dynamaxx tires review

Dynamaxx Tires Review 2022

If you have ever found shopping for tires for your car, truck, or SUV tough, then you may not want to even think about or attempt to do so for heavy machinery.  That task can be arduous and extremely confusing.  Rather than going through that, though, we will attempt to help you out by taking a look into a potential answer in the form of Dynamaxx Tires today. 

Dynamaxx Tire Company Background & Information

Dynamaxx Tires, as you can probably infer from our intro, are not your typical tire brand.  Most of us encounter ‘regular’ tires that are meant for the everyday road.  These are great and all, but sometimes those just aren’t going to cut it for you.  You need something that is built to do more if you are doing hard work, and that is what Dynamaxx brings to the table. 

Based out of China, this company’s goal is pretty simple, really.  They want to give you a lower priced option for tires that are for industrial types of purposes.  They have a base in Canada for the North American market, but it appears that it is only for customer service purposes.  They are certainly trying to reach out and make a lasting impression in the market, so we will see if they are able to do so.  They have two main markets: the North American one and the ‘Global’ one, and we have largely concentrated on the former of those two here.  

Dynamaxx Tire Cost and Pricing

The cost of tires from China, to no real shock for most people, is not all that high when compared to others.  Even when bigger companies design slightly inferior brands to be beneath them out of China, the goal is to reduce prices, thereby still keeping a bit of business that they might have otherwise lost. 

So, price is a key component to why Chinese tires are becoming more and more mainstream on the market.  This is also the case with industrial tires, too, as Dynamaxx demonstrates so capably.  While the tires will cost more than the average tire, they will be extremely competitive in price compared apples to apples against others in this realm, if you will.  Basically, you’re going to be paying more than a street tire because of the size and the like, but it’ll still be cheaper than others that you regularly find on the market. 

Dynamaxx Tire Warranties

Warranties protect consumers in the event that their tires just don’t hold up as well as they would have hoped for.  They can be a massively valuable asset in so many cases, but it is unfortunate that Dynamaxx does not appear to have much, if any, program available.  If they do offer a warranty of any kind, we have not been able to do find it on their website, which is quite sparse. 

They could offer a warranty, as could whomever you are purchasing them from, but most of the time, that information is easier to find and would be out there for us.  This is not the worst news ever, as it is quite common for Chinese companies that sell at lower prices to not have one.  But it’s also probably not what you would want to hear, either. 

Dynamaxx Tire Options

As far as options go, Dynamaxx does a decent job at this.  They offer predominantly industrial and work based tires.  The crux of their line is definitely their OTR+ grouping of tires.  This grouping contains several choices that are said to be better than the rest that they have on offer.  They are likely to be a bit more durable and have a bit more built into them than the rest.  Having said that, the options on the table are not too crazy. 

You get a very self explanatory look at them, which is nice to see.  Some of the Chinese companies that sell similar products end up offering dozens upon dozens of tires that don’t look all that different.  For that reason, we find a lot of positivity from Dynamaxx.  As far as finding them, the best bet for you to do so is likely to be online.  It’s hard to find tires, unless you are looking at road tires, in person at dealerships.  It can be even more difficult to do that if the brand you’re looking for is less than well known.  That is certainly the case with Dynamaxx for many, so you will most likely be needing to find them online if you’re going to acquire them at all. 

Dynamaxx Tire Technologies and Features

It’d be wholly unfair to just cast doubt upon Dynamaxx’s tires by saying that they do not have any tech or features in them.  That is just incorrect.  At the end of the day, all tires have tech and the like in them.  Whether it’s older or newer tech, though, is the question.  Whenever you see a lower price attached, such as Dynamaxx, you should get an inkling that they will simply have less tech and cool features than others that cost more.  It’s just how the world of tires work.  To drive prices down as low as possible, they have to stick to older patterns and stuff like that, so you should not be expecting a cutting edge set of tires that will push the limits of what you think is possible. 

Dynamaxx Tire Durability

Many people get cautious Chinese tires, but the truth of the matter is that all tires should be looked at with a bit of caution, especially if they come from lesser known companies.  The fact that they are out of China is not really indicative of them so much is the way that they are made.  Sure, there are many cheaply made examples of poor tires from out of China, but that is not always 100% the case.  The thing that worries us more than anything in regards to these tires is that they do not seem to have a warranty. 

Oftentimes when you see this, you can just about count on them not having much durability to them at all.  Just think about it.  If you don’t have a warranty, you’re clearly not expecting them to last very long.  So, that is the chief concern for you, and it’s one you should have a good, long think about as these are likely to be crucial in your existence as a worker or manager. 

Dynamaxx Tire Summary & Final Thoughts

If value and price is your chief concern and you don’t mind taking a bit of flier, then Dynamaxx could be a good choice for you to look into.  They offer tires, at a competitive price, for industrial vehicles, and that is just not something you are able to encounter every day of the week.  The price you pay should not be the #1 concern, but for some of us it just is.  If that is you, then you might just find Dynamaxx to be a huge cost cutter for you. 

Dynamaxx Tire Types, Models, and Sizes Available

  • OTR+ Tires
  • Omni Grip +
  • All Grip +
  • Hauler Grip
  • Lug Trac
  • UGM Slick
  • Power Maxx +
  • Power Maxx + HD

Industrial Tires

  • Press Lift Elite +
  • Power Lift Elite +
  • Port Maxx +

Construction Tires

  • Pave Maxx +

Agricultural Tires

  • Soil Tech Elite R1-W
  • Pac Maxx +

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