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Freestar Tires Review 2021

Tireco’s Freestar brand focuses solely on trailers, campers, and utility campers. Freestar tires offer a high-load capacity design which makes them the most ideal option for towing heavy cargo. Unlike off road tires, you won’t get bulky tires with heavy tread when using Freestar tires, but what you will receive is a comfortable ride that will help you lug even the heaviest of cargo. Whether you are buying Freestar Tires for work or leisure, you are soon to find out the benefits that will come from this brand!

Freestar Tire Company Information & Background

Freestar is a sub brand of Tireco incorporated. Tireco inc. has self proclaimed to be North America’s biggest private brand distributor of tires, since 1972. The company started in a warehouse and slowly grew into the large tire distributor that it is today. They stand strongly by their mission statement: “to create sustained value and opportunities for our customers, partners, and people through the strategic use of resources.”

Created by their founders, the company’s core values consist of: Trust, Integrity, Resourcefulness, and Excellence. No matter which capacity you contribute to the company, every employee is held to the highest of standards. This should provide consumers with confidence knowing that they are purchasing tires that are manufactured with a high level of professionalism.

Freestar Tire Cost & Pricing

It should go without saying that cost will always be something to consider when investing in something such as a new set of tires. When it comes to the Freestar tires, you are likely to get your money’s worth if you use them often. On average, you could likely get a Freestar tire for around $40+ per unit, or if you purchase a set of four you could likely get a better deal depending on the distributor you are buying from.

Being a budget friendly tire, it is likely that you’ll be able to find Freestar tires for at least $33 or higher, but luckily you should be able to find special offers, discounts, and rebates if you go to the right place. With that being said, if the Freestar brand is of interest to you, you can expect to get a bargain.

Freestar Warranties

Warranty information isn’t the most accessible for neither Freestar nor Tireco tires. After doing some digging, you should be able to find a mileage warranty from Tireco Inc. In order to claim your warranty, the tire needs to be worn down evenly across the tread, down to 2/32 of an inch remaining, within 5 years of your original purchase. Usually the company will issue the purchaser with a credit that can be redeemed for a new tire on a prorated basis, depending on the actual mileage.

Unlike other tire brands, the only way to truly activate the Manufacturer warranty is to go online and register your tires upon purchase. Some people have had issues trying to get this registration approved, so if you run into a similar issue, your best bet is to call the manufacturer directly in order to ensure your warranty.

Tire Options

Options from the Freestar brand will be a handful at best. You’ll be able to choose if you need tires for a trailer or a camper, and from there you can find a model that best suits your needs, although there won’t be much to choose from.

As far as size goes, you won’t find much of a variety. Popular Freestar tires such as the M-108 are available in 13”, 14”, 15”, and 16”. These sizes are pretty standard, so it shouldn’t be very hard for buyers to find a size that fits their trailer.

Sometimes simplicity is the best thing for you. When looking for the right trailer tire, you won’t have the burden of feeling overwhelmed by too many options. Lack of choice could be a good thing in this situation, as buyers could get right to the point and choose the tire they need to get their trailer on the road.

Freestar Technologies & Features

There’s not too much to brag about when looking for high quality features of the Freestar tires. Some of the features that are commonly highlighted for this brand are the noise and comfort. This means that you won’t be making a ruckus while driving and won’t have to deal with the trailer unexpectedly bouncing up and down, vibrating towards your motor vehicle.

Stability is another feature that the Freestar tires perform well. From the start of your trip until the finish, you can expect to have consistent stability. The handling for your trailer will help you feel safe en route to your destination. In other words, you won’t need to be worried when driving with these tires as long as you drive responsibly. With that being said, Freestar tires are considered to be a J Speed rating, which means that is safe for speeds up to 62 miles per hour. Overall, as long as you are conscious of your speed, your handling will be exceptional. There have been trailer aficionados in the past that initially used Freestar tires, then purchased other brands, and ultimately went back to Freestar, which is a testament within itself. 

Keep in mind that when it comes to auto tires, there’s usually a downside that comes with the upside. As you will typically find when investing in trailer tires that are sold in wholesale, some Freestar tires have contained air bubbles on the sidewall. Needless to say, the tires aren’t at their best potential while in this condition, and should be brought to the attention of the seller as soon as you receive the defective product.

As you can see, there Freestar might not have the bright bells and whistles that other brands claim to offer, however the brand gets the job done for people who are hauling large, heavy objects using their trailer. In reality, all the extra technology isn’t needed as long as the tire is in good physical condition so that it lasts for an extended period of time.

Freestar Tire Durability & Longevity

Most Freestar tires are considered to be reasonable in comparison to other tires that haul boats and trailers. Since these tires are expected for special occasions instead of daily use, you should be able to get the most out of them in terms of longevity. Past buyers have drove over 500 miles with Freestar tires such as the M-108 and have yet to experience any performance issues.

If you do end up using these tires for a boat trip you’re likely to run into some uneven terrain en route to the water. Admittedly, the tread on Freestar tires weren’t designed to run through snow, wet roads, or dirt, however you shouldn’t experience any major issues since the tires won’t be used daily. The overall durability rating isn’t considered the highest in snow and wet weather, but if you are driving on a dry surface you will be in good shape.

One thing to keep in mind is that since the price is relatively low, there is no true guarantee that your tires will last a long time. Sure, if you use your trailer once or twice a year, the chance of you using the same tires for years on end is highly likely. On the contrary, if you are driving around frequently with your trailer, the chances become higher of potentially puncturing your tire and having to buy a new one. The good news in this scenario is that the tires aren’t very expensive if the first place, so if push comes to shove and you need to buy new tires, it won’t burn a very big hole in your pockets.

Summary & Overall Thoughts 

Overall, the Freestar tires are a decent option for the annual trip to the beach where you are bringing a trailer. Considered by many to be a great budget tire, Freestar tires are a solid option if you are low on money but need tires for your trailer. Many trailer owners have claimed that they have received excellent value for their money.

Freestar tires are built with a demand on great manufacturing, and their heavy duty construction will ensure that your tires last long no matter how frequently you decide to use them. If you are able to look over the J speed rating and keep an eye out for the sidewall bubbles, Freestar tires will provide consumers with high quality value.

Recreational towing using requires reliable tires to help haul important cargo, whether it be a boat or your typical camping trailer. Freestar provides a tire that will help you get to your destination in comfort, noise-free, and for an affordable price. From having a highly dedicated parent company with a mission to properly serve their customers, to the simple tire design, Freestar is a valid option for anybody that uses a trailer to transport boats, campers, and other heavy objects.

Freestar Tire Models

High Performance Trailer Tire

  • Freestar M-108
  •  Freestar TL F-108 Radial Trailer Tire
  • Freestar Trailer Tire Load Range D ST205/75R15

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