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Lizetti Tires Review 2022

When you are on the lookout for a new set of tires, there are a few things that could be blocking your route forward.  For one, there is price.  And for another, there is the factor of not knowing who or what you are dealing with.  Today, we’ll be helping you knock out both by taking a look at and reviewing Lizetti tires for you! 

Lizetti Company Background & Information

Lizetti tires is a very cool name, honestly, and that is something that is done out of branding.  And likely it is very necessary, as the parent’s name, Turbo Wholesale Tires, just isn’t nearly as catchy, though ‘turbo’ isn’t a bad name by itself.  Turbo Wholesale Tires dates back to the 1983 when they began operating their base out of Irwindale, California.  Today, they even have a 300,000 square foot facility that distribute tires, making them one of the biggest players in that very state. 

However, they also sell to the rest of the nation and the globe as well, so it has expanded greatly from where it once got off to its start.  With that said, you can’t help but point out the other brands that fall under their guise.  Besides Lizetti, they also have Pirelli tires as well.  Pirelli supplies the tires for Formula 1 currently, making them stand out in a very big way.  Among the others, they also operate Cooper Tires and Falken Tire as well, showing you a plethora of brands under their ‘umbrella,’ if you will. 

There is a pretty big caveat we should mention here, and it is that there is not a lot of information on Lizetti from the horse’s mouth itself.  They don’t mention it as a featured brand, so you can kind of see where their ultimate priorities lie, at least in our humble estimations. 

Lizetti Tire Cost and Pricing

The best bit of good news that we could bring you, in our opinion, of course, is that Lizetti tires are extremely affordable and very competitive in their pricing.  The tire market is a rough one that can be hard to judge for many, with prices bound to be high for brands that are very well known all over the world.  It can be very tough to locate which brands are associated with what, even if there are- which there are plenty of them- brands that are made with the intention of keeping costs as low as possible. 

That is what Lizetti strives to do.  They are among the cheapest brands out there, in some of their models at least, allowing you to breathe easier due to that wallet not coming under fire as you would have thought that it would have.  No one wants to pay more than they have to, and if you are extremely limited by the price you are able to pay currently, you could do a whole lot worse than taking a long, hard look into Lizetti tires for your next set of ‘wheels.’  Among them are various models, some of which will inevitably cost a bit more due to being made more for performance, but on the whole these tires are quite affordable to purchase and will make you very happy with your decision. 

Lizetti Tire Warranty

As far as a warranty goes on Lizetti tires, it also looks like you may well be on your own, so to speak.  Finding a warranty is tough to do, and it may end up coming down to the dealer you ultimately buy them from.  You should ask the dealer if they offer any, as they do appear to have a tread life warranty on some sites that you can find them on.  Again, this could vary and might just be something that particular dealer does, rather than the brand of Lizetti themselves.  If Lizetti does in fact have one, it’s also not going to be up to the standard that a Pirelli or some other big brand would give.  It’s just common sense, seeing as how they are not intended to work for as long given the nature of their process. 

Tire Options

As far as options go, Lizetti do a decent job of bringing those to the table without going way too overboard, at least as far as the passenger tires go.  If you have a car, you have quite a few choices to pick from.  If you have a truck of SUV, though, this is not likely to be the one for you, as they have just one option, by the looks of our research. 

They may have more, but there does not look to be a great deal of promise.  As far as cars go, you do get choices between tires that are made for performing at full capacity all year and those that are just ‘normal’ tires.  It probably goes without saying that the ones that are made for all year, regular use are going to be cheaper, seeing as how they are not specialized or improved all that much.  The ones that are built to perform better will set you back slightly more with cost, though they are still very competitive with the bigger brands that you find out there.  It’s just a fact of life, and it’s something to look out for.  As far as finding Lizetti tires go, it can be difficult to do so. 

It even appears that Turbo Tires don’t take them all that seriously, so it may take some real hunting for you to do in many cases.  Even online, it’s hard to find a ton of information, but it is there if you really want to give them a go. 

Lizetti Technologies and Features

Because of the fact that brands like Pirelli and others are under the same umbrella as them, you might get the idea that Lizetti tires are more advanced than other tires made in this ‘cheaper arena.’  While this may indeed be true, we also are having difficulties finding any evidence of such.  It appears to us that technologies and super advanced features are not really much of a thing with Lizetti, even if you would assume they would have more than with other similarly priced brands out there. 

Again, they may have more tech and features built in, but it is not likely to be the case, as they just don’t seem to be a big priority at all.  They are made to give people an entry point, by and large, as far as price goes, so you don’t get a ton of frills out of them like you might have got with other brands under Turbo, such as Pirelli.  This is not to say that they are total junk, by any stretch, but you should definitely not expect to see them using any new bits of tech that are pushing the envelope past what we know is the case of current, modern day tires. 

Lizetti Tire Durability

With the extremely low and competitive price you pay for Lizetti tires, you can pretty much count on them being less durable than the other tires that Turbo Wholesale Tires brings out.  However, that is not all bad news, necessarily.  Just because they don’t last as long as Pirelli or those bigger brands, which are more expensive, does not make these tires terrible. 

If you are able to get a decent amount of time from them, which you should be able to do in most cases, then you will be ready to go and will be fairly happy.  You do get what you pay for, and it’s not really a secret to see where Lizetti lies on their totem pole, but you don’t have to be totally discouraged or disappointed in Lizetti just yet. 

This is a brand that can be durable, but you have to treat them right and know that they are going to be more limited than some of the other tires available on the open market.  If you can accept those facts, then you’re pretty much set and ready to go by ignoring this (or pushing it to the back of the mind, rather).  Durability is in the eye of the beholder when you compare it to others, so it really just depends wildly on what you are putting it in competition with. 

Summary & Final Recommendations

If you are looking to save some money on a set of tires and you want a trusted company to back you up a bit, and we mean only a bit, then Lizetti might be the way to go.  It’s a curious strategy for them to be so loosely a part of the team at Turbo, but that is how it goes.  Perhaps they want to distance themselves due to a few bad reviews or something.  They are not guaranteed to the best, but they also don’t seem to be anywhere near the worst, either.  So, take that for what it’s worth as you think over your options on Lizetti’s offerings! 

Lizetti Tire Models

High Performance Summer Tires

  • LZ- HTC
  • LZ- One
  • LZ- Six
  • LZ- Three
  • LZ- Two

Passenger All Season Tires

  • LZ- ES1
  • LZ- ES2
  • LZ- HST

Ultra High Performance All Season Tires

  • LZ- ES10
  • LZ- ES20

On/Off Road Terrain Light Truck/SUV Tires

  • All Terrain

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