Duro Tires Review

Duro Tires Review 2022

There are many issues involved when you are shopping for tires, but two of the most prevalent ones that present themselves is price and durability.  Today, we will be taking a look into a brand of tires that focuses primarily on the latter as we dive into the topic of Duro Tires in this review. 

Duro Tire Company Background & Information

Duro Tire and Wheel has been around quite a long time, even if you may not have heard of it before.  In business since 1945, they are now a brand that belongs to the HWA Fong Rubber Company.  This company runs operations out of both Thailand and China, as does Duro Tires as well.  They have factories in both of those countries, as well as offices in them and in the United States, too.  The main focus of Duro is on, you guessed it, durability.  It is in the name, and they continue that tradition while providing tires in a ridiculous amount of forms. 

Duro Tire Cost and Pricing

Duro Tires might try to give you the best of durability, and they do a pretty good job at giving you that, but they also are not going to force you to break the bank, either, with your purchase.  That is because the price for production is lower given where they are made, thus passing the lower price along to you.  While they are not dirt cheap compared to some of the lesser makers that just pump out tire after tire, they also are far from being super expensive.  This should represent awesome value to a lot of folks. 

Duro Tire Warranties

Warranties are always awesome to have, and with Duro you typically will find yourself being quite happy with what is offered.  Having said that, it is hard to do much more than make that general statement.  That is because of the sheer abundance of options that they have.  Each is going to have a different warranty, so you need to be on the lookout for that. 

Also, typically you do not see a warranty attached to tires that will be raced with, so you should factor that into play.  This is done for common sense reasons, as a whole lot can go wrong with racing that has nothing to do with manufacturers. 

Duro Tire Options

Duro is off the charts when it comes to the diversity of their tires.  They have just about everything that you could think of.  They don’t have big rig truck tires, but they have farm tires, tires for regular street vehicles, and even go kart tires. 

The options seem endless when you look down at the bottom of this review, and that means that if you are a consumer that you may just find something you love from this brand.  Within each type, they also have quite a few choices to pick from.  Some are more limited than others, but you should not be left for wanting with them.  That much is for sure. 

Duro Tire Technologies and Features

If you want to get the most out of tires in terms of durability and you also want to keep prices as low as possible, then you have to turn to technology.  Duro Tires certainly do that at a much better clip than many similar sorts of brands, and for that, we think they deserve your attention and a look from you. 

They have been around quite a long time now, regardless of who owns them, and the reason that is pushing the limits as much as they can in particular areas.  As for features, they have literally all sorts of small, minute differences from one to the next, so that is going to come down to what you like, want, and prefer to go with. 

Duro Tire Durability

A lot of people just find themselves becoming very uncomfortable when they talk about tires and China.  Durability is assumed to be low.  That is too often the case, in truth, but it does not have to be what plays out.  Duro Tires is a good, durable brand, and that is really worth something coming from anywhere, and even more so from that nation. 

They get a bad reputation, but a lot of it has to do with offering cheaper goods.  With Duro, they actually do take their time to make tires last.  So whether you are starting your kid in racing, wanting a long lasting bike tire, or just wanting something else, you’ll at least be able to have a competitive level of durability to be happy with. 

Summary & Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a brand that will not set you back a ton while also giving you more than decent durability and a ton of options, then you should look hard and long into Duro Tires.  This brand is making all kinds of tires, for racing, the road, and for leisure, and you can find yourself with a good, long lasting set of them for a relatively low price as well.  They may not be the biggest name, but sometimes you wonder why brands like this aren’t more well known! 

Duro Tire Types, Models, and Sizes Available

Passenger Tires

  • DP3000
  • DP3000 Performa T/P
  • DP8000 Performa HP1
  • DP8100 Performa EVO
  • DL600 Onvoy
  • DL6210 Frontier H/T
  • DL6120 Frontier A/T
  • DL6600 Frontier M/T
  • DS2100

Powersports Tires

  • ATV and Side-by-Side
  • Frontier
  • Frontier NV
  • Power Grip M/T
  • Power Grip M/T-S
  • Power Grip V2
  • Power Grip
  • Power Grip II
  • Kaden
  • Blackhawk
  • Super Wolf
  • Red Eagle
  • Buffalo
  • Fuze
  • Knobby
  • Mud and Sand
  • Desert X-Country
  • Sport Knobby
  • DI-K107
  • DI-K109
  • DI-K167A/DI-K567A
  • DI-K211ADI-K721A
  • DI-K269
  • Mule DI-K968M/DI-K968
  • Thrasher
  • DI2017/DI2016
  • DI2040/DI2041
  • Zippy
  • Safari
  • DI2006
  • Power Trail
  • Berm Raider
  • Hook-Up
  • DI-K149
  • DI-K551
  • Top Fighter
  • Scorcher
  • Snow Master
  • Motorcycle/Scooter
  • Hard Terrain MX
  • Soft Terrain MX
  • Excelerator
  • Trail
  • HF333
  • Median
  • Shark
  • BLVD
  • Raider
  • Trooper
  • Excursion
  • HF308
  • HF319
  • Kart
  • Performance Slicks
  • Racing Slicks
  • Scorcher

Bicycle Tires

  • Tempter
  • Miner
  • Chongo
  • Dorado
  • Crux
  • Muckmeister
  • Cypher
  • Gremlin
  • Infidel
  • Charger
  • Switch
  • Charger EXC


  • DB-9021
  • DB-705
  • DB-9003
  • DB-7072
  • DB-9002
  • DB-7059
  • DB-7080
  • DB-7077
  • DB-7023
  • DB-7076
  • Racing
  • DB-7060
  • HF-187
  • DB-7048
  • HF-177
  • DB-7047
  • HF-176
  • DB-7043
  • HF-156
  • DB-7001
  • HF-156B


  • DB-7046
  • DB-1077
  • DB-5027
  • DB-1075
  • DB-5014
  • DB-1072
  • DB-1082
  • DB-1081
  • DB-1078
  • DB-1070
  • DB-1049
  • DB-1048
  • DB-1001A
  • DB-1046
  • HF-889
  • DB-1021
  • HF-888
  • DB-1007
  • HF-878
  • DB-1003
  • DB-1003A
  • HF-860
  • HF-860A
  • HF-828
  • HF-850
  • HF-827
  • HF-840
  • HF-835
  • HF-825
  • HF-830
  • HF-823
  • HF-830L
  • HF-820
  • HF-818
  • HF-189
  • HF-817
  • HF-179
  • HF-815
  • HF-174
  • HF-813
  • HF-171
  • HF-801
  • HF-149
  • HF-190
  • HF-115
  • HF-107A
  • DB-1034
  • HF-107
  • DB-1006HP
  • HF-101A
  • DB-1006
  • HF-101
  • DB-1002
  • HF-100
  • Fat Plus
  • DB-9041
  • DB-7046
  • DB-9040
  • DB-1076
  • DB-1080
  • DB-1072A
  • ATB
  • DB-5042
  • DB-1005
  • DB-1004
  • HF-880
  • HF-822
  • HF-856
  • HF-855
  • HF-165
  • HF-827A
  • HF-148A
  • HF-824
  • HF-141
  • HF-808
  • HF-806
  • HF-104


  • DB-9020
  • DB-7051
  • DB-7088
  • DB-7046
  • DB-7070
  • DB-7045
  • DB-7053
  • DB-7044
  • DB-7042
  • DB-7032
  • DB-7020
  • DB-7041
  • DB-7010
  • DB-7035
  • DB-5015
  • DB-7034
  • HF-880
  • DB-7033
  • HF-867
  • HF-878
  • HF-810
  • HF-842
  • HF-185
  • HF-822
  • HF-184
  • HF-183
  • HF-811
  • HF-812
  • HF-180
  • HF-160
  • HF-160A
  • HF-166
  • HF-163
  • HF-156
  • HF-162
  • HF-156A
  • HF-161
  • HF-153
  • HF-161A
  • HF-151
  • HF-151A
  • HF-121
  • HF-146
  • HF-120
  • HF-145
  • HF-120A
  • HF-142
  • HF-117
  • HF-131
  • HF-113
  • HF-124
  • HF-112
  • HF-111
  • HF-110
  • HF-109


  • DB-1022
  • DB-1012
  • HF-851
  • HF-133
  • HF-105
  • HF-102
  • HF-103

BMX and Free Style

  • DB-5060
  • DB-5002
  • DB-5056
  • DB-1046
  • DB-5055
  • HF-884
  • DB-5035
  • HF-864
  • DB-5031
  • HF-841
  • DB-5026
  • HF-836
  • HF-833
  • HF-143
  • HF-831
  • HF-164
  • HF-148
  • HF-143G
  • HF-148
  • HF-147
  • HF-144
  • HF-118

Golf Kart

  • Excel G/C 73
  • Excel G/C 73L
  • Excel G/C 10
  • Excel G/C 93
  • Excel G/C 17
  • DI5009 Excel Touring
  • HF224 Chevron
  • DI5005
  • Street Series
  • DI5009 Excel Touring
  • DI2020 Scorcher
  • Easy Street
  • All Terrain Series
  • Desert X-Country
  • Fuze Frontier
  • Light Lug
  • Knobby
  • Mud and Sand
  • Mule
  • Mid Lug
  • Deep Lug

Specialty Tires

  • Premium Skid Steer
  • HF203
  • HF206
  • HF205
  • HF215
  • Rib
  • Deep Lug
  • DI5005
  • Chevron
  • Rib
  • Excel G/C 93
  • Diamond Stud
  • DS2100
  • HF502
  • Easy Street
  • Zigzag

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