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Constellation Tires Review 2022

Finding tires can be a tough enough job for anyone that is shopping for a new set for their passenger vehicle.  But if you are looking for something else, it can be exponentially harder to do so.  Today, we will be taking a look into Constellation Tires as we review what to know and look for. 

Constellation Tire Company Background & Information

You might not have heard of Constellation Tires ahead of reading this, but you will be well acquainted with them once we explain what they truly are.  Constellation Tires, honestly, does sound like a brand new Chinese company that is looking to sell super cheap tires to the market.  However, that is most definitely not what is going on. 

Constellation Tires are not made in the most well known place, they are made in Thailand.  Therefore, they will be cheaper than most out there.  With that said, their associations are extremely strong.  They are a part of the ATG, the Alliance Tire Group.  This brand sells tires in over 120 countries, and it is owned by the Yokohoma Rubber Company.  If you don’t know that name, chances are that you don’t know anything about tires at all.  They are massive, and that association is going to give Constellation Tires a ton of credibility. 

Constellation Tire Cost and Pricing

While Constellation Tires are not made in China, they are still made in Thailand, which helps to reduce their cost considerably.  Labor costs, as well as other factors, serve to drive down prices, which can in turn be passed on to you, the customer.  So, basically, what you are getting with Constellation Tires is a two-fold strategy. 

They are producing high quality tires that are made in conjunction (kind of) with big, super well known companies.  And they are also going to be competing in price with the cheaper companies that do exist on the market.  They do this based on the location that they are in.  To be fair, though, they are not the tippy top in quality, either, so just keep that in mind. 

Just to be clear here, while we do see Constellation as competitive in price, we also must stress that they are not bound to being as cheap as some others.  They don’t have to be because of their quality, so keep that fact in mind as you examine your options. 

Constellation Tire Warranties

Whenever you see a brand having their tires produced in a far flung country, it typically means that they are cheap and not expected to hold up very long.  When this is the case, what you will usually end up seeing is a lack of a strong warranty- or possibly absolutely no warranty at all.  Obviously, it’s not good to not have anything to ‘insure’ you, especially when you are running a business that could endanger people on the roadways.  With Constellation Tires, you will not have to worry about this. 

You get an extremely good warranty, particularly when you factor in the lower than average prices you’re going to be paying.  Every single tire from Constellation comes with a five year manufacturer defect warranty.  On top of that, they also will cover the retread for a period of two years.  This gives you some recourse in the event that something unfortunate does occur to you, and it also underlines that they are serious about providing you with an adequate set of tires. 

Constellation Tire Options

The strategy of many Chinese companies out there, as well as other lesser known brands, is to flood the market by producing as many different kinds of tires as they possibly can.  Not only do they offer cheap tires, but many of them offer a ton of them.  Constellation Tires, however, do not take this approach, instead offering only a few options in each area. They have more tires that are intended for regional use, while they only have a couple of them for ‘mixed service.’ 

These give you some options and allow you to pick out what you really need without going way overboard by having too many to possibly pick through.  A regional tire, of course, is going to be preferential if you have a truck that is going to be doing a lot of stopping and going.  This puts more strain on the tires over time, so you can’t just slap any old set of tires on them. 

Constellation Tire Technologies and Features

Most people would probably assume that a set of tires made in Thailand would come with a fairly low level of technology.  That, though, is not what happens when you look into Constellation Tires.  And the main reason for that is their link to ATG and Yokohoma.  With those associations, you get a guarantee that you’re going to be getting reasonable quality. 

They have the most up to date machines to do work with, and they also are going to have access to R&D that is not available to other companies that are simply out there to just produces bundles and bundles of less than stellar tires.  It may seem like a small deal to you at first, but having that research is crucial to getting a solid set of tires.  The reason these are cheap is their location as well as having a very streamlined process that they go through.  It doesn’t have anything to do with a lot of tech or features, of which are right up there with the very best in the world. 

Constellation Tire Durability

Whenever you see a super strong warranty presented such as Constellation Tires have offered here, you can rest assure that durability is going to be extremely good.  This is just common sense, after all, for us to look at.  If you have a set of tires, and there are a ton of companies that do this out there, that will not hold up under scrutiny, what do you do? 

You don’t slap a big warranty on them, that is for sure.  This, then, is the biggest indicator that we can give for their durability.  But that is not the only thing.  The links to Yokohoma and ATG are also instrumental here, as is their access to R&D and the best machinery that they can get their hands on.  All of this adds up and ensures you get exquisite value. 

Constellation Tire Summary & Final Thoughts

If you are running a trucking company and you are looking to save a few pennies, then you could do much, much worse than taking a look into Constellation Tires.  They are not your ordinary set of budget tires, not by a long stretch.  These tires are very affordable, especially for what they are.  They are durable, utilizing the latest technology and capitalizing on associations with some of the biggest tire makers in the entire game.  While there are higher quality truck tires out there, there are not very many of them, and you can certainly not find many that come with such an awesome value. 

Constellation Tire Types, Models, and Sizes Available

Long Haul Tires

  • CTL821- Trailer
  • CSL16- Steer
  • CDL892- Drive
  • CDL37- Drive

Mixed Service Tires

  • CAM38- Steer
  • CAM08- Steer, Drive, and Trailer

Regional Tires

  • CSR823- Steer
  • CDR955- Drive
  • CDR928- Drive
  • CDM 950- Drive
  • CAR 866- Steer and Drive
  • CAR 820 – Steer and Drive
  • CAR 02- Steer and Drive

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