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Briway Tires Review 2022

Let’s just face the facts.  Finding tires is far from an easy thing to do.  That problem seems to be multiplied by a thousand when you decide that you want something other than the ‘traditional’ tire.  Today, we will be looking at and reviewing Briway Tires, a potential answer to this quandary. 

Briway Tire Company Background & Information

Briway Tires date back to the year 2004 when they were founded under the auspices of Brightway Group.  Located out of China, the company has quickly made its mark on the country and the world.  They have three brands under them- Briway, of course, as well as both Boristar and Tauropower.  All in all, they already reach up to 30 countries. 

On top of that, within a decade, they had reached a very large capacity, producing as many as 15 million tires per year.  One of the hallmarks of this brand is their wide diversity of products, of which we will be discussing a bit later on. 

Briway Tire Cost and Pricing

A main factor in the decision to make tires in China has to do with pricing.  Because of the location, there are a lot of advantages that come your way in regards to the price.  It’s naturally going to be lower than you would see elsewhere due to a number of reasons. 

One of those has to do with lower labor costs, while many people will point toward an ‘ability’ to cut corners and make tires as cheaply as they can as well.  Regardless, with Briway Tires you can count on them being extremely affordable compared to bigger and more well known brands that are sold all over the globe.  Whether or not the ultimate cost is too good to be true for you is going to be left up for you to opine over. 

Briway Tire Warranties

One of the main issues that you encounter with tires out of China, or any lower cost brand for that matter, is that there is not always a big willingness to aid the customer.  The best thing that they can do for you is to deliver you a set of tires for a low price.  Outside of that, many just don’t offer you much of anything.  A warranty is one of those things that so many don’t offer.  And even if they do, it’s typically going to be less than competitive.  Briway Tires, unfortunately, looks like they are one of those that do not offer any kind of warranty, at least as far as we have been able to find.  They may have one, or a dealer that deals in them may, but they are not likely to give you much of one. 

Tire Options

Apart from the relatively low price you’re going to be paying for Briway Tires, the other thing that makes them stand out is the sheer number of choices you have.  They have just about every kind of tire imaginable.  If you are outfitting a line of commercial trucks or buses, they have tires for that. 

Road car drivers will be happy as they have tires for cars, trucks, and SUVs.  People that ride motorcycles and those that work on the farm at home will also find options to pick from, as they have an extensive and expansive list of products to offer.  This list is very large, so some people might be a little bit put off by that. 

We’d probably like to see them concentrate in one area a bit more, but in truth, it does look like the bulk of their business and concentration are applied to the TBR (big rig truck) tire industry.  At any rate, finding these tires can be difficult to do, so we suggest that if you do go with them that you look online.  They are not likely to be found at your local dealer, but you can always ask and see anyway, if you like. 

Briway Tire Technologies and Features

It is very tough to break down the ins and outs of Briway Tires, as they just have so, so much going on and so many ‘lines’ of products.  One thing has to be made clear, though, and that is that they are not going to be giving you the best experience of all time, by any means.  These tires are not going to be come with the newest and latest and greatest tech you have ever seen.  They just do not work that way.  Like so many tire makers in China, it is a bit of a copycat brand.  They will use tried and true tech over new stuff, so just keep an eye out for that. 

Briway Tire Durability

Tires and China send alarm bells ringing for some people out there, but that is not always the most fair avenue to take.  With that being said, you are getting far from a guaranteed product with Briway Tires.  For one, the lack of a good and clear warranty program is troubling.  Typically when this is seen, you can expect for very little durability to come from the tires. 

We’d like to say otherwise, but there just isn’t much evidence going in their favor.  While we don’t necessarily think they will just explode on you, we also just don’t know how long they will last and do very well. 

Summary & Final Recommendations

If you want to find tires that are cheaper for a variety of possible uses, then you should look no further than Briway Tires.  This brand is known for offering a huge list of tires, all while also working to drive down the costs as low as they can. 

While they are far from a leader in the tire industry, it must also be said that this is a brand that has been around longer than many new ones.  That buys you a little bit more confidence, but it still should not make you fall in love with them, either. 

Briway Tire Models

Giant Radial OTR Tires

  • E-4
  • L-5

Bias OTR Tires

  • G-2
  • E-3

Giant Bias Tires

  • E-3
  • E-4
  • L-5
  • L-5S

Radial OTR Tires

  • JFXA
  • JFXB
  • JFXC
  • JFXD
  • JFXE
  • JFXF
  • JFXZ
  • L-5
  • JFXG
  • JFXH
  • JFXR
  • JFXT
  • JFXY
  • JFM04
  • JFX26
  • JFX36
  • JFX55
  • JFX56
  • JFX57
  • JFX59
  • JFX63
  • JFX65
  • JFX66
  • JFX67

Truck Radial Tires

  • BS636
  • BD787
  • BD737
  • BT838
  • BS606
  • BD767
  • BD727
  • JF519
  • JF515
  • JF819
  • JF868
  • JF526
  • JF766
  • JF666
  • JF516
  • JF969
  • JF979
  • JF989
  • JF517
  • JF118
  • JF116
  • JF816
  • JF919
  • JF518
  • JF616
  • JF529
  • JF539
  • JF569
  • JF559
  • JF515
  • JF519
  • JF569
  • JF616
  • JF618
  • JF667
  • JF816
  • JF819
  • JF919
  • JF116
  • JF118
  • JF516
  • JF517
  • JF518
  • JF526
  • JF529
  • JF539
  • JF559
  • JF666
  • JF669
  • JF766
  • JF868
  • JF969
  • JF979
  • JF989

Military Truck Tires

  • JFM01
  • JFM02

Passenger Car Radial Tires

  • BFW85
  • BFH52
  • BFW86
  • BFU67
  • BFH55
  • BFH53
  • BFH51
  • Sport BO3
  • BFH57
  • BFU69
  • TLW83
  • TLE23
  • TLH59
  • TLT91
  • TLU62
  • TLU65
  • JF606
  • JF610
  • JF608
  • JF607
  • JFA20
  • JFA18
  • JFA19
  • JFA21
  • JF609
  • JF611
  • JF818
  • JF515
  • JF616
  • JF618
  • JF819

ST Radial Tires

  • JF917
  • JF916
  • JF817
  • JF918

ST Bias Tires

  • JF987
  • JF986
  • JF778
  • JF901
  • JF990
  • JF992
  • JF993

Mobile Home Tires

  • JF975
  • JF991
  • JF994
  • JF995
  • JF984
  • JF985

Agricultural Tires

  • JFX01
  • F-2
  • R-1 Irrigation
  • R-1

Industrial Tires

  • G-2
  • I-1
  • JFX02

Motorcycle Tires

  • MCF101
  • MCF103
  • MCF106
  • MCF107
  • MCF108
  • MCF-110
  • MCF112
  • MCF113
  • MCF116
  • MCF127
  • MCF128
  • MCF129

ATV Tires

  • JF115
  • JF116
  • JF125
  • JF110
  • JF101
  • JF102
  • JF103
  • JF105
  • JF109
  • JF111
  • JF112
  • JF113
  • JF350
  • JF351
  • JF354
  • JF356
  • JF357
  • JF361
  • JF362

TPU Antiskid Chain Tires

  • TPU Antiskid Chain

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