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Cachland Tires Review 2022

Buying tires is far from easy, and for some people it can be akin to getting their teeth pulled out one by one.  However, it does not have to be that difficult, even if you are low on cash.  One such brand that might just draw your gaze due to that fact is Cachland Tires, whom we have reviewed for you today. 

Cachland Tire Company Background & Information

Cachland Tires, as many tire brands are now today, falls under the umbrella of a much bigger company.  That company, located out of Shanghai, China, of course, is known as Hengfeng Tires.  If you are from outside of China and not within the tire industry, you’ve likely never heard of this company. 

But perhaps you should have.  Dating back to 1995, this company has been around a while.  It’s become one of the most trusted names in the Chinese tire market over that and has also made an impact in other areas of the globe as well.  With over 10,000 employees, this is by no means a small operation that is trying to break down the walls of the tire industry. 

They have amassed massive assets up this point in time, and a large part of that is their ability to brand.  As of now, it looks like they have seven different tire brands beneath them.  One of them, of course, is Cachland, which is our subject today. 

Cachland Tire Cost and Pricing

One of the main benefits of shopping for and purchasing tires from China is the lower price point in which they offer.  Let’s not mistake that fact.  If it wasn’t for that, they would not exist in the market right now, and they certainly would not do so at such a rate as they are now.  There are so many companies out of China in the tire business, and they almost exclusively are working to drive down costs, as they do in many other sectors. 

At any rate, with Cachland you will continue to get good, affordable, and competitive prices brought straight to you.  With that being said, these are not the cheapest tires that can be found in China.  We find this to be a huge positive, and we will expand more upon that as we go in this review.  Even if they aren’t the lowest of the low, though, you still have to really like the price, as it’s much more affordable than most ‘regular’ tires found in the States or Europe are. 

Cachland Tire Warranties

A lot of Chinese tire manufacturers exist only to provide you with a low cost option on the market.  This means that they don’t do much in the way of durability or protection.  One potential way that you can get protection is by turning to a warranty program.  This helps back you up in the event that something goes wrong with your tires before they were ‘supposed’ to do so. 

Unfortunately, it looks like there is a slight hole here with Cachland as well, as we have not been able to find any information regarding a warranty.  We’d like to believe that they have one, but it is not customary to always see this, so they probably do not.  You can always ask for one, but the answer is likely to be a big ‘NO.’ 

Tire Options

Cachland Tires takes a different approach than many of the other Chinese tire manufacturers out there.  Quality is actually a commitment with them, and we think that one reason they can produce such good products is due to the limited options that they have.  They have just a few of them, all for your traditional road car, but we find that they cover just about what you would need. 

If you want to go on and off road a bit, they have a mud tire for you to choose.  They also have a few options for cars, a couple for SUVs and trucks, and one for vans as well.  This may not seem like much, but it sure does beat a company that is just making all sorts of tires without putting a lot of thought into them. 

Cachland Tire Technologies and Features

Many Chinese tires come with little to no technology advancements.  When you think about it, it makes perfect sense.  They are looking to cut back costs, so they stick to old tech that is basically tried sand true already.  This approach works for most, at least good enough, so it’s the common way. 

And while we don’t believe that Cachland are doing anything revolutionary, we do see them bucking this trend by putting bits of tech into their tires.  They have real R&D centers and do conduct tests on their tires to ensue that they reach optimum standards.  Again, this is not common place in China, so this should very much be viewed as a positive and welcome development.  For the most part, all of their tires ride both comfortably and quietly. 

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but we have heard of plenty of Chinese tires that hum louder than those army helicopters when they race over the top of your house.  Many of their offerings also have protection built into to keep curbs from damaging them, giving you another feature to feel very good about. 

Cachland Tire Durability

A lot of people will instantly leave and disregard any set of tires that are from China, but we have a real issue with that, truth be told.  Not all American or European companies are great, and like that, not all Chinese companies are going to be bringing rubber death traps in the form of their tires.  It just is not the case. 

Sure, most brands of tires from China are lacking, but that does not mean that they all are.  Cachland are one of the rare ones that do an amazing job at lasting and performing well. While we’re not going to make the claim that they will last longer than a Goodyear or a Michelin or a Bridgestone, they do a very nice job in many instances, particularly for the price that you pay. 

Value is about more than just the price.  It’s also about how long the item is able to last.  If the item at hand lasts twice as long as you expected, then you have essentially halved the price of it.  Much in the same light, we find these tires to be potentially very valuable to you, as they don’t cost you much and can be very durable if the application is just right. 

Summary & Final Recommendations

Finding tires can be really tough, especially if you are on a budget.  For many people, that means going with a brand that they don’t know very well.  If you are going with this route, then you’ll know that Cachland is at least one of the best that China has to offer. 

Sure, there are plenty of issues with companies from the country, but at the end of the day, these are affordable and have been deemed to be safe in most instances.  The lack of a warranty is annoying and unfortunate, but at least they have real quality and features to win you over. 

Cachland Tire Models

  • CH-Van100: Van Tires
  • CH-AT7001: AT Tires
  • CH-HT7006: HT Tires
  • CH-HP8006: SUV Tires
  • CH-268
  • CH-861
  • CH-MT7006: Mud Tires

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