Dunlop Tires Review

Dunlop Tires Review 2022

Tire shopping might not be your definition of fun, for a variety of reasons, but that does not have to mean that it becomes absolute drudgery, either.  Today, we’re going to look at one company that can certainly brighten up your experience as we dive into Dunlop Tires. 

Dunlop Tires Company Background & Information

The history of Dunlop Tires goes back some time now.  So far, in fact, they have been around well over a century now.  They won their first race in 1889, mind you, so that should tell you something right there.  Dunlop Tires have always been built around getting the most out of technology that they possibly can for its drivers to have, and it continues to do that in today’s market, even if things have changed. 

The change we speak of, of course, is in leadership and ownership.  The modern Dunlop company is now a brand that is owned by another conglomerate in the form of Goodyear, who has been about it in the tire business for even longer.  This is in place in both the United States and in Europe, while the Asian market’s Dunlop Tires come from Sumitomo.  At any rate, Dunlop remains a strong brand in the game and one you should certainly consider. 

Dunlop Tire Cost and Pricing

Truth be told, Dunlop is not going to be much of a drop, if any, in price when compared to Goodyear.  Many would assume that they would be a lower price point than the normal Goodyear tires are, but this is just not the case at all, as the tires are not sacrificing any quality in their construction at all.  This is why the two are very comparable per tire, which equates to them being among the higher priced products in the tire industry.  They are not the highest priced ever, depending of course on the specific tire, but they are far from cheap. 

Dunlop Tire Warranties

One of the major pluses that Dunlop being owned by Goodyear brings with it is the fact that they are backed up by the Goodyear warranty program.  Goodyear has what many believe to be the top program in the entire tire industry, and it is easy to see why so many would deem it as such.  They offer you a lot in their ‘package.’ 

They have the 30-day Goodyear pledge that allows you to bring them back within 30 days for any reason or none at all.  They offer tread life and replacement ‘limited’ warranties as well that will rival the best imaginable from other companies.  As such, there just isn’t much of a way to go wrong with Dunlop. 

Dunlop Tire Options

Dunlop has a very generous line of options when it comes to their tires, even in a day and age where they are ‘under the thumb’ of Goodyear.  Many would assume that they would have a more limited number of choices, but when you look at the end of our review, you can see they have a plentiful list of selections for you to choose from. 

They have just about everything that you could ask for.  They have tires that are made for winter, tires, made for all seasons, and even tires strictly made with performance in mind.  They even have multiple choices for the winter months as well, a fact that is not always the case with tire manufacturers.  As far as finding Dunlop Tires is concerned, that is quite easy, given their relevance in today’s market is still quite strong, just as it has seemingly been since the dawn of the automobile.  We should also note that they have a whole line dedicated to motorcycles as well, so if you are a ‘biker,’ then you should look into those as well! 

Dunlop Tire Technologies and Features

Technology goes back a long way with both Dunlop and Goodyear Tires, and that is something that has been passed on to today’s generation as well.  John Boyd Dunlop, the founder, was the man that invented the first pneumatic tire.  That tradition lives on in the modern age, as the brand just keeps on pumping out new technology.  They do so in conjunction with Goodyear, who is about as good of a partner as you could ask for.  Within their tires, they have all sorts. 

Some of them are designed for heavy winters, while some others are meant to be extremely well performing tires.  You can’t get the best performance out of just any old set of tires.  It takes a lot of work to get a ‘race’ tire up to spec, and it just goes to further underline just how excellent Dunlop Tires are as a result. 

Dunlop Tire Durability

Durability is a key component to any set of tires, and you just don’t see a company stick around for as long as Dunlop has without it offering that to its customer base.  Sure, they may be owned by Goodyear at this point, but it was not because of a lack of quality or durability. 

These tires remain some of the longest lasting tires on the road, as a result of both their long tradition and the fact that they now work in collaboration with Goodyear on many projects.  We just don’t see you being upset by their durability, unless you just so happen to be one of those people that find fault in virtually everything that they come across. 

Summary & Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a wealth of quality, durability, and choice, then you should look no further than Dunlop.  Some people will prefer a big brand, and Dunlop gives you that and a whole lot more through its ‘partnership’ with Goodyear.  The two work hand in hand to give you a ton of options that utilize technology to get the utmost out of your tires.  Whether you are hitting the track or you are just going for a Sunday stroll down Main Street, you’ll be hard pressed to find many better, even if the price is higher than many other inferior competitors. 

Dunlop Tire Models

  • Direzza DZ102
  • Grandtrek AT20
  • Grandtrek AT21
  • Grandtrek AT23
  • Grandtrek PT2A
  • Grandtrek SJ6
  • Grandtrek ST20
  • Grandtrek ST30
  • Grandtrek Touring A/S
  • Grandtrek WT M3 DSST ROF
  • Graspic DS-3
  • Signature HP
  • Signature II
  • SP 10
  • SP 31
  • SP Winter Sport 3D
  • SP Winter Sport 3D DSST ROF
  • SP Winter Sport 4D
  • SP Winter Sport 4D ROF
  • Winter Sport M3 DSST ROF
  • SP Sport 01
  • SP Sport 01 DSST ROF
  • SP Sport 2050
  • SP Sport 4000 DSST CTT
  • SP Sport 5000
  • SP Sport 5000 DSST CTT
  • SP Sport 5000M
  • SP Sport 5000M DSST CTT
  • SP Sport 600
  • SP Sport 7000 A/S
  • SP Sport 7010 A/S DSST
  • SP Sport Maxx
  • SP Sport Maxx 050
  • SP Sport Maxx 050 DSST CTT
  • SP Sport Maxx 101
  • SP Sport Maxx A
  • Sp Sport Maxx A1
  • SP Sport Maxx A1 A/S
  • SP Sport Maxx A1-A A/S
  • SP Sport Maxx DSST ROF
  • SP Sport Maxx GT
  • SP Sport Maxx GT ROF
  • SP Sport Maxx TT
  • SP Sport Maxx TT DSST
  • Sport Maxx Race
  • Sport Maxx RT
  • Winter Maxx
  • Winter Maxx 2
  • Winter Max SJ8
  • SP Sport Maxx GT 600 DSST
  • Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec
  • Direzza ZII
  • Grandtrek WT M2 N-O
  • Grandtrek WT M3
  • SP Sport 01 A/S
  • SP Sport 01 A/S DSST ROF
  • SP Sport 8000
  • SP Winter Sport M3

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