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Dick Cepek Tires Review 2022

There are many, many tire companies vying for your purchase on the market today.  It is absurd to think of how many are there, all looking to reel you in.  As such, it can get overwhelming and very confusing to finally make a decision.  In this review, we will be looking at Dick Cepek Tires, a smaller company that might just be what you have been searching for at last. 

Dick Cepek Tire Company Background & Information

To many, the name Dick Cepek Tires will have come out of left field, so to speak.  It will be totally random and seem as if it has nothing to do with anything.  However, that is definitely not the case.  You see, this company has a whole lot bigger stake in the tire business than you might give it credit for.  Opened in 1958, by Dick Cepek, of course, it set out to be an ‘adventure’ tire.  It was the first of its kind, as Cepek was a lover of both the outdoors and off roading as well. 

Following his move to the West, he would explore as much as he could, and eventually, he would take his passion and form it into his business.  At first, he sold accessories that had anything to do with cars and the great outdoors.  But as the years went by, he would add more and more products.  By the 1980s, they were truly established at making off road tires, and that tradition has been passed onto modern times.  They continue to carry tires, as well as wheels and other supplies, for Jeeps, SUV, and 4X4 owners all over the globe. 

Dick Cepek Tire Cost and Pricing

A fact that you will have to come and accept about off road tires is that they are going to cost more than ordinary tires are.  Any time that you see the word ‘hybrid’ or ‘specialty’ tossed out, you can just about count on it meaning that you are going to take on an added cost.  This might not be what you want to hear, but it is the way it is. 

Dick Cepek Tires are not flooded with endless lines, meaning that they have concentrated on working on quality.  That bleeds over to you, but it also simply means that they do cost more.  As such, you need to be prepared to pay for the benefits they will no doubt bring to you. 

Dick Cepek Tire Warranties

Dick Cepek offers you a pretty sturdy warranty program that should help ratcheted up your confidence in more in them and their products.  They come with a standard limited warranty that will cover the tread wear and the lifespan of them as well.  The lifespan is generally going to be up to 45,000 miles.  One thing to be aware of is that they do not have road hazard coverage, so that should be noted by all potential customers. 

Dick Cepek Tire Options

As far as your options are concerned, you don’t have a whole ton of them to think about with Dick Cepek Tires.  They have just three lines to pick from, after all, so you will need to look into that if you want to nail down which one to go with.  First up is the Trail Country, which could basically be viewed as their ‘starter’ set of tires. 

The Trail Country is a good hybrid tire that is made for both on and off road, as just about all tires are nowadays that are within this genre.  While it will not be the best in the mud or the best at all terrains, it will exist somewhere in between them and will be very smooth as a result.  Next up, you have the Fun Country.  This is a step up in class, truth be told.  It has the goal of being a truly all terrain tire, and it accomplishes that, all the while being incredibly quiet for a tire of its ilk.  They have massively wide grooves to help this take place, as well as making them responsive to changing environments.  And then you have the Extreme Country. 

This one is the most hardcore of their offerings and packs quite the punch by coping well in loose sand or mud- something very few tires can do.  They’ve also been enhancing in the sidewall for strength.  Finding Dick Cepek Tires is not as difficult as you might think, as they have a number of dealers, so a bit of research should provide you with some place to begin your journey to them. 

Dick Cepek Tire Technologies and Features

One of the main things that makes the above options different from each other is the design that is used to comprise the tires.  The Fun Country, for example, has bigger treads and and a snazzier look and design to them than the Trail Country does.  While it may be a tad bit foolish to look at a set of tires and declare which is best simply by viewing them, you can certainly see where the differences are.  This is one of the things that seems to ring true about Dick Cepek Tires. 

As far as features go, we also have to point out just how tremendous a job that they have done with the on road aspect of their tires.  Many off road tires perform extremely well when they are well off the road but are notoriously bad at wandering on the road or having a host of other issues.  With Dick Cepek Tires, you don’t have to worry about any of this taking place.  You won’t be slowly moving into oncoming traffic as a result of them, which should obviously be viewed as a positive. 

Lastly, each of their tires have been reinforced to make sure that tearing is very difficult for them to go through.  While it is not impossible to see this happen, it is going to be much more difficult for it to occur than with regular sets of tires that are not meant for adverse conditions or the wild that comes with off roading. 

Dick Cepek Tire Durability

Dick Cepek finished second, with his partner, in the inaugural Baja race.  As such, we think it’s safe to say that he knew quality and durability.  That has bled into the products sold under his name, and it remains that way today.  With these tires, you can expect them to hold up well under all sorts of scrutiny, just as any good off road tire should, truth be told.  These tires are insured by a strong warranty program that just about guarantees their lifespan as well, which should further underline this fact. 

Dick Cepek Tire Summary & Final Thoughts

If you are an avid outdoors person or just love going off road, then you will know that not any old tire is meant to get the job done.  Dick Cepek Tires are, however, made for this purpose, and as such, they would be a good brand for you to think over.  They are not massive, but they do offer a ton of promise and upside and will last you quite some time as you explore the countryside or deserts! 

Dick Cepek Tire Types, Models, and Sizes Available

  • Trail Country EXP- 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 22 Inch
  • Fun Country- 15, 16, 17, 18, 20 Inch
  • Extreme Country- 15, 16, 17, 18, 20 Inch

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