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EFX Tires Review 2022

Depending on the type of tires you are looking for, tire shopping can be tougher than many give it credit for.  There is always a budget component to it, and on top of that, you’ve also got to find what you’re looking for specifically.  Today, we will be looking outside of the box a bit in the form of EFX Tires in our review. 

EFX Tire Company Background & Information

Tires are not the easiest thing to purchase, even if you are looking for the ‘easy’ stuff like passenger vehicle tires or something similar.  If you are looking for something different, then it can get rough.  EFX Tires is one of those that are different, as they offer tires for ATVs, UTVs, and golf karts.  If you are going off the road for a bit of fun, then they have the answer for you.  They provide a number of different types of off road tires as well. 

So no matter the environment you find yourself in, you can count on them to be standing by ready to help you out with a solution to whatever the question may be.  EFX Tires are made by a group known as Wheel Pros Powersports Division.  As you can probably guess from the name, they do both wheels and tires and have a few brands under their banner.  The company began operations in 1996 and includes a number of self professed ‘dirt geeks’ and outdoor enthusiasts.  They strive to provide products for all kinds of people, though, besides just those hitting the trails for fun, as they make products for fire fighters, park rangers, and other service people. 

EFX Tire Cost and Pricing

EFX Tires are carving out a name for themselves as having high quality products, and as a result of that, you should be prepared to pay the price for that quality.  We have seen higher priced tires out there, but we do have to say that this brand is at an above average price point.  They will not come to you cheaply, so if you are looking for a super low budget item, then this is not likely to be what you are on the lookout for. 

EFX Tire Warranties

With EFX Tires, it does not appear to us that they offer a tire warranty, unfortunately.  There are many, many tire companies, especially in this sector of the market, that do not, but for many this still going to be a major disappointment.  We have looked through their sites, and the only thing we can come up with is that the parent company, Wheel Pros, does have some warranties. 

This does give you a bit of hope, but a lot of off road and racing tires don’t come with much of one due to a series of possible complications that can occur while driving in unknown areas.  As such, you can ask, but you should not expect to be given a big warranty, if you can manage to get one at all. 

EFX Tire Options

The choices on hand by EFX Tires may not look all that impressive at first glance, but you can really see quite a bit of them there if you look hard enough.  Sure, the overall number of choices may be relatively low, but that does not mean that they don’t have some variety to the mix. 

They have tires for three different types of climates: the mud, the desert sands, and the ‘backwoods.’  Each of them have been tried and tested in their environment, too, making them viable choices for you to turn to.  When it comes to the golf karts, you get five choices to pick from.  Again, it may not seem to be too much, but that is a misnomer as so many brands don’t offer more than one or two.   You should find a model that you really like for sure with EFX Tires. 

EFX Tire Technologies and Features

A lot of folks would write off the amount of technology on hand for off road tires, but that is actually not the case.  In fact, most off road tires have more, much more, tech built into them than tires made for the road and ‘ordinary’ cars and trucks.  You have to have this tech, after all, in order for them to be able to sustain themselves through hard times.  Temperatures and conditions are not guaranteed to be optimum when you go off road, so it does take a special tire to accomplish the job and keep being able to do it. 

EFX Tires are able to do that, utilizing some of the latest tech while also maximizing their durability in the same process.  As far as features go with EFX Tires, you see a lot of them on the table.  Many of them use real technology that has been used and adopted from trucks to bring them over to the four-wheeler and the golf kart.  The reason this is a positive should be pretty obvious, as it means that they have been able to learn from really big, heavy trucks that place a large demand and then incorporate it into these tires.  It’s something that has helped take them to a leading spot in the aftermarket for tires and wheels as well. 

A last feature that we will also mention is that this brand also takes aesthetics very seriously.  All too many companies forget about this and overlook it, but they make sure they do not compromise on looks to give you the best experience that you can have. 

EFX Tire Durability

One of the things that has to be considered a hallmark of EFX Tires is the fact that they have decided to take their tires and put their money where their proverbial mouths are.  This is represented by the fact that they take their tires and test them in the environments that they are made for. 

This has played out by them going to Colorado to try out the mountains, going to the ‘backwoods’ of Texas, as they put it on their website, and going to California to test them out on flat, desert like land.  By doing this, they have been able to perfect and tweak their tires in order to make them right.  It’s not just a case of making them and then crossing their fingers that they will be good. 

They are good and durable because they have put them through real, true and very practical application.  Not every company can say the same, and it’s something you can count on with EFX by your side. 

EFX Tire Summary & Final Thoughts

EFX Tires are making a name for themselves as they go about their business, and it is easy to see why.  They provide good, long lasting tires for a number of applications, and that has seen them become a trusted name in the game.  They don’t come to you cheaply, but even in saying that you get the sense that they are still very much excellent value. 

Value doesn’t always mean a low price, especially if the subject in question doesn’t hold up, so they certainly fight back against that idea with a solid set of tires for all kinds of purposes. 

EFX Tire Types, Models, and Sizes Available


  • Motovator
  • Motovator R/T
  • Motohammer
  • Motoclaw
  • Motomtc
  • Motomax
  • Motoforce
  • Motohavok- Mud
  • Motoboss- Mud
  • SandSlinger- Sand

Golf Kart Tires

  • Hammer
  • Lo-Pro
  • Pro-Rider
  • Fusion S/T
  • Blade

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