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Carbon Series Tires Review 2022

Finding your next set of tires can be very fruitful and rewarding to you.  It also can be incredibly confusing and frustrating as well, particularly if you are doing your shopping online.  Today, we will be helping you narrow it down just a bit by taking a look into Carbon Series Tires’ offerings in our review. 

Carbon Series Tire Company Background & Information

Carbon Series Tires are one of the latest companies to emerge out of China in the last few years.  Like so many brands out there, this one is also under the banner of a much larger conglomerate.  That comes in the form of Full Run Tires.  Full Run Tires has Carbon Tires and five other brands, as of right now, under their umbrella, so it is a major operation. 

Full Run has been around since 2003.  From that time, they have attempted to offer something a bit different to the tire market than what is typically seen out of China.  They represent a step up in terms of R&D and try to provide you with better quality than the others do, all while maintaining a competitive price.  Carbon Series Tires are dedicated to being the option for you if you have a passenger vehicle, giving you a few lines to pick from as you try to zero in on what kind of tires you want to go with. 

Cost and Pricing

Obviously, there are some big advantages that come along with purchasing tires out of China.  One of those, of course, is that they can give you a much lower than average price than tries from elsewhere.  This is the main reason that so many Chinese companies and brands have become interested in the tire market in recent years, and it’s also a reason why there is so much confusion for people when selecting a set of tires to use and purchase. 

It’s not easy to do, especially with so many potential products out there to be picked from.  At any rate, Carbon Series Tires are very competitive when compared to the big name brands that you know of.  That’s what is keeping them in business and giving them a chance in the North American market, after all. 

Carbon Series Tire Warranties

With a lower price, you also have to accept and expect that a lower amount of customer service is going to follow along.  Unfortunately, that means that a warranty is very rarely a part of the equation.  With Carbon Series Tires, this is very much the case.  They do not offer a warranty for you, at all, so that is one weakness that comes up with them. 

You won’t have any ‘insurance’ if something does go wrong and you want some recourse, so obviously that is not the best thing you will have ever encountered.  Due to the price you’re paying, though, and the place where these tires come from, this is just par for the course, in golf speak.  You see this very commonly from Chinese manufacturers, so that is just a trade off you will be making in order to obtain cheaper prices. 

Tire Options

Carbon Series Tires themselves do not offer a ton of different options, though they do have a few, but Full Run as a whole company does have quite a lot to pick from.  So if you are looking for a bunch of choices, you might want to look at them as a whole.  In terms of Carbon Series, the options are pretty simple. 

They are mostly for ‘regular’ cars and are going to be only slightly different.  The only one that seems to be significantly different from the rest of the pack is the Ecosaver, which is obviously made to try and help you save some money on fuel over time.  By being more efficient during stopping and going, this can be accomplished. 

Carbon Series Tire Technologies and Features

Carbon Series Tires are ahead of many of their Chinese brethren as far as technology goes, but we still would pump the brakes on taking this conclusion way too far.  While we do see them as being forerunners in the Chinese landscape, we still can’t even state that they are in the middle of the pack relatively speaking. 

That’s just due to the fact that price is really a major part of this.  Companies that have bigger R&D departments have bigger budgets as well.  Like it or not, that gets passed down to customers in some manner.  It leads to higher prices, of which Chinese companies just can’t afford to pass on to you if they want to compete in North America. 

Competing in China and the rest of Asia is one thing, but doing so in the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan, for example, is not going to be possible if they have prices that are too large.  Their processes and machinery are good, but the overall research and development is not up to the standard of the big boys like Goodyear and Michelin.  And how could it be with the cut price they offer, right? 

Carbon Series Tire Durability

Many, many people assume right off the bat that tires out of China will not last them very long at all.  This is what we can an ultra conservative leaning.  It’s an assumption that is, quite honestly, very unfair.  If you have bought any number of electronic devices, chances are one of them have come out of China. 

Even our very own ‘American’ made iPhone comes straight out of China.  Does this make it poor?  Apparently not, seeing as how millions of people purchase them anyway.  With tires, you are in much more danger, though, than you are with a phone, so it does cause people to fret and think more about it.  Tires from China don’t all randomly burst and the seams.  Carbon Series Tires are pretty good, sure, and they won’t do that, either.  But they also are not going to be the longest lasting tires you have ever seen sold or fitted to your vehicle, either. 

These tires don’t come with any noticeable warranty.  That means that the brand itself does not expect them to have a long lifespan.  You would not put insurance on a house you know is going to get flooded without a shadow of a doubt.  Much in the same vein, companies don’t give out warranties just so that they can lose even more money by giving you ‘free’ goods. 

So, keep in mind that while price is also lower, durability is also naturally going to correspond with that. 

Summary & Final Recommendations

If you are looking for tires that come in at a very competitive price and seem to do a decent job, then Carbon Series Tires might be the next fit for your car or truck.  These tires are not the most durable out there and they also don’t have the most features, technology, or options ever, but they are reasonable and will give you somewhere around an average level of quality. 

Compared to many of the other Chinese tire manufacturers vying for American consumers, they are nowhere near the bottom, and that should give you a bit more confidence seeing as how they are not a brand new company swooping into try and collect. 

Carbon Series Tire Models

  • CS89
  • CS97
  • CS98
  • CS307
  • CS380
  • CS812
  • CS820
  • CS86
  • CS88
  • CS89
  • Ecosaver

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