Continental Tires Review

Continental Tires Review 2022

Anytime you set out to purchase a new set of tires, you come to a cross roads of sorts.  This cross roads, so to speak, usually is a choice between going with a brand that you know well or to go with a cheaper alternative that you may not know.  Today’s subject for our review is one of the former in Continental Tires. 

Continental Tire Company Background & Information

Continental Tires is one of the longest running tire companies in the entire world, thus explaining part of the reason why they are just so well known to people all over the globe.  They date their origins all the way back to 1871 in Hanover, Germany.  They were soon setting trends for others, with one example being their production of automobile tires without tread occurring in 1898. 

Three years later, they supplied tires to the winning car in the Nice-Salon-Nice race, an achievement and a half at the time.  They would keep up this innovation up to the modern day, inventing things such as the first ever environmentally friendly tire in 1991 and producing the first ever road tire that was capable of surpassing 220 mph in 2003. 

They continue to be committed to quality, opening up new facilities all over and making deals to expand their influence to new nations.  They also support racing, of course, to this day as well as sponsoring other sports and ventures. 

Continental Tires Cost and Pricing

Along with the big name comes a larger price, so you can expect to see a fairly sizable amount attached to any Continental Tires purchase.  That being said, we also don’t want to give you the wrong connotation here, either.  Just because Continental Tires are not ‘cheap’ does not make them ridiculously overpriced, either. 

You don’t stick around for around 150 years for nothing.  You learn to adapt and set prices wisely, and they certainly continue to do just that.  These tires are worth more, therefore they do cost more to buy.  But they won’t cost you both your arm and your leg to acquire them, unless, of course, you just don’t have a very large budget to spend at the moment.  In terms of their price against others in their ‘league,’ they are very competitive, though. 

Continental Tire Warranties

When you decide to go with a bigger name, one thing that you can typically depend upon is that they offer a strong, clear warranty program to fall back on in the event that things just don’t turn out to plan.  This is definitely the case in regards to Continental Tires, who offer a very competitive warranty program to help bail you out if their engineering and manufacturing, somehow, proved to be less than stellar.  They offer so much that it’s hard to break down, but here are the high points:

  • Flat tire roadside assistance.  This enables you to get your flat changed and a spare put on in both the US and Canada any time of day.
  • Road hazard warranty.  They will replace all damaged tires for up to one year for free if you find that they don’t hold up.
  • Their limited warranty is also good for the same period of time, and they will replace them for free if they are deemed to be incapable of service in that time.
  • Tread wear.  They will cover you for up to 80,000 miles, in select products.
  • Trial.  Customers will get 60 days to try their tires out on for size as a trial.  If you don’t like them, they will replace them with no qualms.

For more specifics, you will have to look over each product to see exactly what they are offering in regards to a warranty.  But on the whole of it, this is quite generous and a major upside for you. 

Continental Tire Options

Continental Tires, as you could have guessed, have plenty of options for you to pick from.  They have tires for people that want to get the utmost out of their performance, and they have just regular old tires, too, for a range of customers.  Whether you have a car, truck, SUV, or van, they have you covered. 

They even have winter tires that will help out those that live in rougher, tougher environments as well.  While they do have plenty to pick from currently, we also like the fact that they don’t have too much.  Some of these big companies offer so many that it gets confusing, but with them you actually get a sense that you will come to understand what you are buying.  As for finding Continental Tires, they are super easy to do so.  Most local dealers will have them on hand or can order them for you, and if not, you probably won’t have to go too far to find them. 

Continental Tire Technologies and Features

Technology is a major part of the modern world, and it is also a massive player in your set of tires, whether you realize it or not.  Continental Tires, ever since its inception, has been at the forefront of bringing technology to your tires.  We know that Continental are seen as a tire company, but they have become much more than that, especially in the last couple of decades. 

They have pushed the envelope by buying up related companies just so that they can maximize how your tires perform and react in various conditions.  To us, this is the most important thing that could be said about them.  As far as features go, they have all kinds of them to speak of.  From tires that can go faster than any road car thought was possible to tires that will hold up in the harshest of winters, and so much more, they have it. 

Continental Tire Durability

Continental Tires are among the biggest and best tire companies in the entire world, and as such, you can count on them being able to provide you with strong, durable tires.  These tires last quite a while because they take their time and apply technology, R&D, and their processes in an efficient and consistent manner.  On top of that, the fact that they offer such a comprehensive warranty program also means that they will last longer than most others.  As such, you should feel great about the lifespan you’re going to get. 

Summary & Final Recommendations

With Continental Tires, there isn’t a whole lot else left to say.  They have been around a really long time now, and there is a very good reason for it.  They constantly seek to push the limits of what is possible for tires, all while giving you durable and high quality products.  We don’t see them going anywhere in the near future, except on to the cars of many more people. 

Continental Tire Types, Models, and Sizes Available

Passenger Tires

  • PureContact LS
  • TrueContact Tour
  • ExtremeContact DWS06
  • ContiProContact
  • VanContact A/S
  • PureContact
  • ProContact GX
  • ProContact RX
  • ProContact TX
  • SureContact RX
  • TrueContact
  • ControlContact Tour A/S Plus

Light Truck and SUV Tires

  • TerrainContact H/T
  • CrossContact LX25
  • TerrainContact A/T
  • CrossContact LX Sport
  • CrossContact LX20
  • CrossContact UHP
  • CrossContact LX
  • 4x4SportContact
  • 4x4Contact
  • SureContact LX

Performance Tires

  • ExtremeContact Sport
  • ExtremeContact DWS06
  • ExtremeContact DWS
  • ExtremeContact DW
  • PureContact
  • ContiSportContact 5P
  • ControlContact Sport SRS
  • SureContact RB
  • ForceContact
  • ControlContact Sport A/S

Winter Tires

  • VikingContact 7
  • VanContact Winter
  • ExtemeWinterContact
  • WinterContact SI
  • CrossContactWinter
  • ContiWinterContact TS810
  • ContiWinterContact TS810 S
  • ContiWinterContact TS830
  • ContiWinterContact TS830 P

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