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Lionhart Tires Review 2022

Despite how it may seem at first glance, tire shopping is not all that easy.  Especially if you are the kind of person that can’t seem to pick out something to watch on Netflix for the life of you.  Thankfully, for you, we are going to try and help you narrow down your search today by reviewing all it is you need know about Lionhart tires! 

Lionhart Company Background & Information

To know everything, we must start at the beginning.  Lionhart has only been available for around five years, give or take a little, in the United States.  They have not been in the business for all that long, capitalizing on a boon in tires and other industries in the nation of their origin, which is China.  Despite the name, which does make it seem British, they are very much a Chinese company. 

The main things that Lionhart tires appear to prioritize are grip and the looks of their tires as well.  For the most part, they offer quite a lot of grip, while they also have quite a nice look to them.  Anyone that is looking for a set of tires that look nice and don’t cost you a fortune would be doing well to take a look at these tires.  Your car will not have looked any cooler than with these on it, that much is for sure due to their commitment to that cause. 

Lionhart Tire Cost and Pricing

The main thing that is associated with Chinese tires is going to be the fact that they are cheaper on the whole than tires produced elsewhere.  This is the main reason why so many people will consider these kinds of tires, whereas they might not go with a foreign brand that is more expensive in many cases unless it is something bordering upon the specialty range.  With China, you get a lot of advantages that are not found here, at least from the brand’s point of view.  Costs are lowered due to labor not being nearly as expensive to pay for. 

You can then pass that on to customers, which is something that Lionhart offers you.  Another way that Chinese companies tend to keep the costs low is by going with tried and true methods and patterns.  A lot of times you don’t see a whole lot of innovation, as they work on pumping out volume and pieces of material that have been there and done that.  While there are some nuances, and it would be unfair to say that there are not, this is by and large the vibe we get from Lionhart, even if they want to portray a different story. 

It’s not as bad as many companies, but it’s also not anywhere near the level of the major brands that go for much more money on average.  But in terms of price alone, you’re going to find them to be extremely competitive.  So, if price is the chief concern you have at the moment, you could find yourself doing a whole lot worse than turning to these tires. 

Lionhart Tire Warranty

The unfortunate thing to know about Lionhart, and this is a massive detractor to them, is that they do not appear to currently offer any warranties of note for their tires.  Obviously, this is not really good news to the consumer, as it offers you nothing in the event that something goes wrong with your tires.  You may be able to find a dealer that will give you a warranty on them, but that doesn’t seem all that likely to us, either, so you may be basically ‘stuck’ should something go a bit awry when you have bought these. 

Tire Options

We like the number of options that Lionhart has in terms of the number of tires they offer.  They have a nice blend between giving you some choices to make but not doing so at a degree to where there are just way too many of them.  Some companies specialize in making a very, very specific type of tire and they stay in that sort of ‘zone.’  Other companies go with bundles of tires, making dozens upon dozens of skews that are only slightly different from the next.  What this does, unless the company is large and used to operating in this manner, is make them quite difficult to come out with any sort of real quality. 

That is why we feel more comfortable, in general, with companies that have either a medium or small list of choices for them, as Lionhart provides.  They have tires for trucks and SUV and for cars as well.  Then, they also have tires that are built to maximize a bit more performance out of them.  These are more ‘racy’ tires and might would be seen as decent options for the track and the like.  While we don’t know if we would personally use them for that, they will go a bit above what you can do on the road with the ‘regular’ tires they offer. 

They may cost a little bit more, but that is just to be expected, as is the case with car companies all over the map in terms of their pricing and quality.  As far as finding Lionhart tires go, your best bet is to probably press your luck online.  They are easier to find in person than many of the other Chinese brands are, but that is not always a guarantee you will find them locally or have any access to them.  So, going online is most likely you’re best possible source for being able to find them if you are looking to give them the old college try. 

Lionhart Technologies and Features

One possible negative to buying tires made in China, as alluded to before, is the fact that they don’t usually work on a lot of technology.  They typically will use ‘old stuff’ and forgo looking for new avenues to go down.  Honestly, Lionhart looks to be pretty close to that assessment.  However, they do offer nice aesthetics and also can bring a lot of grip to you and your car.  Those are big positives, make no mistake about that, and are features well worth considering.  So there is work being done on features and tech, even if it’s to a lesser degree. 

Lionhart Tire Durability

Despite the fact that these tires are generally much cheaper than tires made by bigger brands, they still also can offer you a lot of durability at the same time, generally speaking.  We mentioned about how many of these newer Chinese tire brands have not forged the best of reputations.  They are cheap, sure, but you do get what you pay for.  With this brand, it is a little bit different, as they are able to be a bit more competitive in terms of durability than many of those super cut priced designs. 

Some of those cost more than they should, truth be told, but we feel comfortable stating that these, for the most part, offer good value for what you pay.  The tread life is good on them, and the traction, which is already a big dedication by this company, tends to really take hold and stay in place.  Some folks have complained about them making a lot of noises inside the car over time, so that may actually end up being a downer for them if you absolutely can’t stand that, seeing as how they could last a while and remain noisy.  Some can tolerate, others might not be able to, nor would they want to.  It’s something that is ultimately up to you and only something that you can decide for yourself. 

Of course, there are various opinions on these, too.  Some folks like them, while others do not.  It’s not a huge surprise to us to see this kind of disparity.  Tires made in China can be a little bit shaky with the way that they turn out.  They may not always be the best made things.  They also can be much better than that dreaded ‘buyer beware’ tag that so often gets applied to them.  Only by being objective and open minded, or by avoiding them entirely, can you be sure which is the truth of the matter. 

Summary & Final Recommendation

If you are looking for a good set of tires that won’t set you back too much, then Lionhart might just be the perfect pick for you.  They are really nice looking and will make your car pop out and stick out from the crowd, all the while performing at an admirable rate.  There are limitations and concerns to be had, but if you can look past those, you may find yourself very happy with your selection among other tires options and reviews.

Lionhart Tire Models

Passenger Tires

  • LH-101
  • LH-202
  • LH-303
  • LH-311
  • LH-403
  • LH-404
  • LH-501
  • LH-503

Performance Tires

  • LH-202
  • LH-503
  • LH- Three II
  • LH- Four
  • LH- Five
  • LH- Eight
  • LH- Ten
  • LH- Eleven

Light Truck Tires

  • LH- Eight
  • LH- Ten
  • LH- HTP

Light Truck (Off Road) Tires

  • Lionclaw AT
  • Lionclaw HT
  • Lionclaw MT

Trailer Tires

  • LH- CTS

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