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Goform Tires Review 2022

The GoForm Tire brand creates an extensive portfolio of inexpensive tires made for cars and light trucks, imported to North America from local manufacturers in China. Despite being made overseas, GoForm tires have generally positive feedback; mostly regarding the high quality durable rubber that results in long lasting performance.

Company Information & Background

There isn’t too much information on the company that manufactures GoForm tires. As you will read in the ‘options’ section, the tires are initially made in the company’s headquarters, based in China’s Qingdao Province, and then shipped over to the United States and Canada. It’s not uncommon for companies that operate overseas to be ambiguous in their background and information.

Goform Tire Cost & Pricing

 One of the biggest upsides to buying GoForm tires is that they are affordable tires made with high quality material. You could easily find an all-season tire for $40 a piece, and probably even less if you group them up into a set of 4.

With that being said, you could run into higher priced GoForm tires depending on the model. For example, the GoForm W705 winter tires can average you around $130+ per tire, or roughly $530 for a set of four. This is likely due to the heavy amount of rubber that was put into the tire for the tread to be thick enough to gain traction against rigorous weather elements.

After taking a deeper dive into the average prices of GoForm’s tires, it’ll ultimately come down to what season you are looking to buy for. The more material that the tire is made of, the more likely you’ll be obligated to pay more.

Goform Tire Warranties

It is unclear if the Chinese GoForm manufacturer offers a warranty. Generally speaking, companies usually provide information on the warranty that they offer. The best option you have is to inquire with the tire distributor and see if they have their own warranty to offer. If it is true that there isn’t a legitimate warranty for GoForm tires, that’ll be a huge blow to them, as most tires in the industry offer some form of warranty, mostly up until 2/32 inch of tread remaining on the product.

Goform Tire Options

Manufactured in their headquarters in Qingdao Province, China, GoForm tires offer a variety of models that thrive throughout all seasons, specifically the winter. Models such as the GoForm W705 winter tire is available in 9 different sizes, which opens up the scale of potential buyers who have different sized vehicles that are driven throughout the winter.

Giving consumers the option to choose which type of tire they need and having a versatile size inventory available definitely works in favor of GoForm. There are All-Season models such as the GoForm G520 that are better suited for dry conditions thanks to an asymmetrical tread with a depth of ~11. This is good for GoForm, as they can serve consumers that are located in different geographies that have different terrains: from consistent rain, sleet and snow, to dry desert heat.

Goform Technologies & Features

Models such as the GoForm Classic GT 02 perform very well while riding on mud and snow. The distinct tread pattern on this model is deep enough to tear through any irregular road surface that may arise when dealing with the snow and/or mud. The dry traction for these tires is generally reasonable, however it is the wet traction that this brand excels in.

All-Season models such as the G745 are made for passenger cars and has a unique tread that enhances handling no matter what season you’re in. The tread’s asymmetrical design helps grip onto the road whether it’s dry, snowy, or wet. Another great part about the tread is that it contains circumferential grooves that help release any water or slush that has potential to get stuck in the tread and cause the tire to lose stability; ultimately hydroplaning.

The G745 also lowers the overall noise levels on the road that are typically heard when the tires are fully in motion. This is due to the tread’s closed shoulders preventing airwaves from entering the tire’s footprint and contacting the tread elements. Additionally, the tire’s tread has a variable shift phase which negates the noise from the road that can potentially generate while driving.

As you will notice with most car tires, gaining traction on ice can cause a major issue. This is no different for GoForm. Ice traction scores average to low with GoForm tires, even the ones that specialize in the winter season.

Tire Durability & Longevity

The durability and longevity of your GoForm will depend on the model you purchase. If you want consistent durability throughout all four seasons, your best bet is to go with the GoForm GH18; arguably GoForm’s most durable model. This all-season tire has a steel-belted radial frame which offers a tread that was completely computer designed, so you can rest assured that your tires will hold up regardless of the weather outside.

In general, most GoForm tires will be made with enough material to last quite a while.The heavy amount of rubber in most winter tires will be able to give you enough tread life to last a few years or so. GoForm tires specifically made for the summer/spring time might not be as durable since they tend to be slightly thinner to better contrast with dry road conditions. 

With that being said, most consumers have felt as though other GoForm tire models don’t have the best tread life. They tend to wear down rather quickly, and once the measurement gets to 2/32”. In addition, there have been many complaints on fuel efficiency with this brand of tire. Simply put, those who have used GoForm in the past have claimed that they aren’t getting the most out of their potential miles per gallon when using these type of tires. This has typically been reported for the more inexpensive brands, so you’ll have to consider if you’re really saving money when purchasing the budget model.

Summary & Overall Thoughts 

While not the most known tire brands in the industry, GoForm tires have built a rapport with their customer base as a trustworthy brand with long lasting performance. After going through a thorough evaluation, GoForm could be a hit or miss brand. The positives are that it is an affordable tire that can last in wet weather, although not every customer agreed with this analysis due to their own experiences.

GoForm might not be the most transparent company in the current auto tire market. There isn’t much information out there on the company itself, or even warranty information for that matter. If you could look past that ambiguity, you might be able to find yourself a reliable tire at a cheap price. At the end of the day, the company’s business practices aren’t as important as the value they have to offer you, especially if you are on a budget and need new tires fast.

Goform Tire Models

High Performance All-Season

  • GoForm GH18
  • GoForm G520
  • GoForm GT02

High Performance Winter

  • GoForm W705

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