CEAT Tires Review

CEAT Tires Review 2022

Searching for a new set of tires can be a difficult process to go through.  That process only becomes harder when you realize that you are short on cash and wish to find something within your budget.  Today, our review will be looking into one such answer to this quandary in the form of CEAT Tires. 

CEAT Tire Company Background & Information

CEAT Tires traces its roots back quite some way.  In 1958, the tire company was founded in India.  Some 21 years later, in 1979, it was acquired by RPG Enterprises.  Following their acquisition of it, it has become one of the main tire brands in all of India.  They produce over 15 million sets of tires per year, and as a result of that, they have begun to creep their way into other markets across the globe in addition to just the Indian one.  Within their brand, they offer a decent amount of variety, with tires for cars and SUVs, motorcycles, and scooters included. 

CEAT Tire Cost and Pricing

One of the main things that is associated with ‘foreign’ tires is a lower than average price.  This also rings true here.  While most people assume it is only China were this is taking place, that is far from the case.  India has long been slow to act in the market, but they are beginning to mount a charge and industrialize.  Companies like CEAT represent this shift.  They are attempting to be a part of the North American and European markets, and some other markets in Asia, by being able to offer reasonable quality for an affordable price.  This is the big plus that they can offer you, among everything else. 

CEAT Tire Warranties

With most ‘cheaper’ sets of tires, you do not see much of a warranty, if any at all applied.  But that is definitely not the case with CEAT Tires.  That is one reason why you can put them a bit above others that exist to try and undercut the market.  With CEAT Tires, you get a five year manufacturing defect warranty.  This is very valuable to you, as it will give you some protection if they did things incorrectly.  On top of that, they also have a 50% wear rate or 2.5 year unconditional warranty.  Try and find that with similarly priced tires, we dare you.  It’s nearly impossible to find, and it’s on every single one of their tires, making them stand out in a very big way. 

CEAT Tire Options

CEAT Tires, contrary to what you might think, given their low prices, offers quite a large inventory of tires.  They have tires for cars, scooters, and ‘bikes,’ but they also have plenty of choices within those categories.  They have tons of them for bikes, slightly more so than even for cars, while scooters don’t have as many. 

If you’re in the market for any of those things, though, you should be very happy with what you end up with.  As far as finding CEAT Tires is concerned, that is a bit more difficult than the bigger, more well known brands.  As such, you probably will need to rely to strictly online sources to obtain them.  They are attempting to make a mark on the rest of the world, outside of India that is, but it’s going to take some time (and a whole lot of effort) before they can reach a point where they are readily available at dealers and the like. 

CEAT Tire Technologies and Features

You probably don’t expect CEAT to be the most advanced tires out there, and if that is the case, then you’ll be happy.  For those that want a bit more, then you’re simply going to have to pay more.  It’s that easy, really, to look at.  With that being said, CEAT is far ahead of those around them in terms of price, truth be told. 

They are dedicated to research and development at a much higher rate than others are in this lower priced tier.  They have tires that are made for all terrain types (anything with the A/T) in it, and they also have them for more ‘normal’ modes of transportation as well.  This fact is perhaps their best feature, as it gives you true options and versatility. 

CEAT Tire Durability

The fact that they offer such a strong warranty program really should give you, like it gives us, a lot of hope for them.  CEAT Tires has an exceptional warranty that is attached to their stuff, and because of that, you can expect the durability to be very good.  Of course, it is all relative.  You’re not likely to see these tires last as long as some of the huge names in the game, but that also doesn’t mean that they are junk, either.  Compared to other cheaper companies, namely out of China, these tires are going to be ultra durable.  And in the event that they are not up to standard, you do have a big time warranty to help bail you out a bit. 

CEAT Tire Summary & Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative for tires while still maintaining a semblance of quality, then you should look no further than CEAT Tires.  This brand does a great job at giving you value, durability, and a sturdy warranty program to tie it all together.  They are not perfect, but considering the price you are being asked to pay, we think they are a good option and well worth your consideration over. 

CEAT Tire Types, Models, and Sizes Available

Car and SUV Tires

  • 135/70R12 Milaze TL 65S
  • 145/70R12 Milaze X3 TL 69T
  • 145/70R12 Milaze X3 TT 69T
  • 145/70R13 Milaze X3 TL 71T
  • 145/70R13 Milaze X3 TT 71T
  • 145/80R12 Milaze X3 TL 74T
  • 145/80R12 Milaze X3 TT 74T
  • 145/80R13 Fuelsmarrt TL
  • 145/80R13 Milaze X3 TL 75T
  • 155/65R12 Milaze TL 71S
  • 155/70R13 Milaze X3 TT 75T
  • 155/80R13 Fuelsmarrt TL
  • 155/80R13 Milaze X3 TL 79T
  • 165/65R13 Milaze X3 TL 77T
  • 165/65R13 Milaze X3 TT 77T
  • 175/65R14 Milaze X3 TL 82T
  • 175/65R14 Milaze X3 TT 82T
  • 175/65R15 Milaze X3 TL 84T
  • 175/65R15 Securadrive TL
  • 175/70R13 Milaze X3 TL 82T
  • 185/60R15 Securadrive TL
  • 185/85R16 CZAR A/T TT 105Q
  • 195/55R16 Securadrive TL
  • 195/65R15 Securadrive TL
  • 195/80R15 Steel Plus LT TL 106Q
  • 195/80R15 Steel Plus LT TT 106Q
  • 205/55R16 Securadrive TL
  • 205/60R16 CZAR HP TL 92H
  • 205/65R15 Milaze X3 TL 94S
  • 215/60R17 CZAR HP TL 96H
  • 215/65R16 CZAR Sport TT 98H
  • 215/75R15 CZAR H/T TL 100S
  • 215/75R15 CZAR H/T TT 100S
  • 215/75R15 F1 Steel BT LT TL 113S
  • 215/75R15 F1 Steel BT TL 100S
  • 215/75R15 F1 Steel BT TT 100S
  • 215/715R15 Milaze LT TT 115/113S
  • 235/65R17 CZAR A/T TL 104H
  • 235/65R17 CZAR HP TL 104H
  • 235/70R16 CZAR A/T TL 105S
  • 235/75R15 Rhino TT 105S
  • 265/60R18 CZAR A/T TL 110H
  • 265/65R17 CZAR A/T TL 112S

Motorcycle Tires

  • 100/80-17 Zoom Plus F TL 52P
  • 100/90-17 Milaze TT 55P
  • 100/90-17 Vertico Sport TL 55P
  • 100/90-17 Zoom TL 55P
  • 100/90-18 Gripp TT 56P
  • 100/90-18 Milaze TT 56P
  • 100/90-18 Zoom XL TL 56P
  • 110/70R17 Zoom Rad X1 F TL 54H
  • 110/80-17 Zoom XL TL 57P
  • 110/90-18 Zoom Plus TL 61P
  • 110/90-18 Zoom Plus TT 61P
  • 120/80-17 Zoom TL 61P
  • 120/80-18 Zoom Plus TT 62P
  • 120/90-17 Gripp XL TT 64S
  • 130/70-17 Zoom XL TL 62P
  • 140/70-17 Zoom XL TL 66H
  • 150/60R17 Zoom Rad X1 TL 66H
  • 2.50-16 Milaze TT 41L
  • 2.50-16 Secura F85 TT 41L
  • 2.50-16 Secura Sport TT 41L
  • 2.75-17 Secura F85 TL 41P
  • 2.75-17 Secura F85 TT 41P
  • 2.75-17 Secura Zoom F TT 41P
  • 2.75-18 Gripp F TT 42P
  • 2.75-18 Gripp X3 TT 48P
  • 2.75-18 Milaze TL 48P
  • 2.75-18 Milaze TT 48P
  • 2.75-18 Secura F85 TL 42P
  • 2.75-18 Secura F85 TT 42P
  • 2.75-18 Secura Zoom F TT 42P
  • 2.75-18 Secura Zoom+ TT 48P
  • 3.00-17 Gripp X3 TT 50P
  • 3.00-17 Milaze TL 50P
  • 3.00-17 Milaze TT 50P
  • 3.00-18 Gripp X3 TT 52P
  • 3.00-18 Milaze TL 52P
  • 3.00-18 Milaze TT 52P
  • 3.00-18 Secura Zoom TT 52P
  • 3.25-19 Milaze TT 54P
  • 3.25-19 Secura F67 TT 54P
  • 3.50-19 Milaze TT 63P
  • 80/100-18 Milaze TL 54P
  • 800/100-18 Secura Zoom F TL 47P
  • 800/100-18 Secura Zoom + TL 54P
  • 80/100-18 Zoom Plus F TL 47P
  • 80/100-18 Zoom Plus TL 54P
  • 90/90-17 Secura Zoom F TL 49P
  • 90/90-17 Zoom F TL 49P
  • 90/90-19 Gripp XL F TL 52P
  • 90/90-19 Zoom Plus F TT 52P
  • 90/90-21 Gripp XL TT 54S
  • 90/90-21 Gripp XL TT 54S
  • 110/90-18 Gripp XL TL 61P
  • 120/80-18 Gripp XL TL 62P

Scooter Tires

  • 3.00-10 Secura NEO TT 42J
  • 3.50-10 Milaze TT 51J
  • 90/100-10 Milaze TT 53J
  • 90/100-10 Zoom D TL 53J
  • 90/100-10 Zoom D TL 53J Ventless
  • 90/100-10 Zoom D TT 53J
  • 90/90-12 Zoom D TL 54J

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