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Delta Tires Review 2022

Tires can be a tricky subject to navigate around.  Debating which ones are the best for you is hard enough, but finding them when shopping can be even tougher at times.  This is particularly true online, and especially for those on a tight budget.  Today, we will be taking a look into Delta Tire, a potential answer to your problems. 

Delta Tires Company Background & Information

We all know about Delta, the airplane company, but today we are talking about a different Delta.  Though this one does not have the same big name status as the airplane brand, this brand is still one that should perhaps be better known.  That is because they have been around since 1959. 

This instantly gives it more credibility than many other brands out there, simply due to the longevity at which it has persisted.  Today’s version of the brand falls under the umbrella of TBC Brands.  To many people, TBC looks like it would be cheaper, lower quality goods, but the truth is actually the opposite of that.  They do come out of China, but the company has a number of brands that fall under its jurisdiction, so to speak, and is one of the more high quality groups that also seek to sell tires for affordable prices.  For this reason, Delta Tire gets a whole lot more confidence than some others in similar spots would. 

Delta Tires Cost and Pricing

Delta has been around a long while, and while that gives them some credibility, as we discussed above, the relationship to TBC Brands has only seemed to make them stronger.  With TBC doing the marketing and distribution work, it has enabled prices to be further cut and remain low for Delta Tire

So, you can expect to see an extremely competitive price being attached to a set of tires from them.  This is not to say that they will the cheapest tires you have ever seen on the market, but it does mean that they will be much lower than others in this quality range.  And on top of that, they will have much more quality than the brands that are coming in at a dirt cheap prices that just seem way too good to be true. 

Delta Tires Warranties

One of the hallmarks of going with TBC Brands and any other properties, such as Delta, is that they offer a strong warranty program for its customers.  Cheap tires, particularly ones out of China, do not usually come with a warranty like this.  In fact, they sometimes don’t come with one at all. 

Obviously, you would rather have one than not, as it does give you some protection, and that is what Delta is able to do for you, as you would assume given how long they have been around in the game. 

Each warranty is different based upon which set of tires that you have at hand, but at the end of the day, you do have some recourse in the event that something goes wrong.  We can’t promise you that it’s the best warranty you have ever laid your eyes upon, but it sure does beat having absolutely nothing to protect you and your wallet. 

Delta Tire Options

Delta Tires is not one of the most expansive brands in the world in terms of the variety of tires that they offer.  With that being said, they have found a happy medium where they do have some diversity without going overboard.  They mainly cover the areas of traditional passenger vehicle tires- so tires for cars, trucks, and SUVs are basically it. 

They have some that are going to offer you more performance than others, and the overwhelming majority are going to be all season tires.  They only have one winter tire, but that is more than many can boast, so we don’t want to make it seem as if we are frowning upon them in that area.  We feel that they likely don’t offer too much simply because the rest of TBC Brands covers other niches, allowing them to work on what they know best and leaving the rest to others. 

As far as finding them goes, it is getting easier and easier to do so.  More and more local dealers are carrying the brand, though we imagine that online shopping is still probably the best avenue for most folks to acquire them. 

Delta Tire Technologies and Features

Technologies and features don’t seem to have a large place in the Chinese tire market, certainly not for the vast majority of companies, but that is not the case in regards to TBC or Delta Tires.  These tires have plenty of tech and features built into them to keep them very much modern. 

They may not be right there on the cutting edge like some of the bigger players in the game, but they also don’t lag all that far behind, either.  One thing that proves this is that they have tires for performance and then they have a couple for ultra performance.  Those seem like mere words at first glance, but they are more than that. 

They are vastly different, with one getting closer to a racing type of experience than the other.  That shows their attention to detail and their willingness to appeal to all sorts of consumers. 

Delta Tire Durability

The words ‘China’ and ‘tires’ do not exactly mingle well for most folk that are buying tires online.  They see them and instantly run away.  But this should not be done, especially with anything related to TBC Brands.  This is a global company that uses the best tech and the best minds from all over the world to make tires for a number of uses. 

Delta happens to be a chunk of this, and that helps explain why they are some of the most high quality and durable tires you can find from that part of the world.  Another thing to note is the warranty program.  By having one, they are effectively putting their money where their mouth is. 

Delta Tire Summary & Final Thoughts

If you are looking for tires that are going to be safe and come in at a good value, then you can do much, much worse than Delta Tire.  Some Chinese tires get a bad ‘rep,’ but that is not something you should apply to or assume to this brand.  These tires are durable, as their long lifespan in the tire game can attest to, and it is for that reason, that anyone on a small-ish budget should check them out. 

Delta Tire Types, Models, and Sizes Available

Passenger Tires

  • Delta Esteem Ultra- Optimum Touring All Season
  • Grand Prix Tour RS- Touring All Season
  • Custom 428 A/S- All Season

Performance Tires

  • Mirada Sport GT2- Performance All Season
  • Doral SDL-Sport- Performance All Season
  • Doral SDL-A- Performance All Season
  • Solar 4XS+- Performance All Season
  • Sumic GT-A- Performance All Season
  • Velozza ZXV4- Ultra High Performance All Season
  • Grand Prix Performance G/T- Cosmetic Performance All Season
  • Turbo-Tech G/T- Cosmetic Performance All Season

SUV/Light Truck Tires

  • Sierradial H/T Plus- Highway All Season
  • Wild Spirit Sport HXT- Highway All Season
  • Trail Guide HLT- Highway All Season
  • Wild Trail Touring CUV- Highway All Season
  • Wild Trail Commercial LT- Highway All Season
  • Wild Spirit HST-C- Highway All Season
  • Sierradial A/T Plus- Maximum All Terrain
  • Delta Trailcutter AT4S- All Terrain
  • Wild Trail All Terrain- All Terrain
  • Wild Trail All Terrain XT- All Terrain
  • Trail Guide All Terrain- All Terrain
  • Wild Trail CTX- Commercial Traction
  • Mud Claw Extreme MT- Mud Traction

Winter Tires

  • Arctic Claw WXI- Passenger, LT, and SUV

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