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GT Radial Tires Review 2022

Shopping for tires can be one of the more unpleasant shopping experiences you go through.  Whether it’s going online to try and figure out a set to buy or going from store to store, it can be arduous no matter which way you go about it.  Today, we’re, hopefully, going to make that time a bit easier for you as we break down everything you need to know about GT Radial tires!      

GT Radial Company Background & Information

GT Radial tires may not be the biggest of all the tire companies out there, but they also are by no means one of the smaller ones, either.  Chances are that you have heard of them, and there is a pretty good chance that you can fairly easily obtain a set of them if you go to the local tire shop and inquire about them.  While they may not be quite as easy to find as, say Goodyear, they can nonetheless be much easier to find than many types.  GT Radial truly burst onto the scene in North America about two decades ago. 

But their story traces back further, dating back to 1951.  In fact, the name ‘GT’ is an Americanized version, if you will, of the name ‘Giti,’ by which they are known in most of the rest of the world.  They simply have branded their tires under different names to make it easier for them to identify with various parts of the globe.  Giti Tires are located in Singapore and are one of the largest manufacturers of tires in the world, ranking at #11 as of 2019 in revenues. 

They sell to over 130 countries as of now and have eight huge plants, including one that was opened in the USA just a few years ago now.  That was the first plant outside of Asia for them, and it shows how far they have come, from selling bike tires to all of this in a matter of a few decades! 

GT Radial Tire Cost and Pricing

For the most part, we think you will really like and appreciate the pricing of GT Radial Tires.  There is no doubt at all that the new plant in the United States is going to help cut down the overall costs to consumers in the USA, Mexico, and Canada, as it’s just a lot easier and there are less shipping costs that have to be paid.  This helps to drive down your price. 

GT Radial is not the cheapest out there, by any means, but they also can’t be called the most expensive, either.  These tires are middle of the road, or possibly higher than average, but they will not wreck your budget unless you have a very small one to spend.  We happen to believe that what we will discuss in the section below is a big part of the price and that it makes up for it tremendously, so don’t let that cloud your judgment too much! 

GT Radial Warranty

One of the big calling cards of GT Radial has to do with their ‘warranty’ program.  As part of it, they have a number of programs that serve to help you get the most confidence you possibly can out of your set of tires.  Some tire manufacturers just don’t offer things like this, especially this many things, and it’s nice to see them really back you. 

First up, you have a 30 day or 500 mile test drive guarantee.  This is basically a trial, and if you don’t find that you like them on your car or truck, then you can take them back to the dealer and either switch them out for you or give you your money back.  It’s hard to go wrong there, but there is more to the picture than just that alone.  On some models, such as the MaxTour LX, Champiro Touring A/S, and MaxTour All Season tires, you get 24-hour roadside assistance in the event that a tire goes down on you for a length of two years. 

With the same tires, you also get a road hazard warranty.  If something happens on the road during the first 12,000 miles or 12 months, then they will replace them for you free of charge.  All tires also come with a five-year warranty, though there are some conditions that must be met in order to have the company cover the costs it something does go awry.  Lastly, all tires have a set number of miles for a warranty as well.  This information is readily available on their website, so if you are curious about these limited warranties, then check that out to get the drop! 

Tire Options

One glance at GT Radial’s lineup, and you can do so toward the bottom of our review, will show you that they don’t offer an abundance of niche products.  This might seem like a bad thing, but by keeping it simple they actually serve to help you a lot.  Even with that relative simplicity, there are still all sorts of options for you to pick from.  They have tires for sportier folks, tires for the winter, lots of those in relation to the others, and even tires for people that are going to be racking up the miles on the road for extended periods of time. 

Even if they don’t offer a vast array of skews like other competitors, you can count on them having something for you to thrive on.  This helps, as we mentioned above, because you aren’t forced to cut through the clutter of trying to decipher what the tiny, minute differences are between one tire to another.  This can also help the people selling the tires to you, since they don’t have a ton of research and definite confusion to go through in order to provide you with the best possible option. 

In terms of availability, GT Radial tires are not super difficult to find.  They do have partnerships with various groups and dealers, so not everyone will have access.  Still yet, they are not a company that is among the hardest to find out there, something you will no doubt be thankful for. 

GT Radial Technologies and Features

GT Radial tires, and Giti as a whole, are a company that are very much committed to pushing the limits of tires as far as they possibly can.  They do this by placing Research and Development centers in five nations: the USA, United Kingdom, China, Germany, and Indonesia.  They also push the envelope by employing citizens of 50 nations, helping to get all kinds of ideas and insight so that they can make tires that last longer and run better than before, all the while performing as best they can at the same time. 

One of their biggest projects is one of sustainability, as they have been working on a way to lower their carbon footprint as much as they can do so.  Part of Giti’s effort as a whole has been to test and push the limits by helping supply tires to the F3 Asian Championships.  Generally speaking, whenever you see a tire company supply tires for racing, it does bleed over into its road tires.  They will find things that work well, with both increasing grip and with performance, helping you in turn get more mileage and safety out of them. 

GT Radial Tire Durability

As a result of working with racing teams on speciality tires for a while now, it’s fair to say that Giti and GT Radial have been able to find ways to extract more grip (and performance) and durability from their tires.  This lends itself to you as a major bonus, allowing you to get the utmost from your tires and helping you to forget about the possibility of them coming up short for you.  Even if they do so, as we talked about earlier, you do have the warranty programs there to back you up.  This is a massive bit of insurance that will protect you against poor outcomes, and that is not something to be overlooked.  Because of their commitment to excellence and the fact that they have such a reputation, GT Radial tires are some of the longest lasting tires on the market currently. 

Summary & Final Recommendations

Going out and looking for tires can be one of those exercises that serves to confuse, confound, and cause a lot of time to be spent.  You don’t know where to look or why you should go with a certain company.  There are just so many of them, and they all seem to be about the same.  With GT Radial, though, this is not the case.  This is a manufacturer that stands out above the rest, offering a lot that you will be happy with.  Now that we have reviewed them for you, you will know much more about them and will be better served to finding the best tires you can! 

GT Radial Tire Models

Sport Tires

  • Champiro SX2
  • Champiro HPY
  • Champiro UHP AS
  • Comfort Tires
  • MaxTour LX
  • Champiro Touring A/S
  • MaxTour All Season

SUV/Pickup Tires

  • Adventuro HT
  • Saverto HT2
  • Adventuro AT3

Winter Tires

  • Icepro3
  • Champiro IcePro
  • IcePro SUV3
  • Champiro IcePro SUV
  • Champiro IcePro 2
  • Champiro WinterPro HP
  • WinterPro2
  • Savero WT

Pro Tires

  • Maxmiler Pro
  • Maxmiler ST

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