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Leao Tires Review 2022

One of the hardest things to do in shopping is to narrow the number of options that you have.  Whether it’s clothing or tires, as we are discussing today, there are a multitude of companies to pick from.  Because of that, we’ll be reviewing Leao tires today so that you will have much more knowledge about them as you move forward with your shopping experience. 

Leao Tire Company Background & Information

Knowing where your tires are, or could be, coming from is a very big portion of the shopping experience.  As such, we should take a look at the background info for Leao Tires.  Named after a Portuguese word that translates to “lion,” this brand attempts to be the king of the jungle, so to speak.  Despite the name, though, this is a Chinese company that is based in the city of Zhauyuan and owned by the Linglong group

They have nearly 10,000 employees under their wing and have produced over 30 million sets of tires now, showing an ability to crank them out, that is for sure.  One of the many things that makes a brand stand out is how long it has been operating.  Leao tires have been in business for nearly two decades now.  This might be a slight surprise, as usually newer companies are lesser known. 

However, it could be the fact that they are primarily located and sold in Canada that is holding you back from knowing more of them.  Due to this fact, you may just have less knowledge on them.  Because they have been around for a while now, they have delivered a number of options for you to buy.  They make tires for big trucks, normal road cars and trucks, and even for tractors, too.  This is good for people looking for a bit of everything, as they are almost definitely going to have something in the market you are looking for. 

Leao Tire Cost and Pricing

The main benefit that comes with purchasing tires from a company based in China is almost always going to be the fact that they are cheaper than many of their counterparts.  Producing anything, virtually, is cheaper in China because of lower labor costs, therefore driving down the cost. 

When you also think about the fact that these tires aren’t likely to go through a whole lot of R&D or to be on the cutting edge, then you also get a natural reduction in price.  As a result, these tires are sure to be much cheaper, relatively speaking, than with others on the market that are more well known.  You just can’t be sure of their durability, as we will discuss later on. 

Leao Tire Warranties

As far as warranties go for Leao, it is very difficult to come by any information.  There are very rarely any tires you come across that have absolutely no warranty, but having one does not mean it is a good one.  With the lower price and the no frills type of design that they go through, you should not expect the best warranty ever from Leao’s line of tires. 

You would never see an insurance company insure a boat that had massive, gaping holes in it, and similarly you won’t see a five-year warranty placed on tires that would be doing well to last three or four.  In this vein, we recommend you be careful and to ask question of the dealer you are dealing with on the warranty.  We all want some protection, but it’s quite difficult to see how you will be getting much of it in this instance. 

Tire Options

As far options go, you can’t help but be impressed by Leao’s offerings.  They not only are going to bring regular road tires to the table, but they also are able to deliver you tires for both the farm and the big rig as well.  This is nice to see, as it means you don’ t have to look all over the place for various types of tires. 

With many agricultural and tractor trailer tires, you have to look in specialty places, so it can be hard to locate and then purchase them.  With Leao, you are much less likely to struggle to find what you need and want.  They offer a number of models within each ‘range’ as well, and they have various sizes to make sure that you are happy with what you end up with. 

In terms of options, it is hard to gripe much about Leao, in truth.  Some people prefer companies with less products because they can specialize in making them specifically but it’s also sometimes harder to find what you really need that way.  So Leao goes in the complete opposite direction by having an abundance of options available to you.  As far as finding them goes, it can be a little bit tougher than you would like to see.  They are not the easiest tires on the planet to come by. 

For example, you are likely to have to try to find them online, unless you are in Canada, that is.  If you up there, you stand a better chance, but even then you have to believe they will not be as high up the pecking order as other, bigger brands that exist in the same market space. 

Leao Tire Technologies and Features

While a look at various websites from these companies in China may or may not suggest the use of new, bigger technologies and features, you should also be taking those with a grain of salt.  We don’t want to totally look over these tires and say that they have no features, because of course they do.  All tires have features to them.  If not, they would just be rubber. 

And they do have some technology, too.  However, it’s just not likely to be anything new that is going to set the world on fire, instead they will mostly rely upon tried and true methods.  By doing this, it reduces costs and allows them to concentrate on pumping out tires.  So, don’t expect to see a whole lot of new ideas being incorporated into these tires, even if they make claims to the contrary. 

Leao Tire Durability

The honest truth of the matter when it comes to tires made in China is that they are not always what they claim to be.  In fact, we will go a step further by stating what many people online say: “buyer beware.”  While we don’t necessarily agree with this, it is something that you have to think about.  Tires made in China are good for a number of reasons, but they do come with their downsides.  Quality can be one of them, and something that goes right along with that is the durability. 

Durability is a major factor in any purchase decision, regardless of the product at hand.  With Chinese made tires, you just never know for sure about what you are getting.  You might do extremely well and find that they last you a superbly long time.  Then again on the other hand, you might figure out that they will not last you all that long.  It just depends on the price you are willing to pay and the value you expect from them.  A lower price might not be the value you think it is with these tires, as it’s just so hard to judge these kinds of things when you consider your average tire’s lifespan

Summary & Final Recommendations

If you are willing to take a bit of flier on a set of tires because you are looking to save a bit of money, this is the kind of choice for you to take a look at.  Leao tires are far from the greatest out there, but they do offer you supreme value and they do so in a number of different areas.  If you are looking to outfit a big rig, your tractor, or your SUV, you are covered, plus some more!  With competitive prices, you should take a look if you are willing to look past some of their lesser qualities. 

Leao Tire Models

Radial Truck Tires

  • A 908
  • A 928
  • A 938
  • A 968
  • D900
  • D905
  • D915
  • D 920
  • D928
  • D950

Bias Truck Tires

  • LA 96
  • LA 98
  • LA 99
  • LL 1
  • LL 2
  • LL 2A
  • LL 3
  • LL 4
  • LL 5
  • LL6

Passenger Car Radial Tires

  • CrossWind Eco Touring
  • GL699
  • Green Max Eco Touring
  • Green Max HP 100
  • L621
  • L788
  • LL700
  • LMA15
  • LMA18
  • LMA2
  • LMA3
  • LMA7
  • LMA8
  • LMA9
  • LMB2
  • LMB3
  • Radial 600
  • Radial 618
  • Radial 619
  • Radial 620
  • Radial 660

Bias Light Truck Tires

  • LL 9
  • LL 10
  • LL 11
  • LL 14
  • LL 15
  • LL 16
  • LL 17
  • LL 18
  • LL 19
  • LL 41

Radial Light Truck Tires

  • L621
  • L780
  • LM C1
  • LM C2
  • LM C3
  • LM C4
  • LM C5
  • LM C6
  • LM C7
  • LM C8

Off the Road Tires

  • E2/L2
  • E2/L2A
  • E4
  • G-2
  • LL 25
  • LL 26
  • LL 42
  • LL 55
  • LL 56
  • LL 63

Radial OTR Tires

  • LB01N
  • LB02S
  • LB03S
  • LM01N

Winter Tires

  • Radial 652
  • Radial 656

Agriculture Tires

  • LL 2
  • LL 11
  • LL 14
  • LL 15
  • LL 17
  • LL 19
  • LL 21
  • LL 27
  • LL 28
  • LL 29

Industrial Tires

  • LL 8
  • LL 39
  • LL 45
  • LL 65
  • LL 102
  • LL 103

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