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Dean Tires Review 2022

Whenever you find yourself looking for tires, you run into a few problems.  If you are looking to save money, it can be hard to do considering how many companies claim to be there for you and your wallet.  One potential brand that could save you some money is that of Dean Tires, who we will be reviewing today so that your job is just a little bit easier! 

Dean Tires Company Background

Dean Tires got their start all the way back in 1923, believe it or not when the founder, David Dean, began running a tire service shop in Louisville, Kentucky.  They basically delivered tires and sold them at the time, but some 40 years later, his son, David, Jr., would truly expand the vision by making Dean an actual, viable manufacturer of tires as well.  No longer were they merely transporting or selling them, they were now doing so under their own banner for the first time. 

After three decades of selling their own brand, they had made over $60 million annually and were selling to ten different countries.  It’s not bad work at all for a small business that slowly built its way up over time!  In 1999, they made a switch, with the Deans retiring and taking a back seat.  They sold to Cooper Tires, and since then they have remained servicing the same niche they have always served- making tires for light trucks, cars and SUV’s for normal, everyday folks.  With the switch over to Cooper, you might would expect more variety, but that has yet to be seen to this point. 

Dean Tires Cost and Pricing

One of the main reasons why Dean Tires ever became a thing, and why it also continues to be a factor at all in the tire landscape in the US, is because of its commitment to keeping prices low and competitive for its customers.  They have never offered a ridiculously large line of tires to pick from, and they still do not for that matter, but they have kept prices low.  This name and dedication to doing so is a big factor why Cooper Tires decided to purchase them. 

On top of that, the brand also would have wanted a way to introduce tires out on the market that were cheaper than the ones that they regularly sell.  In doing so, they don’t take away as much business from themselves as they could have.  So, Dean Tires, basically, are a lower costing tire than many of the big names out there.  Having said that, they are not the all-time cheapest on the lot and they do have the backing of a trusted name like Cooper.  Plus, they have their own trusted, reliable name and lineage to go back on as well, which should definitely not take away from them at all, in our opinions. 

Dean Tire Warranties

Upon doing research on Dean Tires, it became apparent to us that there is not a ton of information on warranties as it relates to them.  Warranties, as you should already know, are a major part of the way people approach purchasing tires.  Many folks will consider paying more for a set of tires that has one than one that does not.  Some will pay extra in order to get the best warranties, so the fact that there is not a lot of info about them for Dean Tires is a little bit worrying, to say the least.  If you come across them, then ask the dealer what kind of warranty that they offer on them.  It may simply depend on who you are buying from, so don’t be afraid to see what they offer you.  

Tire Options

When it comes to how many models they offer, the lineup for Dean Tires is admittedly a little bit ‘weak’ when compared to others out there.  You look down the list and you see just six choices to pick from.  With that said, we quite enjoy when companies are kept small and succinct, working to be extremely good at what they do rather than reaching out and trying to be something they are not. 

Plus, it’s really annoying when you see a ton of tires that you have no way of telling apart on a list.  Some companies, especially the bigger ones and sometimes the very cheap ones as well, will have limitless options for you to pick from.  Combing through them is painstaking and it can be outright infuriating because you cannot tell them apart.  With Dean Tires, you get what you see, pretty much.  There are regular weather tires and then they also make tires for cold, harsh winters.  They only offer tires, at least for now, for cars, trucks, and SUV’s, so that is worth noting.  If you are on the market for something else, you will have to look elsewhere.  We don’t expect to see this change, but you never know, really. 

They do have a number of products they are no longer are making, yet they can be found at times, so if you do wish to have more choices that is the avenue for you to go down.  As it relates to their availability, that should be a bright spot.  As an American brand, that is already going to help you in your quest to find them. While they may not be as simple to find as Goodyear tires or something of that sort, they will be easier to find than companies based elsewhere.  On top of that, they also have the link to Cooper Tires as well.  That will serve to make them much more viable of an option and one that might exist around your area.  While not super easy to find, we know that they could be a whole lot more difficult to be found. 

Dean Tire Technologies and Features

While Dean Tires, as a lower priced choice, are not likely to have the most technology ever infused into them, it also has to be said that they do a pretty job with this.  Having the backing of Cooper Tires is a big help, but they have had a tendency to do a good job with tech for a long time, anyway.  They have, in many of their tires, the use of a three-ply sidewall rather than one with two-ply.  This is great for a couple of reasons.  For one, it lessens the chance for punctures to occur by making the sidewall thicker and more difficult to break through. 

Secondly, it means that they are going to help the cut or truck cut better by gripping the ground in a more efficient way.  Both of these are excellent additions and improvements on other cheap tires that you can find, and they are well worth being pointed out as a result of it.  They have also shown a lot of commitment to making sure that tires are able to last in a lot of climate types.  It is not common to find that tires are made for all kinds of weather, but Dean has done a good job at doing this for a very long time now.  ‘Workhorse’ would be a good way to summarize what these tires stand for. 

Dean Tire Durability

With so many of the budget priced tires on the market, you have to think and ponder about their ability to hold up very well.  Tires that do not have much durability to them, obviously, are not really the kind that you want to go with.  Many of the very cheap tires made in China are cheap for a reason.  It’s because the just don’t use good materials or processes.  With Dean Tires, though, you have a long, long history and the work in conjunction with Cooper Tires to fall back on.  As a result of this, you can expect them to have adequate durability for you to be happy.  While the normal Cooper Tires line is probably going to be more durable, you should not feel held back too much at all by Dean’s offerings. 

Summary & Final Recommendation

If you are looking for a lower priced option while keeping with an American brand, then you should not look any further than Dean Tires.  They have been around a long time, and though they have become a part of Cooper, we feel that has only made them stronger.  So many ‘cheap’ tires exist today, but they don’t do nearly the job they claim to do.  Dean does, and much more, striking a blow at the heart of high prices by also giving you exceptional durability and performance! 

Dean Tire Models

  • Back Country MT
  • Back Country QS-3
  • Back Country SQ-4
  • Road Control NW-3
  • Wintercat SST
  • Wintercat X/T

Discontinued Products

  • Wintermaster Plus- Studded
  • Wintermaster Plus
  • Wintercat Radial SST- Studded
  • Wintercat X/T- Studded
  • Wildcat EXT Radial LT- Studded
  • Durango XTR- Studded
  • Stinger GTS
  • Equus LSI Directional
  • Equus LSI
  • Quasar Plus
  • Alpha 365
  • Wildcat Touring SLT
  • Wildcat Touring SLT (LT)
  • Trailcat All Season
  • Trailcat LT All Season
  • Wildcat H/T
  • Wildcat A/T
  • Wildcat A/T LT
  • Wildcat LT All Terrain
  • Wildcat EXT Radial LT
  • Durango XTR
  • Durango MT

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