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Camso Tires Review 2022

Searching for tires can be very difficult to do, even in the best of circumstances.  It’s fairly easy when you are looking for them for your passenger vehicle, but the task can get much more difficult when you want something else.  We’ll be looking into some of that ‘something else’ today in the form of Camso Tires. 

Camso Tire Company Background & Information

Hang with us here, because this could be a little bit confusing.  Camso Tires are a very well known name in the world of off-road tires.  From things such as forklift tires to even making ‘tires’ for snowmobiles, they run the gambit on what you can have.  Other names that are associated with Camso include their former name, which is Camoplast Solideal and Solideal

If you see either of those names, you’re probably looking at the exact same thing as Camso, just to make it less confusing.  They have ‘only’ been around 20 years or so at this point, but they should not be overlooked.  They have a huge work force comprised over 7500 employees in 26 different countries.  If you want advanced technology, this is the group to look at. 

Camso Tire Cost and Pricing

Innovation is a major part of the puzzle for Camso, as is their commitment to providing their customers with an extremely high level of quality.  As such, the price that they charge is going to be quite a big higher than the price you would pay for lesser goods out there.  That is just the way of the world, so you should be expecting to see a relatively high price for their goods. 

That said, we definitely feel that they are worth your time, as they offer some outrageously good great tires and world class customer service as well.  This is a brand that works with its customer core like few others, and that should not be lost on you, even if it does help raise the price some. 

Camso Tire Warranties

Warranties are a tricky subject, and unfortunately they are not a whole lot easier to view and talk about when it comes to Camso Tires.  That is not because they don’t offer any, but it does have to do with them offering so, so many, products.  As a result of that, it’s impossible to break them all down. 

For the most part, they all have very competitive warranties, as you would hope, wish, and expect for with the price that you will be paying.  A warranty is a powerful ally to have in the event that something goes wrong, and it’s one reason that justifies what some could deem as a high price to pay.  As such, we feel that you should take a good look at the terms and then make your ultimate decision on them. 

Tire Options

The options on offer from Camso are massive, to say the least.  If you are working or playing, off the road that is, then you are probably going to find something that you like.  They are so inventive, in fact, that they have even devised systems that are more like tracks rather than tires for some vehicles. 

They have one system that will turn your bike from a dirt bike to a snowmobile, and they can even help you do this with other types of vehicles as well.  It’s that kind of thing that should make you extremely happy.  The only thing that may disappoint you is if you are looking for car tires, of which they are not going to be of much service for you. 

Camso Tire Technologies and Features

We’ve learned over the years that a nice website typically means you can expect more quality.  The intricate nature of Camso’s website is simply stunning.  And that helps explain what they are all about.  This is a company that pushes the boundaries as far as they possibly can.  They have 200 of their best employees that work at three different R&D centers. 

That is simply amazing to point out, seeing as how many tire manufacturers only have one- or even none.  Some of the things we find most amazing is their innovation to make it possible to convert your tires to other things.  For example, you can take your motorcycle and turn it from a dirt going machine to a machine that can run on the snow.  It’s stuff like that that goes even further than tires that amazes us and leaves us happy to have come across this brand. 

Camso Tire Durability

The durability of Camso Tires is just extraordinary.  Not only do they come with a very good, complete warranty, but they also are built so well that you very rarely will have to worry about having to use any such warranty.  Durability, as everyone can attest to, is one of the main things considered when you weigh up your options on what to buy.  And if you’re going to pay a higher than normal price, then you have to have that.  Camso has that and so much more available to you. 

Summary & Final Recommendations

Tire shopping can be boring and extremely frustrating to those that are not looking for something for their cars or trucks.  However, if you are looking to equip your business with the latest and greatest technology, and you are not working on the road much, then you are looking in the right place.  Camso is highly technical and inventive, and that is just what you could be craving as you strive to bring your business to the next level. 

Camso Tire Models

Resilient Material Handling Tires

  • RES Xtreme NMAS
  • RES 660 Xtreme Series
  • Xtreme NM
  • RES 550 Xtreme Magnum Series
  • Magnum NM
  • RES 330
  • Solidair LT
  • RIB (Resilient)
  • RIB NM

Press-On Material Handling Tires

  • PON 550 NM
  • PON 555 NM
  • Ecomatic Traction Press On
  • Ecomatic Smooth Press On
  • PON 775 NMAS
  • PON 775

Construction Tires

  • WEX 553
  • MPT 732
  • MPT 753
  • MPT 793S
  • MPT 552
  • MPT 553R
  • MPT 773
  • WEX 732
  • EMT 553R
  • MPT 532R
  • GRD 533R
  • SKS 753
  • SKS 775
  • SKS 732
  • SKS 532
  • SKS 793S
  • Hauler SKZ
  • Hauler SKS
  • SKS 774
  • Xtra Wall
  • SKS 332
  • SKS 729S
  • SKS 796S
  • SKS 782S
  • SKS 786S
  • Mex HXD
  • Mex SD
  • CTL SD
  • SKS 511
  • EMT 538R
  • WHL 553R
  • GRD 732
  • DMP 532
  • 4L I3
  • TM R4
  • 4L R1
  • BHL 753
  • BHL 732
  • SL R4
  • BHL 532
  • BHL 530
  • BHL 573
  • TLH 892S
  • TLH 753
  • TLH 732
  • SL G3
  • SL G2
  • TLH 532
  • WHL 753R
  • ADT 753R
  • WHL 775R
  • WHL 776R
  • WHL 775
  • LM L3
  • LM L2
  • SKZ
  • WHL 773
  • WL
  • WEX 752
  • WEX 552
  • CMP 533
  • CMP 576
  • MST 776
  • WEX 583S

Agriculture Tires

  • Remanfucatured Tracks
  • Remanfucatured Wheel
  • 2-Piece Midroller Conversion Set
  • CTS Halftrack
  • 4500 High Roading-Positive Drive
  • CTS High Speed
  • CTS Tractor
  • CTS Standard T23A
  • CTS Suspended Q23M
  • TTS 30/40
  • TTS 70/80/100
  • 6500 General AG-Friction Drive
  • 6500 General AG-Positive Drive
  • 6500 Scraper-Friction Drive
  • 6500 Scraper-Postiive Drive
  • 5500 General AG-Friction Drive
  • 4500 General AG-Friction Drive
  • 3500 General AG-Friction Drive
  • 3500 General AG-Positive Drive
  • High Roading
  • High Traction
  • Low Ground Disturbance
  • Mid-Roller Wheels
  • Idler Wheels
  • Driver Wheels


  • ATV R4S
  • ATV T4S
  • X4S ATV
  • X4S UTV
  • UTV 4S1

Dirt Bike Tires

  • Dirt-to-Snow Bike Conversion System

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