Diamond Back Classic Tires Reviews

Diamond Back Classic Tires Review 2022

Tire shopping is not always the most fun experience for customers.  Problems that frequently arise have to do, typically, with a price being too great, or the fact that what you are truly looking for is just too hard to find.  Today, we will be taking a look into Diamond Back Classic Tires, a company that does something unique in the tire game. 

Diamond Back Classic Tire Company Background & Information

Diamond Back Classic Tires are going to serve a niche of the market that you just don’t see getting served much anymore: classic and specialty tires.  Classic cars are a staple of Americana.  They just are.  You see a sharp, old car drive by and you just think back to the ‘good old days.’  But there is one issue with those kinds of cars that many would balk over or outright forget- the tires.  Without the right kind of tires, you’re going to look downright silly driving a classic car.  You can’t just slap on any old set of tires, can you? 

That is where Diamond Back come into play.  They are a fourth generation business that has evolved a lot of over time.  Initially, they would retread tires.  Nowadays, they concentrate on, mostly, selling whitewall tires for classic and hobby cars.  These tires help potential drivers stand out, and as such, this is not a company to sleep on.  What makes them special is that they have their own plant, in South Carolina, where they take ‘normal’ tires and vulcanize them with customized sidewall treatments, per their website.  This has many advantages, as you get all of the benefits of modern tires while also obtaining that look that you must have to officially look ‘right.’ 

Diamond Back Classic Tire Cost and Pricing

The cost of a set of specialty tires, like it or not, is going to be higher than that of a ‘normal’ set of tires.  That is just something that you will have to come to know and accept.  For the most part, you’re going to be paying well into the double digits for each tire.  This is due to a number of things.  First and foremost, there are not many players in this particular portion of the market.  Plus, they take tires and essentially mold them to their own will, so that process does take time and extra cost to them.  As such, they simply cost more than tires that you usually see out there.  It’s hard to truly compare them apples to apples, as it’s just not fair to hold them to the same standards as ordinary road tires.  It’s just a price you will have to pay if you want to look as best you can. 

Diamond Back Classic Tire Warranties

Warranties are massive to have, even if you have a brand that you know, love, and trust.  It appears that warranties don’t come into play that much at Diamond Back Classic Tires, but they still have something there to protect you just in case things do go awry.  Among their warranty, is a very spelled out explanation, which to us is a major deal.  We comb through plenty of warranties that are super vague, and it makes you wonder if it’s on purpose to confuse you and make you forget about it, essentially.  In their program, they guarantee your tires for four years against all defects.  They will even offer road hazard warranties if you get the ‘extended’ version of it.  They also have a ‘limited’ warranty where you will pay a prorated amount to fix the tire(s).  If you are interested, you should check out their website and read it for yourself.  That is always the best way, truth be told. 

Diamond Back Classic Tire Options

When it comes to Diamond Back Tires, the options you have are fairly limited.  They are in the business of making classic car tires.  It is really that simple and succinct.  With that said, we were impressed by what they have.  We assumed they would have four or five offerings, but they actually have a pretty decently deep list of choices.  It’s not a huge list, but it does give you some wiggle room to look into.  Among the selections, they have general picks and then some for specific types of cars.  They have them for Cadillac’s and Rolls Royce’s, for example.  They don’t have much besides car tires, but they do have one set that is intended for use with trailers.  So, that is a glance at what they offer.  As far as finding them is concerned, you’ll need to order them directly from them.  Fortunately, that is super easy to do! 

Diamond Back Classic Tire Technologies and Features

There are two main things that we want to make very clear about Diamond Back Tires.  Many people would be a little bit concerned stepping into this ‘square,’ so to speak due to the nature of the business.  Are these tires old or are they just junky tires from anywhere that are made to resemble old tires?  The answer there is a huge no.  These are modern tires that will be able to perform out on the road very capably.  They will not let you down, and if they do you are covered by this company in the event that it does happen to you.  Secondly, we want to just mention how good and authentic they appear to be.  Looks are not everything, but when you get down to the chase of classic cars, it is much more so than with regular cars.  A feature of this brand is that they look magnificent.  If not for that, you would not still be reading! 

Diamond Back Classic Tire Durability

When it comes to durability with Diamond Back, you don’t have to worry all too much about them falling apart on you.  These tires are made to look like the tires of old all while taking on the strong properties of modern tires.  They even take tires from the biggest and most trusted manufacturers an then adapt them to their purposes.  The reason for this is to maintain a high level of quality.  They want them to last, as their strong warranty program demonstrates, and thus to make you happy with your purchase decision. 

Diamond Back Classic Tire Summary & Final Thoughts

Finding tires can be a tough job to accomplish, but it can get even more difficult for you when you are looking to put on a set that stands out compared to others.  If you have a classic car, you are not doing right by yourself to slap on any old set of tires.  Diamond Back Classic Tires, classic is in the name after all, is the answer for you if you want to look good and also feel protected.  This is a top notch brand that stands out from the crowd, and as such, you’d be foolish to not give them a look if you are in the classic car world! 

Diamond Back Classic Tire Types, Models, and Sizes Available

  • Auburn Deluxe Radial 15-16’’
  • Auburn Premium
  • Cadillac Specialty Wall Designs
  • Diamond Back 13
  • Diamond Back 17’’-18’’
  • Diamond Back Drag Radial
  • Diamond Back FT 17, 18, 20’’
  • Diamond Back FX
  • Diamond Back G2 Extreme Performance
  • Diamond Back I
  • Diamond Back II
  • Diamond Back III
  • Diamond Back MX
  • Diamond Back P4+
  • Diamond Back SS
  • Diamond Back ST-1
  • Diamond Back XL
  • Extra Load Trailer Tires
  • Lincoln Specialty Tires
  • Rolls Royce- Bentley
  • Short-Narrow Front Tires
  • Stretch Limo Tires

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