it could become a potential safety hazard–even though the the added sipes do well through slush or wet pavement. Cordovan’s winter tires are much better in those elements, although they cost slightly more. The Cordovan Arctic Claw Winter TXI has snow grooves and deep lateral circumferential grooves that will tear through slush or snow regardless of the speed.

The Cordovan Americus CLT would be the better model for that type of weather as it has a lot better traction performance and enhances their stability and steering response. That model has about 5 sizes available for light trucks, so there are some options there.

Cordovan Tire Durability & Longevity

If you decide to purchase Cordovan tires, you should expect them to be long lasting. All-Season tires such as the Cordovan Grand Prix Tour RS are built to last long while withstanding any type of weather condition.

When it comes to durability, buyers will be happy to know that the Cordovan brand uses an all-season rubber tread compound that offers an increased dry traction and handling experience when coupled with the symmetric tread pattern. This will come in handy when driving through icy roads filled with snow, as your enhanced handling will help you drive safely under controllable speeds.

Cordovan Tire Summary & Overall Thoughts 

Cordovan tires are another budget tire brand looking to contribute their value to the market. The company isn’t out there trying to pose as this superior tire brand. In other words: what you see is what you get, and they embrace that. Cordovan tires are generally an entry level tire that is offered at an exceptionally low cost in comparison to other tire brands in the market that are of equal quality.

Ultimately the biggest thing to keep in mind after buying this tire brand is that you aren’t supposed to be experiencing exceptional quality as you would Michelin. Cordovan is one of those brands that what you see is what you get. You know what to expect. You’ll have an average ride if you’re driving on a smooth surface and avoiding potholes, the treadlife is decent, and your road noise will be little to none for the most part. In the long run, you’ll save money by purchasing a Cordovan tire, but when it comes to performance, you get what you pay for.

Cordovan Tire High Performance All Season

  • Cordovan Grand Prix Tour RS
  • Cordovan Centro
  • Cordovan Duration Classic A/S

High Performance Winter Tire

  • Cordovan Arctic Claw Winter XSI
  • Cordovan Arctic Claw Winter TXI
  • Cordovan Hifly Win-Turi 212
  • Cordovan Saxon Snowblazer Passenger Tire

High Performance Mud Terrain

  • Cordovan Mud Claw M/T
  • Cordovan Mud Claw Extreme M/T
  • Cordovan Trail Guide A/P

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