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Constancy Tires Review 2022

Shopping for tires is, let’s just face it, hard work.  It may seem easy, but it can be far from that in both person and online.  There are so many brands that it can be confusing, among other things.  Today, we will be making your life just that much easier by taking a good look into Constancy Tires. 

Constancy Tire Company Background & Information

Whenever you do sit down and think about buying tires, the first question you have to ask in regards to a specific brand is just what they are designed to do.  Constancy Tires are not going to be your cup of tea if you are looking for tires for your road car.  That is because this brand is made to go on big rig trucks (some refer to this as TBR tires). 

Constancy is one of two brands under the banner, at present, of the Yuelong Rubber Group.  Their other brand, Carleo, covers passenger vehicle tires, while they cover just about everything there is to do with TBR Tires.  Yuelong Rubber Group has been around since 1986, so it is not one of those brand new companies that have been flooding the market in recent years out of China.  Of course, we should mention that they are made in China, as that is a very big deal for a lot of folks when they are doing their shopping, tires or not. 

Constancy Tire Cost and Pricing

One of the benefits of going with a set of tires from a company that is based out of China is the lower price, relatively speaking, that you end up paying.  This is the main reason why there are Chinese tire companies, at least those that are appealing to other markets besides their own and the rest of Asia.  By being able to provide lower costs to the customer, they are able to compete with some much more well known brands out there. 

This is their avenue to get their foot in the door, so it only makes sense that they have taken this route.  Of course, it should go without saying that big truck tires do cost more when compared directly to road tires.  This, though, should not be viewed as a negative, unless you want to be foolish.  They are bigger and have a whole lot more asked of them, so they should definitely always cost more than a car’s tire does. 

Constancy Tire Warranties

One of the unfortunate parts of going with tires out of China, all too often, is that they do not come with a very good warranty program.  If they do have one, chances are that it will not cover you for all that long, anyway.  With Constancy Tires, it appears that they are the former.  They do not look like they have a program to speak of, regrettably for many folks. 

This is not the thing you want to see for obvious reasons, especially if you are running a truck company and are looking into them.  There is a possibility that you can find a warranty attached to them, you can always ask after all, but we don’t believe you would be getting anything extraordinary if they do. 

Constancy Tire Options

As far as Constancy Tires go, they just about have you covered if you are going to be driving a ‘work’ truck.  They have you covered in the areas of long hauls, regional driving, on and off road ‘trucking,’ and mining as well.  Within each subset, they also have a couple (or more) ‘special’ tires for your use.  These tires will be slightly different and are made to be able to go that extra mile compared to the normal tire that you usually have in front of you. 

This is great because it does give you a few more choices without serving to confuse you way too much by bringing dozens and dozens of potential products to the fore for you to wade through.  As fare as finding Constancy Tires it concerned, it is probably going to be your best bet to try and do so online.  They could possibly be found in person, but the chances are pretty slim.  Most places still have just the bigger names that everyone tends to already know, and as such, they will not have a whole lot available from companies that you have not heard of.  Right now, Constancy remains in that grouping.  With that said, you can always ask and see what comes of it. 

Constancy Tire Technologies and Features

You can’t expect an overabundance of technology to be used with cheaper made Chinese tires, to be fair, but with Constancy we find them to be quite decent in this area.  Not only do they have the latest in technology for their processes in the plants, coming out of Japan and the United States, for instance, but they also seem committed to giving you different options to pick from as well. 

We talked about the ‘special’ tires in the ‘Options’ section, and that is one area we are impressed by them in.  With these tires, they have tended to go with a ‘zig’ pattern in order to make sure that heat is reduced.  By doing this, the tires are, in theory, going to wear much more evenly than in other versions.  This is great news, as it means that you can count on them wearing out as they are intended: gradually. 

Constancy Tire Durability

So many people assume that tires out of China are just going to be instant hunks of junk.  While you are entitled to your opinion, it is a poor one to have.  Some things are not good out of China, no, but you also can say the same exact thing for any country.  The place of origin should not say everything about a set of tires. 

Having said all of that, we do feel that Constancy is not likely to be the safest option ever in terms of durability.  They don’t have a warranty that we can find, and they are cheaper made tires.  If you want ultra long lasting ones, you’re going to have to pony up and pay for it.  It is just that simple, and you will have to accept that. 

Constancy Tire Summary & Final Thoughts

If you are looking to outfit your line of trucks with a cheaper alternative, then Constancy Tires could be just the answer you have been looking for.  They are of decent quality, even if the price is lower than expected and they don’t come with a warranty, and they are made with attention to detail.  The proof is in the pudding there, as you see with their ‘special’ lines of tires that they offer. 

We don’t suggest you go with these if you have an unlimited budget, but if you do find yourself severely lacking, these might be the kind of thing for you to look into. 

Constancy Tire Types, Models, and Sizes Available

Long Haul Tires

  • 667
  • 698 Special
  • 668 Special
  • Ecosmart72
  • Ecosmart36
  • Ecosmart22
  • Ecosmart12
  • TH58
  • SH55
  • AH23
  • YL662
  • YL661
  • YL608
  • 668
  • 686
  • 688 Special
  • 699
  • 696
  • 698
  • 866
  • 897

Regional Tires

  • 688 Special
  • Ecosmart78 Special
  • 886 Special
  • 828
  • 886
  • 898
  • 901
  • 982
  • 898+

On and Off Tires

  • Ecosmart81 Special
  • CA777 Special
  • 899 Special
  • 896 Special
  • 669
  • 896
  • 899
  • 903

Mining Tires

  • KT808 Special
  • E3 L3 Special
  • 807
  • 809
  • 808

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