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Countrywide Tires Review 2022

Regardless of what type of terrain you’re driving on, it’s always important to have the best set of tires accessible to you. Having reliable tires can help you better handle your vehicle, rip through the surface, and get the most out of your gas mileage. CountryWide tires has a diverse inventory that can provide high quality service whether you are riding a light truck trailer, ATV, or even a forklift!

Countrywide Tire Company Information & Background

 CountryWide Tire and Rubber started in 1976 with a focus on customer service and high quality products. They consider themselves different compared to their competitors mostly because they offer support for their clients during every step of the business journey. These tires are specifically designed to provide stability and promote durability throughout their lifespan, for high quality performance above all else.

CountryWide is considered to be a tire company that caters to businesses looking for a wholesale quantity of tires, so it’s safe to consider the company as the “wholesaler.” The good news is that even if you want to buy just one single tire, this company will give you the opportunity to do so, unlike other big time manufacturers.

Countrywide Tire Cost & Pricing

Since this company is considered a wholesaler, pricing will vary mostly because there is usually a minimum order quantity that needs to be reached in order for the purchase to be made. When push comes to shove, it will ultimately come down to the vendor you purchase the tires from. Farm tires such as the CountryWide S247 can be found for as low as $23 a tire, which is fairly inexpensive for the reasonable quality you’ll receive. 

On the other hand, different models from CountryWide are much more expensive. While price will likely vary by model and/or vehicle type, you could expect the tires with heavy amounts of rubber to be more expensive. The CountryWide Rubber Master RM86 is a trailer tire that could be found for as low as $130 per tire. Some retailers have sold this model for as high as $225 per tire! The price is somewhat justifiable but these tires are expected to handle the heavy weight of a trailer, but at the same time it might not make sense to purchase these tires if you’re on a budget.

Countrywide Tire Warranties

CountryWide Tires might have one of the better tire warranties currently available in the industry. Their Ultimate Advantage Lifetime warranty protects buyers against defects from the manufacturer, in addition to road and field hazards. CountryWide has gone as far as saying that they’ll even pay for the service call if you end up stuck on the side of the road due to a flat tire!

Implementing the warranty is virtually seamless as well. If something happens to your tire, you won’t be obligated to send back the defective product, and you won’t be prorated!

Tire Options

The options category is undoubtedly one of the highlights of CountryWide Tires. Their tires aren’t limited to one type of vehicle, as they offer tires for forklifts, ATVs, and commercial vehicles. Furthermore, a passenger car would be the only type of vehicle where you would have trouble finding a CountryWide tire for.

Size options vary for CountryWide tires depending on what vehicle/tire model you are shopping for. The Rubbermaster Commercial tires has 3 size options available, which seems like the average when you visit the CountryWide website. Other models like the Deestone forklift tires have well over 5 sizes available for your choosing, depending on what vehicle you’re using.

Countrywide Tire Technologies & Features

As the years have progressed, CountryWide Tires have kept up to speed. The company has gradually added technologies that assist customers in finding the best tire for them. With a website that provides live pricing 24/7, you could say that CountryWide has one of the best versions of a cutting edge technology that backs up its mission in providing exceptional customer service.

Countrywide Tire Durability & Longevity

It is likely that you won’t have an issue with durability if you decide to go with CountryWide. Most tires from CountryWide contain a reliable tread size that will increase tire longevity while riding against hard roads. The RubberMaster all steel trailer tire has a shallow tread design which subsequently produces better stability and a much longer tread life. It is made with a 14 ply steel belted construction along with steel tread protection which helps with carrying extremely heavy weight.

 Most of these tires are made with high quality material and unique tread so that they could carry heavy weight in many different weather conditions; from hot and sunny to light snow. For example, forklift tires distributed by CountryWide are made with the toughest material possible so that they can perform on the jobsite without any hiccups that could cause a lack of productivity or safety.

Summary & Overall Thoughts 

The biggest question when analyzing CountryWide Tires is: does their product match their enthusiasm for customer service? For one, they do have a good variety of options that you can choose from, whether it be the vehicle or tire model, and as we all know: people like having a choice. Being able to provide tires for a wide group of vehicles also improves the chances of the CountryWide Tire Company staying in business and becoming a staple in the tire industry. If you’re running a blue collar business where you would need tires for heavy vehicles, CountryWide should be on your shopping list for tires as they provide top quality rubber tires at low and high quantities.

CountryWide’s broad inventory offering will help reach a variety of people who ride different vehicles. Whether it’s for their trailer, farm vehicle, or ATV, CountryWide has a product for them. Granted, the tires might not be the most affordable, but if you have a tire budget set aside, CountryWide could be of some value to you. Their warranty system is reasonable, although the wording could be consolidated, and the tread applied to each tire will help you vehicle get through any type of terrain that can be considered unstable.

Countrywide Tire Models

High Performance Trailer Tire

  • ST Radial Trailer Tire
  • RubberMaster High Speed Trailer Tire

 High Performance ATV Tire

  • CountryWide Master Black Night
  • CountryWide Master Cadet
  • CountryWide Master Lieutenant

Top Agricultural Tire

  • Deestone Agricultural Tire | Bar Lug
  • RubberMaster Agricultural Tire

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