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Avon Tires Review 2022

Looking for tires is a hard enough job for most people.  There are all kinds of hoops to jump through and obstacles to avoid.  It gets even harder when you are not looking for the usual.  Today, we are going to be looking into something other than the norm, as we look at Avon Tires, a potential answer for the motorcycle rider out there. 

Avon Tire Company Background & Information

Avon has been around a really, really long time now.  Dating back to 1904, this brand has been there and done that in a very big way.  Throughout its long history, they have provided tires for all sorts of vehicles.  They have provided tires for motorcycles, of course, as well as vans, trailers, and cars as well.  In today’s climate, they concentrate solely on bikes, but that is just fine with us. 

We’d rather they stick to one thing that they are supremely good at than do a few things decently well.  At any rate, Avon has been superb at delivering the market tires that are good for both the track and off the track as well.  On the road, they offer you confidence, and they do the same if you are a racer.  Plus, they give you all sorts of options as well, something that we will get into a bit later on. 

They are currently owned by the Cooper Tire and Rubber Company, so if you were wondering why they are in the area of bikes only now, that is likely to be the answer.  Many bigger companies like to buy brands up that are well known in particular areas, and they then let them work in that space as they do their thing elsewhere.  This appears to very much the case here! 

Avon Tire Cost and Pricing

Avon Tires are going to be able to be bought by you for a good, reasonable price, but do not expect them to be super cheap.  The main thing about these is that they are of a high quality, therefore you can’t expect them to be extremely affordable in nature.  It’s just not the way of the world.  It’s hard to find both of those things together.  So if you are only concerned by price, then you might want to look somewhere else. 

Avon Tire Warranties

The warranty is always a big part of the equation, and that is the case here with Avon Tires as well.  One thing that you have to be aware of right off the bat is that a warranty does not apply to racing tires.  As badly as you’d like to see that, they just can’t guarantee them for a bevy of reasons.  Racing is hard and conditions change so quickly that all manner of things can occur, making it impractical and quite frankly, stupid, for someone to try to put a warranty on them. 

With that said, if they do have a warranty attached, they will be covered in the event of defects or poor craftsmanship for the life of the original tread.  That’s a pretty big deal to you, and you should be very thankful for this.  Many companies don’t offer a warranty at all, particularly one that is this strong. 

Tire Options

We really like how Avon Tires does it lines.  They have, in total at the moment, just 19 tires to pick from.  This seems like a small number, but when you really look at it, you see a world of possibilities.  There are options there for literally everyone.  If you are the type that just wants to go on a bit of a stroll, they have tires for you and your scooter.  If you are someone that has a trike and you want to stand out by looking cool, they also have that. 

If you are a racer, then you’re in luck because they have multiple choices in that category as well.  They have tires that are going to be best served for trails and then they have some that will absolutely tear up the track.  Some are great for on and off road, while others are manufactured to be super strong at road racing.  It may not seem to be much different from the track, but that can be a totally separate challenge, so it’s nice to see that they have plenty for you to pick from when you get done to it! 

Finding Avon Tires is going to be easier than finding many motorcycle tires, but we still suspect you may have a little bit of difficulty doing it.  That’s just because most places are only going to carry passenger vehicle tires.  You’re best shot at finding them is online, but you may find them in person, so it never hurts to ask. 

Avon Tire Technologies and Features

It is only a saying, but we think it speaks volumes about where Avon Tires are coming from.  If you want tires that will… make driving a pleasure rather than a chore.  That’s a line from their website.  That says just about everything you need to know, and it leads you to believe that they are investing in getting the most out of your tires, regardless of the ultimate use you have for them. 

Some people are going to use them to race on, while others will be using them for pure pleasure out on the road ways.  Either way, you’re getting a lot of technology beneath you that makes them stand out from many of the more ‘plain’ options that exist on the market. 

The history that dates back over a century helps in the evolution and the advancement of technology, as does the fact that they are linked with Cooper Tire now.  That helps them even more, and it should give you a whole lot more confidence in them. 

Avon Tire Durability

A lot of times, you can get a good glance at the durability level that you can expect by taking a look at the warranty offered.  With Avon Tires, we find this to be the case.  They should last you quite some time, as long as you take care of them properly. 

These tires are tested and engineered for the track and the road, too, and whenever you see that, you’re just about guaranteed to experience a heck of a lot more durability than you would find elsewhere.  Racing is quite simply a breeding ground for durability, and that proves to be the case here. 

Summary & Final Recommendations

If you are looking for a set of tires for your bike, then you could do a whole lot worse than Avon Tires.  Avon is a brand that has a rich history, a strong connection to a major player in the world of tires, and is also capable of giving you tires for a number of different uses.  Whether it’s on the track or on the open road, you can take it easy (or really fast) on a set of Avons! 

Avon Tire Models

Cruiser Touring Tires

  • Cobra
  • Cobra Chrome
  • Cobra Chrome Trike

Adventure Sport Tires

  • Trailrider
  • Trekrider

Supermoto Tires

  • Trailrider

Hypersport Touring Tires

  • Spirit ST
  • Storm 3D X-M

High Performance Tires

  • 3D Ultra Sport
  • 3D Ultra Xtreme

Scooter Tires

  • Viper Stryke

General Purpose Tires

  • Roadrider
  • Roadrider MKII
  • Streetrunner
  • AM9

Classic Tires

  • Speedmater MKII
  • Safety Mileage A MKII
  • Safety Mileage B MKII
  • Safety Mileage C MKII
  • Sidecar Triple Duty

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